Sunday, December 13, 2009

Really Shy

Some guys really are shy.  I've heard of the whole "He's Just Not Into You" thing and I believe it applies more often not.  However, there are those cases...the cases that have to do with the "really shy."  I know The Brain is interested, but when I see him (because he invited me somewhere), he looks like he's about to turn around and make a run for it.  At least he is able to shake it off.

And then we have the kind of guy who cannot shake it off, for example, Felix.  He is incapable of making plans and sticking to them if they are set 48+ hours in advance.  Apparently, 48 hours is the most amount of time he can handle before freaking out, over analyzing, and ejecting himself.

Friday, December 11, 2009

Tis The Season

Tis the season for guys from the past to emerge out of the woodworks.

So far Oblivious Guy has emerged.

Some of you want a reminder on Oblivious Guy.  Simply put, he was oblivious.  He has been known to call/text/email over 20x/day without me answering or replying once.

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

I Really Feel The Guys

I can now say I really feel the guys. I was at a party and chose to converse with girls rather than the incredibly socially awkward guys.  Well, I am not sure which option was worse.  One girl latched onto me and wanted to make me her BFF.

Issues with the girl which also represents 95% of the girls at the party:
  1. Unattractive
  2. Terrible personality and poor conversationalist; I would be too generous if I said average.  I had to sit through all of it; the topics included: hair, hair salons, make-up, high heels, dresses, perfume, and more.  I was bored as a girl, I can only imagine what goes through a guy's head
  3. Unintelligent
With even one of these oh so lovely traits, you would think these women would be pleasant; no, not the case.  They were arrogant!!!  The uglies thought and acted like they were hot.  The boring and catty thought they were just too cool for everyone else in the room.  The stupid were too ignorant and slow to figure out people were being condescending while conversing with them...yes, I am really good at this, apparently better than I had thought.

I must stop being nice to and feeling bad for the socially awkward guys.  I am sure they don't want or need my sympathy unless it helps them score; not likely.

The Brain asked me out, but I had a conflict.

Sunday, December 6, 2009


Arthur, come on!!!  Get a clue.  You too Player.

I met up with another one of the guys I met a party a couple of weeks ago over the weekend.  Apparently, parties are where I go to meet single guys.  I have mentioned this guy in previous posts, but he his getting named The Brain.  Obviously, I think he is smart and he is going about pursing me in an intelligent manner.  It started out a bit rough, but he has changed his tactics and is doing much better.  I'm thinking about giving him a shot.

Oh Felix.  He's going to be facing some serious competition soon.

Thursday, December 3, 2009


All of my guy friends want me to hear Felix out.  All of my girls want me to lynch him.  Hmm.  Guys are right in saying that Felix is one of the only guys I might be interested in dating, and I have met at least a hundred guys.  Girls are right in saying it's rude to keep rescheduling.

This has gone on for so long.  I need to break out MS Project and create deliverables if Felix sticks around; there's just something not quite right with that.

Oh, I don't know what to do.

I have been polite to The Player.  Unfortunately, I think he is getting encouraged and my politeness is being misread.

Tuesday, December 1, 2009


Everyone has lost.

The Player is still contacting me.  I would like to have the friend talk.  It's tough to do since I don't pick up or  return his calls.  I just do not have time to field his spur of the moment invitations; I find them to be quite irksome.

Felix has lost.  Over the last few weeks, we have been discussing getting together.  However, after numerous conflicts, reschedules, etc., he is done.  He seems to want to pursue something, but doesn't have the balls.  It's annoying having to agree on a day, just to have to agree on another day, just to have that changed too.

Odie has lost, but I think I will see him sometime within the next three weeks or so.  Maybe he'll get another chance...

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Oh Sh*t

Oh sh*t, this is no good.  I went out with the semi-aggressive player guy from the party a couple of weeks back.  I will be naming him The Player.  Well, of course I am not sold on him...actually I don't like him that way at all.  He is nice and funny, but there is no spark.  Also, we come from two very different socioeconomic classes and our definitions of success do not line up.  He is trying to pull himself up by the bootstraps while lighting mine on fire. 

Unfortunately, I think he likes me a lot (or wants to get into my pants a lot).  He contacted me very soon after our first get together (I do not want to label it a date because there was no eating or drinking involved).  In less than 12 hours from when the get together was over, I have received 3 phone calls and 3 texts.  I don't think he is close to giving up yet.  Sh*t sh*t sh*t.

Even though I haven't seen Felix in a while, he is still winning.  What does this say?  Either Felix truly is really good or everyone else is really bad.

Monday, November 23, 2009

3 Day Rule?

I don't think the 3 day rule exists in SF.  I met 2 guys at a party a couple of weeks ago and they both contacted me this week.  1 guy sent me a reminder that he exists.  The other guy actually invited me to do something.  I am going to take up the guy who invited me to do something.  He is the player type and semi-aggressive.  Good!

I wonder how much time they spent trying to figure out 1) when to contact me and 2) what to say.   It's possible that they have been thinking about it since I met them.  Haha.

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Male Psyche on Dating

I have learned a little bit more about the male psyche as it pertains to dating.
  1. Guys are passive because they don't want to be rejected/low self confidence/shy/etc (yes, we have gone over this 1,000 times)
  2. Guys might enjoy not knowing and holding on to the hope more than knowing what is really happening (explanation: "Well, I am not going to ask her out or suggest we do something because I can keep believing she has a crush on me until she tells me otherwise"
  3. Guys don't like to get too excited about a girl because putting themselves together would be much more difficult if she does not return the interest

Thursday, November 19, 2009

I See

It has been brought to my attention that guys take a very passive way of asking girls out because they fear rejection.  I see.  I knew this, thanks.  You know what?  No guts, no glory.

I got a message from a guy I met at a party a couple of weeks ago.  From my perspective, the email had no message.  It was a reminder that he exists.  Okay, what am I supposed to do with this?  I know what he wants me to do (write back and tell him I want to hang out with him or ask him to ask me out).  Am I going to do that?  No.
  1. I have no interest in dating him
  2. If he demonstrated some kind of value, I might consider dating him (this is very slim), but at least he would have more of a chance than he does now
It's obvious that he is interested.  Just like how it is obvious that all the other passive guys I meet are interested.  Does this passive route work for any of these guys?  It must if they keep using it right?  I am sure passive does work on some girls...the girls guys are generally not interested in until they've had a 6 pack of beer.  It doesn't work here...move along please.

Monday, November 16, 2009

More Fish?

Arthur is relentless.  The guy contacted me again over the weekend.  He must be insane.  There is no other way to describe his behavior.

Went to a party over the weekend and met new guys (not to be thrown into the potential category).  There were too many short guys out.  I am amazed by the fact that 95% of girls know how to dance and dress like strippers.  My goodness, it was an interesting crowd.

Forget high school, I am in fourth grade.  One guy told me he needed liquid courage to speak to me.  He was odd.  He kept lurking behind me, going away, and continuing the pattern.  After the 5th or 6th time, he decided to speak.  Then he wanted to dance with me and I told him no.  He continued to lurk.  Strange.

Then I got hit on by the typical player...spectacular body, great teeth, slightly aggressive.  He's the kind of guy that always gets girls.  He can't even walk without tripping over a girl who is throwing herself in his lap.  Well, I am not that girl and this confused him.  He wants to meet up sometime even though I rejected him the entire night.  I don't actually think there is anything wrong with him, I am just not a slut and not interested in being groped by a stranger in a bar.  I also enjoyed the fact that he was aggressive.

Then there was the guy who feigned concern for my well being.  "Oh, hey, are you okay?  Oh are those your friends?  Come hang out with us."  I expected him to say he had balloons and candy in his van.  I am sure he is actually a nice guy, but he was short and more than a decade older than me.

Then there were the dance floor guys.  All the guys who get on the dance floor, stand behind a girl, and hope she starts rubbing her ass on their d*ck.  No.

Felix realizes guys hit on me when I go out.  He has seen this with his own eyes.  Doesn't this concern him?  It should.

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Not Nice

Anyone who actually knows me, knows I am not nice (obviously).  I tried being nice and it wasn't a good fit.  As a matter of fact, I am still being bitten in the ass for the times I've been nice (last couple of months).

Arthur is still lurking around because I was nice when I first met him.  I stopped being nice a few weeks or months back, but I am still being annoyed.  He truly does not understand that I would never date him, even if he was the last guy alive.  He used to be funny and fun to be around, but his desperation and pessimism are growing.  Not the kind of person I even want to be friends with.  Plus, I think he is secretly (or not so secretly) wishing that guys who have a chance go away...not the kind of energy I need.  I saw him at a party and it was pretty annoying.  He has been and is definitely staying on the "do not want to see again" list.  I really do believe I hate him.  Yeah, hating someone takes a lot of energy, so I only hate him when I get stuck seeing him.  This shouldn't happen much anymore.

I tried nice with Felix.  That didn't work.  He issued a half ass invitation for something in the next couple of weeks.  I have not decided if he is getting a response.  And yes, "something" is the proper term because the message was vague.  I would call it a feeler message, as in "let's see if she will respond or if I royally f*cked up."  If he was some guy I met at a bar last weekend, he would definitely not get a response.  However, since I have known him for a while...  Is this passiveness an issue because of nerves or is it ingrained into his personality?  Should I excuse it?  That would be the nice thing to do, but nice is what got me into this mess...

That's it!  I am going back to my true self...bitch.  Nice wasn't something I could keep up and has gotten me in more trouble than being a bitch ever has.

Saturday, November 7, 2009


Seriously??  Because I am not responding to emails or phone calls from a certain someone, I have been tricked.  I blame Google Voice.  Well, at least I know he doesn't have more than one Google Voice number (or at least he shouldn't).

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

This Is New

I went for a run today.  Saw the pervert from a couple of weeks ago. He must have forgotten who I was because he was staring at me again.  I was nice enough to remind him.  As I ran by, I said, "F*ck, it's you?  Do you remember me?  Stop f*cking looking at me."  He left.

Also got checked out by a girl.  This might be new or perhaps something that I just noticed today.  After all, I am in San Francisco.

Friday, October 30, 2009


I've gone into hiding...sort of.  And of course, the more I do not want to be found, the more people want to find me.

Arthur doesn't get it.  He has been calling me all week and does NOT get it.  If I don't pick up or return calls, that probably means something.  Okay the first couple of times, it doesn't mean anything, but if it happens for 3-4 weeks straight, it means something.  Does he think I am "playing hard to get?"  In his case, I will never be "gotten."  And you know what?  The more he calls me, the more I dislike him.  In the beginning, I wanted to be friends with this guy because he is funny, nice, and intelligent.  Now?  I don't think so.  He has gone from having good attributes to being annoying.  I don't think he understands that being friends with me does not mean I want to hear from him ALL the time and see him every weekend.  I think he got the word "friend" confused with "boyfriend."

Why is it that I always find the guys with stalker tendencies?  Or is it, they find me?  Why can't guys just be happy being friends with me?  What part of "not interested" is confusing???

I feel like a part of me dies when I have to explain myself to people I don't want to explain myself to.  Why should I?  Is the person asking to hear every detail of my life my mother?  For example, conversation with Arthur:
A: What are you doing this weekend?
AG: I have plans.
A: Oh, big date?
AG: (at this point I know the conversation will not end until I tell him what I am doing this, I could say big date and get even more questions or just tell the truth - or something close to the truth).  Going to dinner with the girls on Friday and up to Napa on Saturday (I can feel a part of me dying)

Not only is a part of my dying, but I am becoming more hostile.  I can feel it.  It makes sense, "fight or flight."  Since "flight" didn't work, my mind is saying "fight." Even if I am lying, I become more hostile.  It's the act of having to share this information that I find insufferable. 

Odie's Back?
I had an Odie encounter this week.  Oh yes, you remember Odie?  It seems like he is still interested...maybe not much, but it is still there.  Sh*t or get off the pot...or not, I don't think I care.  He waited too long.  It went from me being interested to annoyed to very apathetic.  There is no hate here, just apathy.  There would have to be an enormous grand gesture from him to get me slightly interested.

I heard from Dewey this week.  Or maybe it was last week?  Whatever, obviously nothing worth remembering.

Advice for the guys:
Yes, girls typically like aggressive guys who pursue them.  However, sometimes she just isn't interested.  Ouch your ego hurts...get over it.  As I was saying, there is a difference.  I think you can figure it out...  Pursue a girl too hard who has actually said, "We are friends, nothing more" and you won't even get to be friends with her unless she likes to be irritated.  Sure, you could wait for her to change her mind which could happen, but your transparent attempts are not going to help your cause.  If she changes her mind, she will let you know.

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Daytime Adventure

I went for a run this morning.  It seems as though things happen even when I am: 1) in broad daylight, 2) not at a bar, and 3) sober.

What happened?
  • Construction/House Cleaner Guy - he was standing by a fence.  I did three laps around him.  He was one of those disgusting guys who wasn't shy about the fact that he was staring at me as I ran by.  Well, the third time I ran by, I got pissed.  I actually stopped, turn around, caught him looking at my ass and said, "Stop looking at me!!"  He was gone on my fourth lap.
  • Married Guy - he was also doing laps, but in the opposite direction.  The second time we passed, he was removing his wedding ring.  Third time we passed, he was giving me the eye.

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Out of Sight

Out of sight, out of mind.  Just because someone is not on my mind, does not mean that someone else is on my mind.  Make sense?

I wonder how many people think like me.

I have been too busy to think about guys, going out, dating, etc.

Monday, October 19, 2009


I didn't do anything that exciting this weekend.  However, I did see Oblivious Guy Friday during happy hour.  I don't think he saw me, but come on, what are the chances???  I passed by 1 bar all weekend and of course I recognized someone...someone I really do not ever want to see again.  I will say this again...SF is small.

I did not meet up with Arthur.  I don't think I should until I am 100% sure he has given up on thinking I will wake up one day and want to date him.  I don't think we have reached that point yet.  He is still trying to get together with me.

I think I now understand the term "busy."  I have so much to do right now and so much on my mind that if someone who had a chance asked me out, I don't think I could go for a couple of weeks.

Ivan has a very interesting theory on Felix.  Ivan was 100% accurate on Odie, so I think he is probably right on about Felix.  Felix is a "bitter bachelor."

Thursday, October 15, 2009

No I Am Not Dead

No I am not dead, I have been on vacation.  Yes, the whole passive guy thing happens much more in San Francisco than any other city I have been too.  Yes, you have already heard me say this.

My friend E sent this to me from SF Appeal...yes, it has to do with passive SF guys and single SF ladies.  It's pretty funny.  Check it out.

Yes, I do believe I will be getting myself into trouble as soon as I can.  Arthur has been blowing up my inbox.  I am still not seeing it though.

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Another Weekend

Another weekend has come and gone.

I went out to dinner with Arthur.  I keep trying to see him in a different light, but I don't think it is possible.  He is really nice, smart, well mannered, etc.  Unfortunately, there is 0 attraction (at least on my end).  Everything about that evening screamed "date."  He is really sweet; I wonder if there is anyone I can set him up with...

Felix is thisclose to me never answering his calls/emails/texts.  I will get really fed up and say "screw it;" I am not sure's not something I can predict, you know?  I hope he isn't on an ego-high because he believes I am sitting by the phone waiting for him to call.  I know how players play and how nice guys behave, but I can't put my finger on what is going here.  He is not a player, but he's also not dating like a nice guy.  Felix tries to nudge the ball back into my court every time I lob it into his.  It's like he doesn't realize he is to make the next move?  Or maybe he does and doesn't know to go about it?  Why am I even trying to guess the reason?  All I have to say on this topic is, this chance I have extended can just as easily be rescinded.  I will not be here until the end of time waiting for him to make his move.

Dewey wants to hang out some time.

The Bragger wants to hang out.  He really doesn't know how to go about it.  Every I run into him (which is a lot), he mentions hanging out.

Guys, stop using the term "hang out" and learn how to say, "Let's go out.  How about dinner on (fill in the blank) night?"  This alone could explain why there is a huge population of early/mid/late 30s guys in San Francisco who have never been married (or close to it) in their lives.

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Summer In SF

In terms of weather, it hasn't been a typical San Francisco summer.  I did see that temperatures are supposed to be up this coming weekend.  Well, I have already heard from Odie and Felix this week.  We'll see...

Monday, September 21, 2009


I am on a warpath right now.  It wouldn't be any fun if I told you who needs to watch out.  Some of you can probably figure out who is in danger...LOL.  I am not exactly sure what I will do yet, but I am not pleased.

I need to add potential guys into the lineup ASAP.

Sunday, September 20, 2009


Went out this weekend.  Blah.  Was supposed to meet up with Dewey, Young Guy, and Arthur.  Met up with 2 of the 3 which is pretty good.  Nothing eventful.  Standard guys at the bar who think they are the BEST thing ever.  Blah.  What I did notice is that some girls eat that sh*t up; these girls are usually around 22-24.  If you are a guy looking for a 22-24 year old, you know what to do...continue being the douchebag you really are.  LOL.

Friday, September 18, 2009

Weekend Plans

I will be seeing Dewey, Young Guy, and who knows who else this weekend.  This is all I know as of right now and it's still early.

Let's try to add some more potential guys this weekend...

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

SF Bull

SF is bullsh*t.  I don't think I have a better way to describe this place.  My patience is simply running out.  Where should I go?  New York?  Why didn't anyone warn me before I made the decision to move out here?  Don't get me wrong, I don't regret the time I have spent here.  However, I wouldn't have moved this much stuff if I knew this is how it was going to be.

SF is a beautiful place to live.  It's simply gorgeous with great weather.  Yes, the laid back atmosphere is great for work and life, but not dating.  Is this lack of assertive / desirable men issue enough to cause me to move?  Maybe.  A couple of years back, I thought to myself, I will not move out of San Francisco...ever.  Now, I am singing a different tune.

I spent quite a bit of time chatting with my good friend GoodFella today.  He is the typical aggressive NY man.  He sees something he likes, he goes after it.  He has no issue with women thinking he is crazy, a stalker, etc.  I like that.  Not only are the guys in San Francisco passive (because it is in the engineering culture, they are socially awkward, they fear rejection, or whatever the reason may be), but they also care too much about appearances.
  • They want to "play it cool"
  • They don't want you know know just how much they like you
  • They don't want to seem weak
  • They don't want you to know they are inexperienced in the dating department
  • They don't want you to know you can destroy them
  • And the list goes on
Well you know what?  If you aren't willing to make a fool of yourself, then you aren't deserving of a girl...any girl.  So guys, if you see something you like, go after it (you never know how long it will be around).  None of this lurking in shadows, pretending to be a friend, and running into someone unexpectedly nonsense.  You never know, maybe you'll make a fool of yourself or maybe you will end up with the girl of you dreams.  Stop being a bunch of f*cking p*ssies (I mean this as a motivational statement).

Sunday, September 13, 2009


It was a busy week/weekend.  I went to four parties.  At one party I had to talk to an assh*le I absolutely hate.  It sucks when I have to be nice to someone because we share many mutual friends.  This is often the case since San Francisco is so small and everyone seems to be connected in some way.  One guy I met a party months ago who I thought was a douche was much better this time around.  Maybe he really was nervous when I met him because he was overcompensating to the fullest.

Met up with Arthur, I think he is clear on the friend relationship we have going on.  It's great to have an intelligent guy friend to offer suggestions/thoughts/advice.  He is pretty funny, so hearing about his dating escapades is quite nice too.

Exchanged texts, saw Felix, and hung out with his friends.  Felix is always very happy to see me and hang out, but when it comes to initiating encounters, he is not very good.  Why is that?  I already went out with him once.  So, one would assume I would go out with him a second time right?  Hmm.  Weird.  It's actually getting on my nerves.  Either you are interested and want to go out or you don't.  Sounds simple enough to me.

Young Guy still wants to meet up.  It's amazing how persistent some guys can be.  It's always the guys I wouldn't date...ever.

Saturday, September 12, 2009


I have been MIA.  Sorry.  Will have updates on Arthur, Felix, Young Guy, and your guess is as good as mine on who else.  I am thinking Sunday or Monday...

Monday, September 7, 2009

Labor Day Weekend

Young Guy wanted to hang out.  Arthur wanted to hang out.  Felix wanted to hang out.  Just hung out with 1 of the 3.  Will I see Felix again?  As far as I am concerned, it's his move.

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Not Saying Much

Sorry guys, I am not saying much here besides I went on a date with Felix.

Friday, September 4, 2009

C*ckblock Strike

Is there such a thing as c*ckblock strike?  Meaning, c*ckblock before there is a need to?  For example, Felix has popped up again.  Is this because he knows and/or feels there are competitors out there trying to make a move?  Is that because there has been a lot going on in my Facebook profile?  Hmm...

Oh Characters

Arthur has popped up.  So has Felix.  Is Odie next?

I am over Odie.  Arthur = no, nice, but not my type.  So Felix...still trying to figure it out.

More to come in the next couple of days.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Walls Have Ears?

Do the walls have ears?  I was just talking about cleaning house...throwing things and people out.  Of course out of no where my phone starts ringing and my email is blowing up.  These people must have known they were on the cusp.  It's quite amazing how this always happens with me.  For example, I am never speaking to "insert name of guy" ever again.  Then he calls...or shows up...or whatever.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Cleaning House

I am cleaning house...literally right now.  However, I plan to stop conversing with those that I am not very fond of and those I find annoying.  I should clean out my Facebook friends list while I am at it.

Rather than moving, I am going to make my current space more hospitable.  That really means I have a lot of junk and should throw some stuff out.  If I end up moving, less junk = easier and cheaper to move.

Have you ever noticed less clutter usually makes people happier?  Clutter being junk, clothes, papers, old magazines, old mail, email, etc.  How about acquaintances you met a while back, but don't really ever want to become friends with?  What about the friends you tolerate for whatever reason, but you really dislike them?

Start cleaning!

Monday, August 31, 2009

Checked Out

I am checked out.  Who cares about Dewey, Felix, Odie, or anyone else who has potential, but I might not have met yet?  I am really sick of the passive guys in SF.  I have been here for years and nothing has changed.  I haven't met anyone who has really blown me away. 

I am still thinking I should move.  Where should I go?

It seems like everyone I know is moving.  Either to new apartments, or new cities, or even states.  Maybe it is time...

Check out this article about San Francisco singles (and how tough dating is here).

Sunday, August 30, 2009


Oh, the irony.  I have turned into a matchmaker.  I don't have many prospects for myself, but my friends are interested in each other via Facebook.  Okay, I'll set something up.  Hopefully, karma will reward me.  It's funny, the girl who is kinda interested in Dewey is even more interested in someone else I know.

I like the fact that I was contacted first.  I had to revoke access to my friends from a certain individual because he was sending creepy messages to a few of my girlfriends.  Not acceptable!

It takes hours to troll through people's Facebook friends.  I am surprised that many people out there are doing it.

Yes, it's cool to check out your friend's friends, but do not contact them unless you tell your friend first!

Saturday, August 29, 2009

No Adventures Tonight

As I predicted, because I want to stay in and do nothing, people want to go out to drink, dance, eat, etc. Whatever, I am tired and sticking to my plan. Plus, nothing sounded that interesting to me.

I did a lot Friday night. Made it to a happy hour party, late dinner, and birthday party. It was a very hot night in San Francisco so everyone was out enjoying. People were hanging out in the parks at night because most do not have air conditioning in their apartments. Didn't see any cute guys out, but I did meet a couple of cute dogs. I bet the Marina was crawling with scantily clad ex sorority girls.

Surprisingly, I did not see Dewey last night. No biggie to me, but the younger girl who has a major crush on him was pretty bummed.

I think I did enough last night to make up for staying in tonight.

Friday, August 28, 2009

Too Much To Do

I have way too much to do again. I guess it could be partly my fault for partying til the wee hours of the morning yesterday/today. Went to a bunch of bars last night. There were a lot of people out because it's been really hot.

I am already behind schedule for today. Oh well, that's to be is San Francisco right? Have a happy hour party and a birthday party to go to tonight. There is a good chance I will run into Dewey although we did not discuss meeting up. However, I might sit it out and give someone younger than him who is really into him a chance. I'll leave it up to him.

I am still pretty out of it right now. Really, how long will I last tonight? I would like to be in bed by 12am and wake up Saturday night around 9pm. LOL. Unfortunately for me, every time I want to pass out for an extended period of time I am not able to because people won't let me.

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Q&A: What Do You Think About Dating Someone With An Asian Fetish

Question: What do you think about dating someone with an Asian fetish?

Answer: It depends on how bad the fetish is. He needs to be able to distinguish ugly Asians from cute Asians. If his fetish is terrible, he probably won't have this ability; therefore, I would not date him. We all know there are guys out there who like all things Asian and have a permanent case of beer goggles. Ugly Asian girls benefit from this, not cute ones.

Sidenote: I heard San Francisco is the mecca for white guys with Asian fetishes. I really don't think SF is much different from any other place (New York, Los Angeles, Las Vegas, etc) in this regard.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Giving In

Okay, I might be giving in soon. As of right now, Dewey will get a chance. He has been asking me to do things and trying to plan get togethers. He's cute, smart, nice, and fairly aggressive. He is younger though. I wonder if he has an Asian fetish.

Let's see what happens...

Arthur wants to meet up soon. Um, next week is the earliest I have available. He is a cool guy, but I really don't think I can see myself actually dating him.

Monday, August 24, 2009

Nice Chart

I came across this on a fellow blogger's site. I found it quite amusing...


I have to stop making statements that start with "I would never..." It's almost like I am saying, "I definitely would..." For example, I would never consider:
  • Dating a younger guy
  • Dating an engineer
  • Dating an Asian guy
  • Dating a much older guy
  • Moving back East
  • Moving to LA
  • Moving to the South
  • Moving to Texas
  • Moving to the Midwest
The wheels are spinning pretty fast. Yes, I am actually considering these things right now.

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Drunken Night Out

What a drunken evening. I might puke.

Went to a house party filled with finance professionals (private equity guys, bankers, hedge fund guys, etc). There were actually a lot of women present. Also a lot of Then went to a club.

I am just learning about a group of Asian women who live in San Francisco. They are bright, attractive, and ruthless. They shack up with powerful, intelligent, rich men. One girl was living with another guy, met her current guy in the same apt complex, and moved in with him. Wow.

There are some slutty girls out there. You know, the ones who call guys when the bars close and go over their houses. Ugh. Saw/heard a couple of those at work.

My roommate and I discussed Felix. I told him I would be interested in learning more about Felix. He called Felix and left a very drunk message. Felix called back today, but I have no idea what they discussed. Drama?

Arthur called. Uh, maybe he doesn't get it? Haven't returned his call.

Saturday, August 22, 2009


Friday Night
Had a typical night in SF; went to an event and didn't meet any guys I would consider dating. I might have met some guys who could help me in the job department. If you are a totally unfortunate looking guy, one would guess you already know it. So, why would you be surprised that I am talking to you because I want something other than you? And do you really think I am going to stick around when you have nothing I am interested in?

I met someone who was seriously trying to impress me.
Him: That girl totally wants me
Me: So go
Him: No, not interested
Me thinking: Dude, she wouldn't be considered "cute" even with beer goggles

I think he lied about his profession. People should watch what they say since Google will not lie for them.

I met another millionaire who sold his company to a LARGE computer company a couple of years a matter of fact, another guy also sold his company to the same large computer company.

Ran into some guys I did not want to see. Met them at previous events. Took me way too much time to get rid of them then and way too much time to get rid of them now. I really don't like defensive know-it-alls. I am pretty sure one guy in particular always has a stick up his ass when conversing with me because he is pissed that I have rebuffed him several times. So being a douche will help his cause?

Saw Arthur, I think he gets it now. Good!!

I am pretty sure there were prostitutes present. That's the only way I can explain the much younger women leaving with the much older men. Well, that and the questionable articles of clothing (skintight dress, thigh high boots, "fur" wrap).

My roommate brought home a guy for me, of his friends who has tried 300 times. I am not interested!! And really, if this guy is so smart, why hasn't he figured it out yet?

Kinda surprised I didn't run into Felix. I know he has a big work thing coming up, but still...WTF?

The boy scene out here truly is terrible. Maybe I will look into moving.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Old and New

I think an older guy really likes me. Actually, I don't think so; I know because he told me so. 

I properly named Oblivious Guy. He is truly, without a doubt, Oblivious. He is still calling me every couple of days. For real.

I met a guy in dance class a couple of weeks ago. He is actually aggressive for San Francisco which is quite good. He shows initiative, engages me in conversation, and asks me to do things. He is a couple of years younger than me though, but a good height (over 6'). He will be referred to as Dewey.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009


I am getting really forgetful. I don't think it is due to old age. Just too much going on. Trying to figure out if I want to attend an event on Friday.

I told Arthur I can't do anything. Arthur is typical aggressive (New York style). I have too much to do and am not sold on him...not sure that I ever will be.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Popularity Contest Continues

Arthur asked me to do something during daytime hours that smells and looks like a date. I am supposed to be helping him meet girls, I am not supposed to be the girl.

A guy I met at this event a month or so ago keeps pushing dinner. How many times should I say no before he stops asking? He is under the impression that I agreed to go out to dinner with him. I think I would remember that. I wonder if that is part of his game. Would girls be confused enough to just agree and show up?

Monday, August 17, 2009

Popularity Contest

Did I unintentionally enter a popularity contest? I've been insanely busy.

Thursday Night
  • Went to a bar, no desirable men out. Lots of hipster/ grungy/ skateboarder/ stoner types. That's what I get for going to The Mission
Friday Night
  • Went to a bar and an afterparty in the Russian Hill/Polk Street part of town, no desirable men out. It was good to catch up with friends though. I might have met a guy who knows a bunch of guys. That would be nice, we'll see if he turns out to be a good lead
  • Was supposed to meet up with an out of town guest, didn't make it
Saturday Night
  • Went to a BBQ at an apartment, no desirable men
  • Went to 5 bars all over SF, no desirable men. One bar was quite funny. As usual, the guy / girl ratio was upheld (about 70% guys). As soon as I walked in heads turned. It made me a bit uncomfortable. I left within 3 minutes
  • Went to a house party full of hospital personnel from UCSF, no desirable men. The arrogant douchebag male population was represented quite well.
Arrogant San Francisco
douchebags Guys (trying to be nicer)
What is with the arrogant San Francisco guys who have nothing to be arrogant about? Their credentials only make them on par with their peers. In the SF Bay Area, who doesn't own their place, drive a BMW, work downtown, go to Cal (University of California - Berkeley), etc? Doesn't it sounds like they are arrogant about being average? That's what it sounds like to me. I enjoy destroying arrogant guys and their overinflated egos.

Typical Interaction With An Arrogant Guy Who Is Trying To Wow Me With His Education
Guy: I went to Cal for college and it was awesome. Go Bears! (1. Yes Cal is a great school, but a lot of people in the Bay Area went there. Therefore, not a good way to differentiate oneself. 2. Cal's bears don't seem very intimidating, I believe their official name is "Golden Bears." Golden? Hmm)
Me: That's nice, I went to [University] (Also a top 25 institution)
Guy: Cool, what did you study? (There is no enthusiasm in "cool," he might as well have said "crap;" both are 4 letter words starting with a "C" for average. Snicker snicker)
Me: For undergrad or grad?
Guy: Oh you went to grad school? (With that reaction, he clearly didn't go to grad school)
Me: Yes
Guy: Where did you go? (He is hoping I say something like "Marin Community College" where I studied Fashion Merchandising. I don't)
Me: [University] for my MBA. (This is also top 25 institution. People are often surprised when they learn I have an MBA from this school. I wonder why that is. Not really, hehe.)
GAME OVER. Thanks for playing. Ego gone. D*ck shrunk.

Analysis/Lessons Learned
Maybe these guys aren't trying to be arrogant, but instead, are trying to prove that they are worthy. Eh, if that is the case, the really need to work on their approach and delivery. There is a fine line in between self confidence and arrogance; many SF guys leap over this line.

I heard girls in SF also have an over inflated sense of self worth. Maybe they do, but I don't. I know I am the sh*t ;-)

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Sounds Like SF

I was just saw this article about texting on

This sounds like San Francisco guys:
"...In the middle of the week, you get one asking what you're up to this weekend. Assuming he wants to do something together, you let him know that it's looking pretty relaxed so far. Does he then proceed to make a plan with you? No. He responds, "Oh OK, cool." You stand there with a perplexed look on your face."

LOL. Welcome to my world. is based in Sunnyvale, so I wouldn't be surprised if the writer of this article lives in SF.

I Can't Even Make This Stuff Up

I can't even make this stuff up. I met a very sad character over the weekend. I feel bad for this guy because I think he has serious mental issues.

Check this out...
  • He traveled to SF from the east coast because he wants to "run into" an internet show actress
  • He has been obsessing over her for more than a year
  • He was successful in running into her at a bar a couple of months ago
  • He things she will remember him, fall head over heels for him, and they will live happily ever after
This poor guy is not living in the real world or anywhere close to it. His friends tried to lower his expectations a bit, but it didn't work. If he was loaded, hot, blah blah, he might have a shot, but he's not.

Saturday, August 15, 2009


Oh f*ck. Ran into Oblivious Guy yesterday, I bolted. He then walked by where he knew I would be.

Literally pushed him out of my apartment today. Dude, come on, really. He said something about how I am never around, blah blah. Um, most people would get the hint, right?

Greg was at the apt today. Yup, I don't like him. He is definitely a dck. I don't like his sense of entitlement. He started off a nice guy, but as it turns out San Francisco is a dck generating city.

Bait and Switch

Just as I thought, I've been had by this guy. I experienced what is commonly referred to as the "Bait and Switch." I went out with this guy friend (who I am naming Arthur). I was supposed to be helping him hit on girls, but it felt like a date. I was picked up, paid for (no not like that), and dropped off.

Me: Anyone you want me to help you talk to?
Him: No
Me: See anything you like?
Him: I haven't been looking around

Uh. He wants to see me again. On the bright side, he is intelligent and has impeccable manners. Should I give him a chance? Maybe I should get to know him a little better before deciding...

Oh yeah, funny note, I met Arthur at an event where I was hanging out with Felix. I guess Felix wasn't successful enough at cckblocking. Hah!

Friday, August 14, 2009

Hang Out

Sigh. What is with this "hang out" nonsense? A couple of guys who are clearly interested want to "hang out." I think that means go out with me alone or in a group without actually having to ask me out on a date. F*cking p*ssies. Is this because:
  1. They are p*ssies OR
  2. They believe I have no interest in dating them and might get a big fat "NO"
Screw it, 1 and 2 are not mutually exclusive.

Anyone else think it's ridiculous when a 30 something year old man utters, "Hey, so you want to hang out sometime?" Um, I didn't realize you are 16. I suggest these guys grow a set, use it.

Maybe I should move out of San Francisco? I really do miss the uber aggressive New York guys.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

This Friend Thing Again

A guy friend wants to go out this weekend and have me help him talk to girls. I am totally all about it. However, as we get closer to the weekend it has morphed into what would look like a date. Uh, did I miss something here?

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Q&A: How Can You Tell If A Girl Is Desperate?

Oooooohhh, a question. Fun! This is from a guy in his early 30s.

How can you tell a girl if a girl is desperate?

Um, can I just say it seems like he wants to use this for his benefit, not to screen out desperate girls, but to date them? I will share this because he wants to use this knowledge for good (as in snap up and marry a desperate girl) vs. banging desperate girls left and right because they are easy prey.

10 Ways to tell if a girl is desperate or getting desperate:
  1. She is near or over 30
  2. All her girlfriends (and maybe even guy friends) are married
  3. She isn't dating anyone great
  4. She hasn't dated anyone great in decades
  5. Her younger sibling(s), cousins, friend's younger siblings, etc are married
  6. Her last ex(es) married the girl(s) right after her
  7. She is not as selective in the quality of her suitors as she used to be
  8. She is looking better these days (starts working out, dresses better, wears more makeup, etc) even to places like the gym
  9. She is partaking in speed and online dating, especially eHarmony
  10. She starts watching sports even though she has no interest

Monday, August 10, 2009

I Lost Count

I lost count on Oblivious Guy, but I know I have gotten at least 2 more calls and a "I am in the neighborhood" drive by. Of course I pretended I wasn't home.

This is getting ridiculous.

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Weekend Wrapup

A lot of firsts this past weekend:
  • First time I went barhopping in the Financial District on a weekend
  • First time I visited a very popular tourist location
  • First time I went to Potrero
  • First time I went to a good strip club in San Francisco
  • First time I hung out with a large group of Asian folks
Barhopping in the Financial District
Cougars leave the Marina? They in full force in the Financial District. What are the old guys called who drive Ferrari's and stand around by their cars outside of bars? There were a bunch of those out too.

A guy approached me at a bar. We chatted for a couple of minutes and he wanted to add me on Facebook. I told him my info and expected him to forget...I was kind of banking on it. Nope, he didn't forget, he send the friend request earlier today. Sigh, I really can't remember what he looks like.

Asian Posse
As many of you know, I am Asian. I don't have many Asian friends though. I hung out with more Asians this weekend than I ever had before. If there is such a thing as an Asian Mafia in San Francisco, I think I just met them.

The crew was mixed, both guys and girls were present. I am going to go ahead and assume every single one of these guys was wealthy because all the girls were pretty cute and scantily clad. Rich guys + cute scantily clad girls = expected.

So guys, if you don't know this already, become rich and you will get hot girls. This is true anywhere you go in the world.

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Seriously, Argh

Okay, the count from Oblivious Guy is now 3 phone calls, 2 vmails, and 4 texts. This is all in the span of less than 24 hours. I am seriously aggravated right now.

Friday, August 7, 2009


3 calls, 2 vmails, and 2 texts today. Annoying!!!

Truly Oblivious

Oblivious Guy is truly oblivious. Ever since he met Young Guy he has been up my ass; calling all the time, trying to get me to go out with him, blah blah. Give up, get out of there, and leave me alone. This is especially funny since I told him I was busy all weekend. Was he not paying attention? Or did he hear everything and just not care? Sigh...

Thursday, August 6, 2009


It's going to be a busy weekend. More to come...

I will stop salsa classes soon. That clears up some time, but I am sure I will fill it with something.

Texted with Felix this week. Nothing set up yet. What's with his feet dragging? Really, seems like all SF boys are the same. Passive.

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

High Maintenance

I have been told I am high no, not in the traditional sense. I don't take 4 hours to get ready and wear shoes I can't walk in. However, I hear I am into severe mind f*cking...could these folks be right?

Tuesday, August 4, 2009


Oblivious Guy has been calling me a lot. I don't think I have picked up 1x in 3 days; he called about 13x.

Oblivious Guy met Young Guy today at the apt. LOL. I was just chilling with Young Guy and Oblivious Guy appeared. He would not stop talking even though we were not involving him in the conversation. He also asked intrusive questions like, "Where have you been?" Come on, make it more obvious you are into me why don't you?

Neither of these guys have a chance. Maybe their running into each other has solidified this in their minds? I hope so...

No Pots and Pans

All guys I meet think they are great cooks. So, I am supposed to drop my pants from hearing this? Right. The ability to cook ranks pretty low on my list of desirable characteristics. I don't think it even makes the list. Let's say a guy is on the brink of being dismissed. Cooking me a tasty meal is not going to persuade me to keep him.

Boys, put away your pots and pans.

If I hear a guy has a personal chef, well, this is much more interesting. LOL

Sunday, August 2, 2009


Apparently I am memorable, but is this really a good thing?

A dorky guy approached me at a bar.
Guy: I think you were at ---- a couple of Fridays ago. You know, at that event.
Me: Yeah, I was there. Sorry, I don't remember you. Did we meet?
Guy: Oh, we didn't meet, but I recognized you. I saw you walk by.
Me: Oh okay. I gotta go find my friends. (Awkward? Haha).

Rocketman remembered meeting me, but didn't remember Vicki or Jenna even though he spent much more time talking to them at the event back in March. Rocketman was able to spot me in class without my bar / streetwalker makeup on.

Aquaguppy remembered me after drinking for 14 hours.

Skater Guy remembered me after six months had gone by.

Patent Attorney remembered me every freaking time I ran into him.

Saturday, August 1, 2009


That's it. A dude from class must go. When I first met him, I was totally convinced he was gay. He would probably do better in life if he was. 5'3", skinny fat, 50+ years old, unemployed, bad breath, can't dress, loser, etc. Essentially, nothing going for him. He always asks the ladies how their weekend was, what they have planned, how they are doing, and more... He acts like a nice guy, but in reality, not so much. As I got to know him better, his questions became more intrusive and attitude more negative.

I feel like he is one of those people who wishes bad things happen to people he knows because he wants them to be as miserable as he is. I don't need a jinx! I should feel sorry for him, but I can't. He thinks he has a chance with me and the other young ladies in class. Delusional! I'd rather die.

CUT!! I don't acknowledge him when he speaks to me. I don't think he gets it.

Thursday, July 30, 2009


I went from thinking Greg is a nice guy to Greg is a douchebag. He is arrogant, always hanging around my apartment, makes himself at home, but expects me to fetch him things even though I am not his host (my roommate invites him over). I kinda hate Greg.

Girls don't like douchebags. Too bad there are so many of them out there.

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Advice and Q&A

Okay, I am going to star doling out advice. Yeah yeah, all you read about is how I meet strange men in San Francisco, but you know what? I know how it works, how guys think, how they behave / misbehave, etc.

I get approached by guys all the time! There are ones who I dismiss immediately, those who grow on me, and those who disappear and reappear.

I get tons of questions from my friends (guys and girls) daily. I am going to start posting the interesting ones.

Need advice or thoughts on guys, girls, dating, etc? Email me I will not disclose your identity.

Google Voice Update

Okay, I finally used my Google Voice invite. It took me about 3 hours to pick a phone number. It would have been easier if they just picked one for me, but they didn't offer that option.

The 415 area code must be the largest in the US. Google Voice kept giving me options for towns I have never even heard of (Novato, Stinson Beach, Bolinas, etc) and towns I have heard of like Sausalito (which is not "in the city").

It took 5 minutes of hitting "Next" to finally find one exchange for San Francisco, 935; the other is 742. So, if you want a San Francisco 415 number, search for 415-935 or 415-742. I just saved some people a lot of time out there.

I heard Google Voice was originally meant for homeless people. I wonder if this is true.

Google Voice

I have been invited to get a Google Voice account. I am not too sure how to use it yet, but I think I want it.

It took about 2 weeks to get the invite (for those who are thinking about requesting one)

Monday, July 27, 2009

They Just Wake Up One Day And Decide It's Time

Okay, did a little more research and learned guys wake up and think, "Wow, it's time to start looking for a wife." Mostly due to age and if their friends are paired off.

What's with the fronting?

Filling in the Holes

Okay, some of you might have noticed, there are some holes in this blog. I leave out locations (names of bars, restaurants, grocery stores, etc.) a lot because I don't want to be made.

I am going to start filling in the holes. Why? Because maybe other single girls in SF are reading this blog in hopes of getting a date or not getting a date.

Methodology...after a month or three weeks have passed, I will go back and add the names of places I visit. Yes, three weeks is arbitrary, but I think people will have hopefully forgotten me / encountering me by then?

Eventually, I will add in more details about these guys too...

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Growing On Me

I find that letting someone "grow on me" actually works. WTF? It's like that marketing concept which says the more you are exposed to a brand via advertising/exposure/etc, the more you will think highly of it even if you have had no direct relationship with it. For example, liking Ivory soap even though you don't use it and never have. However, you have seen enough ads for it that you find it to be a favorable product.

This works with me and guys. For example, Felix. Nothing wrong with him, but when I first met him, eh. Now, he is a pretty good candidate for dating. I am easily mindf*cked.

Saturday, July 25, 2009

No Younger Guys

Top 3 Reasons Why I Don't Date Younger Guys
  1. They don't know how to treat a lady
  2. They are arrogant. They haven't gotten kicked around by society enough yet to become modest/more reserved
  3. Most of them are broke

Friday, July 24, 2009

Oh That's Becoming

Can you hear the sarcasm?

I went to an event tonight. Saw some people from last week's event. Didn't meet anyone dateable, but did meet some potential job leads. Also met some guys who would be great friends (funny, personable, and totally not my type...think looks).

The standout undesirables:
  • A chump who was clearly nervous and defensive at the same time? Yeah, I cut him off pretty fast.
  • A 45+ year old guy who is unemployed and wants to take me out. Yes, it would be more okay if he had a job, but I still wouldn't go. He was totally heinous and rotund. Shutdown, next!
  • A young guy who is naive and eager to talk to everyone. Too bad his enthusiasm came off as desperation. The poor guy actually thinks he will meet a nice hot girl at these events. Good luck. Nice, maybe. Hot, no way.
I actually feel bad for some of these guys. I chatted with a couple of guys and learned they met through these events FIVE years ago. Yeah, five years and nothing. Still super single.

I cannot turn into that!!!

Oh to be a single girl in SF. Yes, this is the dating scene...

Felix did not accompany me this evening which is why I met over 15 guys.

Thursday, July 23, 2009


I only spoke to 2 new guys on Friday night (which is really quite unfortunate). I was seriously cckblocked all night. Anyway, we exchanged names, chatted about facebook, etc. Well, both of these 2 guys have asked me to do something in the near future. Hilarious.

Is Felix sleeping on his watch? Hehehe.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009


I am a magnet for Asian guys. Either:
  1. This is new OR
  2. I just started to notice (this is much more likely)
The Bragger (yes, that's what I have named him) from Friday night wants to meet up some time. Not surprised.

Monday, July 20, 2009

Quid Pro Quo

Gross. Networked and tried to find myself a job. Unfortunately, there are a lot of scumbags out there. One guy would be more than happy to get me a job, but what will I do for him in return?

He can go f*ck himself. I flat out told him not interested.

Mother f*cker.

Sunday, July 19, 2009

2 Types in SF

There are 2 types of guys who I deal with daily in SF:
  1. Chatty Guy - guy who can't stop talking even though I am bored to tears
  2. Staring Guy - guy who keeps looking at me, but will not say anything to me

Saturday, July 18, 2009


Went to an event tonight in Nob Hill. It was eh. Talked to a couple of guys and hung out with Felix. Felix wouldn't really let me out of his sight. I am really thinking Felix could be potential. I never really gave him a chance, but...

One guy was bragging about how he sold his company to a large computer company (think one of the most common OS companies). He also couldn't stop bragging about how smart he is, blah blah. Snore. Maybe he can help me find a job.

Then there was the guy from a couple of months ago (short sweaty guy) who did not understand "Go away" then and didn't understand it tonight.

And the guy who is clearly a dork, but thought he was much more. He was nice, but...

It was nice to go, but no good leads.

Thursday, July 16, 2009

No Surprise

No surprise here. Spent an hour at the grocery store. A guy was following me around for 30 or so minutes. He had potential to be cute, but with the baseball cap on...

Instead of tailing me, he should have just said something. Of course he didn't because this is SF where boys are sissys.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Just Saying

I have noticed that a friends of friends are paired up. This would bother me if the guys were remotely desirable since that lessens the pool I have to chose from. They are not. These girls are not all that either. They are typical SF girls (wow, that's not nice).

I feel like I am getting pickier. I didn't even think that was possible.

Oh yeah, why is Greg always at my apartment?

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Is That a Line?

This dude asked me, "Is it laundry day today?" Sadly, I am pretty sure he meant that as a conversation starter. Apparently, he has seen me around the laundromat. Sigh...

Sunday, July 12, 2009

I Knew It Would Happen

It was only a matter of time... Went to a bunch of bars tonight. Saw Aquaguppy, but he didn't see me. Never forget, SF is small. Escaped with no issues. Aquaguppy is clearly still looking for a girl. Pretty sure Odie and Felix are, and wouldn't be shocked if Rocketman is too. Yeah guys, there are a lot of girls who want to go home with you at the end of the night, but are those the girls you want to keep? I thought so. I call woodworks (as in, they will jump out of the woodworks) on all of the above.

2 things I learned tonight:
  1. A lot of guys get married around 30. Guys with MBAs get married really young ~25 or a bit older ~35+
  2. A lot of SF girls are aggressive. Meaning, they see a guy they want, they go for it that night thinking it will lead to much more. Yeah, I think it is easier to get struck by lightning
I don't think there is anything wrong with being picky. Come on really though, in any other city, the perfect dude would have found me by now.

Thursday, July 9, 2009

The Art of Conversation is Dead

Boys don't seem to have very good conversation skills or pickup lines. I went grocery shopping in North Beach today.

Safeway Guy:
"You should totally get the chocolate pudding."

I ignored him. He kept talking to me as he was walking away.

Trader Joe's Guy:
"Do you think it's weird that I didn't flirt with that girl who just walked by because I am in the middle of a great song?"

I gave him a 3 second blank stare and turned away. He didn't stop there.

His next question, "So what are you listening to?"

I didn't bother looking in his direction or responding to his question.

Seriously. Do I have a sign on me that says, "Go ahead, try to talk to me. I am friendly?"

If anything the opposite is true. I was wearing a baseball cap and had headphones on. So, you would think, "This girl wants to be left alone" wouldn't you?

Okay, I'll admit this, if either of these guys were cute, of course I would talk to them...too bad for them, they were not cute.

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Dance Class Is A Dead End?

Salsa classes may not be the best place to meet guys. I can put them in 3 categories:
  1. Guys who are socially awkward and cannot get girls to talk to them outside of a classroom setting. Engineers, programmers, "losers," dorks, etc
  2. Guys who have a complex of some sort. Napoleon, serious foot fetish, etc
  3. Really old guys looking to meet sweet young things
I have talked/danced with guys who I would never talk to/look at outside of a classroom setting. Blech. I think this might be a problem because these guys get their confidence built up way too much.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

And What Do You Have to Offer?

I have met enough guys who have NOTHING to offer. Yeah, this sounds obnoxious, but let me explain. Most of the time when you meet someone new, you think, "Wow, this person is so hot or smart or funny or something."

Recently, I have been meeting guys without:
  • Looks
  • Personality
  • Sense of Humor
  • Money
  • Wit
  • Common Sense

Sunday, July 5, 2009


Where do these randoms come from??

Went out with Young Guy last night. He is just a friend, calm down.

I don't like to go out on major holidays. July 4th ranks pretty high up there. Met one guy who kept asking me the same questions over and over. I was just being polite by talking to him since Young Guy was talking to one of his friends. Did he seriously think he was getting somewhere by making me repeat myself several times? Then there was the really tall guy who does something with ships...mechanic perhaps. Really dude?

I have started to tell guys my educational background to get them to stop talking to me. This usually works quite well with guys who didn't go to grad school and guys who went to sh*tty grad schools. Unfortunately, this did not work with dumb*ss 1 or 2 last night.

This is why I don't go out all that much anymore.

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Yadda Yadda

Been really busy (not with anything super exciting).

I haven't had much to report. Rocketman is done in my book. Does anyone ever really stay done?

Monday, June 29, 2009

Work It

Work it boys! It is hilarious when I see guys throwing game at girls. I saw it all Saturday night. It comes down to making themselves seem wonderful. A couple of classic ones:
  • I went to X (some supposedly impressive institution)
  • I am a really nice guy
  • I have traveled the world
  • I work in finance
  • I live alone
I am starting to see more easy girls out here in SF! These women are not helping those like myself. Guys are getting lazier and don't think they have to work all that hard because of these stupid girls. So, when they come across someone like me, they will not be inclined to work as hard. That's fine, I don't want the lazy ones anyway, I guess it could help my weeding process.

PS, Guys...learn to read body language. Hint: if a girl is leaning away, she is not interested.

Sunday, June 28, 2009

So Soon

Odie was back today to pick up some stuff he forgot here. Huh. Not sure what I said or did, but he ran out of here pretty fast.

Either he will be around a lot or disappear for a couple of months...I am going to guess disappear.

Last Night

Was at a party last night. I can't help it, I find myself turning into an "SF Bitch." I am rude to guys I am not interested in; I roll my eyes, I walk away, I hide, I dodge, etc. Guys from last night who were not warned and approached me:
  • Guy who was a true douchebag. Said hello and started giving me backhanded compliments and "negs." I told him off
  • Guy who was fresh off the boat from an Asian country, not sure which one. Couldn't understand much of what he was saying, but from the little that I did comprehend, he gets his pickup lines from crappy movies. I walked away
  • Guy with a really thick European accent who tried too hard to make conversation. It felt more like an interrogation. I walked away
  • Roomie's friend (the one who I talked about a week or so ago). Did my message not get passed on? Not interested!! I dodged him
Other guys worth mentioning
  • The dude I mentioned before, neighbor's friend is getting a name, Oblivious Guy. He is nice, just not my type, young, and the list goes on. He contacts me a lot. Too much needs to stop. I am polite to him because I see him around the apt a lot, but still
  • Roomie's super cute friend I have never seen before. Maybe that will change
  • Roomie's friend, Felix. I have seen him around via the roomie. He's really nice, smart, etc. He has a crush on me. I just don't know yet...
  • Odie. Odie wants to help me get rid of Oblivious Guy by pretending to be my man. This was his idea. Interesting idea eh?

Oh Oh Oh

Oh oh, get this. Odie has made a reappearance with a vengeance. Yesterday and today. I didn't talk to him much either of these days, but he was nosying around. Asking me about guys who were talking to me. Hmm...

Thursday, June 25, 2009


Have you heard of 100-10-3? Most people use it to talk about real estate. Before you buy a house, you are supposed to see 100 houses, seriously consider 10, and make an offer on 3, before you get the one.

Sh*t, I think this applies to guys too. I have met over 100 guys, haven't even come close to seriously considering 10 or 3 for that matter. So, to get to this one? Hmm....

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Fleet Week?

Is it Fleet Week out here in SF? I saw a bunch of sailor running around the city. Too bad I am not into sailors. Every time I see them, I think about that episode of "Sex and the City."

Monday, June 22, 2009

This Is A Me Thing

Yup, figured out a me thing. I don't know when guys are into are into me unless they say it.

For example, another one of the roomie's friends is interested in me. I had no idea. The roomie had to tell me. I asked for this message to be passed on "Not a chance buddy."

This could be a huge problem if I don't fix it. Hmm, this might already be a big problem. This could explain why Odie is avoiding me like the plague and why Rocketman is MIA.

Sunday, June 21, 2009


Odie is avoiding me. I really don't think I did anything to him. It is odd how he hangs out a bunch, disappears for months, and reappears to restart the cycle.

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Sighting Arranged

Kids, we are going to have an Odie sighting soon. I believe it will be in my apt...

Birthday Season

I thought birthday season was over? I went to a couple of birthday parties last night. It's really difficult trying to be in three different places at once.

Party 1
I think every single Asian guy in the SF bay area was present at this party. There were maybe 10 non Asian guys there, but I am willing to bet they had serious Asian fetishes. I ran into a gross dude from dance class. He is nice, but delusional if he thinks he has a shot with me (which he does believe). I met one guy who I found to be kinda interesting...we'll see if he gets a name.

Party 2
Eh, party 1 was better. No one interesting. I did tell a guy who wanted my number that he is "geographically undesirable" LOL. Yeah, if he was cute, smart, or whatever, I would be okay with it, but since he wasn't any of these...

This is exactly why I don't have many friends who are girls. I invited Vicki out to party weeks ago. She sent me about 12 texts in 5 minutes asking me about the party when she knew I didn't even go yet. Example questions:
  • What are people wearing
  • Is there a line
  • Is it okay to not be on the guestlist
  • Are you sure the bar is open til 2
  • What is the guy/girl ratio
Come on! How the f*ck would I know the answer to these questions if I didn't get to the party yet?!?!

Vicki is nice, but as I said before, I think she is getting cut. I can't deal with people who stress out easily.

Friday, June 19, 2009

What Happened?

I woke up pissed today. Did I have a crazy dream I don't remember, but seriously pissed me off? Hmm...

It's really weird. I am furious right now, but I have idea why. I have run though the list of things that could bother me. Nope, none of these...

Thursday, June 18, 2009


Sigh, I replied to Dance Guy's text. I don't actually expect a response, but we'll see.

Been really busy. Out of town visitors tend to do that...

Tuesday, June 16, 2009


I got a text from Dance Guy earlier and it looks like one of those texts I am supposed to respond to. I don't know if I feel like responding...yeah, I am fickle.

If they are trying to play a game, they f/8cked up...I'm bored. I was trying to be nice by reaching out to them last week. Nice doesn't suit me well and it will not be repeated.

If they are genuinely disinterested, why even bother reaching out to me?

If they are trying to keep me on the back burner, good luck...they'll need it.

Monday, June 15, 2009

Busy Weekend

Such a busy weekend. Bullets work best...

Saturday Night. Went to a birthday party. Met some interesting characters which included:
  • Member of the Indian royal family
  • One of the top 3 people in a major Indian conglomerate...think billionaire
  • 2 other millionaires
  • Guy who knows Aquaguppy (but not well...good)
  • Guy who tried to impress me with his MBA from a sub par school
  • Old guy who tried to impress me with his sailing stories...right
  • Went to the North Beach Street Festival. Did not stay long at all
  • Went to a school event. Didn't feel like talking to incoming students
  • Went to a BBQ
On the boy front...
  • Met a lot of people this weekend, but no one interesting. Yeah, you would think millionaires would be, but they just weren't my type. All you guys who think I am a golddigger, I have passed on at least 4 millionaires in the past year so hah!
  • Dance Guy and Rockeman did not reach out to me. Don't care about the reason (disinterest, playing games, cutting noses to spite faces, etc). They are done!
Too busy to care...

Friday, June 12, 2009


I will say this forever....SF is small.

Spotted Rocketman and Dance Guy's good buddy downtown by Harringtons. This prompted a text from me. No more texting outta me...seriously.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Too Hard?

Okay, so maybe my brother has a valid point...I didn't show enough interest in Really Cute Guy. I played too hard to get. But wait! I wasn't playing hard to get! I really don't care what he did that night. I just met him! He doesn't owe me any explanations. Apparently, I might have failed a test because Really Cute Guy could have been trying to gauge my interest. Eh whatever. Bro also said, "Never underestimate the desperation of men."

Really Cute Guy totally has woodworks potential written all over him. We'll see...


Went to Greg's for a small dinner gathering. He is still trashing all boys I talk about. Okay, it's pretty easy to trash Really Cute Guy since he is a manwhore. But Rocketman? Yeah yeah, Rocketman might be a bit shy because I have beat down his ego, but besides that, I don't think there is that much wrong with him. Greg needs to stop this nonsense.

Pickup Artist Season 2

Just finished up "Pickup Artist Season 2" on What else has been used on me?
  • Engagement by using a high 5
  • Guys have introduced themselves to the boys I am with
  • Over the shoulder
  • "I am just here to have a conversation"
  • Keno escalation
  • Claiming space
Yes, this was all done by Aquaguppy. I still stand by the fact that this stuff doesn't work because if there is no attraction, he's done.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009


I saw Dance Guy in class. I feel like there was a little bit of hostility/animosity. WTF? I didn't do anything! Hmm, maybe that's the issue. I might meet up with him and his crew this weekend.

Okay, I unintentionally wounded Rocketman's ego. He might even hate me right now. They are not being fair. It's not like they reached out to me this past month...

Monday, June 8, 2009

Union Street Festival SF Day 2

I went back for Day 2 (Sunday). What was I thinking? I really just wanted to go for a walk because it was a nice day, but ended up barhopping with Ann.

Ran into dude who lives in the apartment (Saturday night apartment party host...aka guy who was picking on Really Cute Guy). I told him the end of the story for Saturday night. He was very surprised at that outcome. But really, if Really Cute Guy passed up a sure thing (Slutty Girl) for a not so sure, but interesting thing (me), his friends would call him a pssy for the rest of his life. The apartment party host's girlfriend thought me and Really Cute Guy were dating and in some sort of dispute. Hilarious. Also funny? I learned from the same dude that Slutty Girl was found crying his bedroom at the party because the guy she wanted wasn't interested in her even though she is really hot (this part is not true, she is average...not ugly, but not hot). LOL.

A little note for Slutty Girl...he was never and still isn't interested. She offered ass, he took it. He did nothing to earn it and wasn't actively pursing it since he was talking to me 90% of the time he was at the party. I bet she will be crying a lot more in the next couple of weeks. I expect he will hook up with her 2-3 more times and drop it like it's hot.

Bars were full of odd characters tonight. Not the typical Marina crowd. No one really worth mentioning except for the guy who was trying to talk to me and I totally ignored him and pretended I thought he was talking to someone else. LOL.

I am beat. 4 hours of sleep is just not enough.

Union Street Festival SF Day 1

Union Street Festival
I got motivated and checked out the Union Street Festival SF Day 1 (Saturday) in the Marina. It was an interesting scene which reminded me of campus before and after a football game. Lots of drunk people everywhere starting at 10am. No of course I didn't show up at 10am, but that's what I hear. I rolled in around 2pm? It was classic, most of the guys brought or borrowed dogs to attract girls and most of the dressed like hookers to attract guys. Mostly people watched and ran into people I knew (who all seemed to be embarrassed that they were sighted at this event).

Apartment Party
During / after the festival we (my friend Ann and I) ended up at various parties. Union Street festival = Marina block party. One of these parties stood out. Two dudes asked me out...yeah right. Even if I was drunk I hope my beer goggles wouldn't have let me given them my number. I was bored to tears and thinking up excuses to leave when I saw Really Cute Guy in the kitchen. We totally checked each other out. Some lame dude was talking to me. Eh, whatever. After I got rid of lame guy, I made it closer to the front door. Then I noticed a very quiet semi deserted living room and decided to go in. I didn't even notice who I sat down next to on the couch...Really Cute Guy. Wow, funny. I chatted with him and his boys. I learned Really Cute Guy is pretty smart, mid 30s, nice, funny, etc. We sat their talking for over 2 hours.

Now here's where it's starts to get really interesting. His main purpose for showing up at the party was because he learned through a friend that a girl he met earlier in the day wanted to "f*ck him bad." No, Really Cute Guy did not tell me that, the friend did. I told Really Cute Guy (about 5x) that he should really go find her instead of talk to me if that was the mission; he didn't move. One of the dudes who lives in the apt (who I maybe talked to for 2 minutes) kept walking into the living room and yelling at Really Cute Guy. "Dude, do you realize that girl next to you is great? Look at her! You obviously like her since you have been taking my abuse and haven't gotten up in 2 hours. Man up and ask her out!" Then he asked me what I thought of Really Cute Guy...I said the truth...I like what I know so far, but I really don't know him very well. There was definitely chemistry. If he sat any closer he would have been in my lap. At all times there was some kind of physical contact, like his arm would be resting on part of my arm, blah blah.

Eventually Really Cute Guy and his boys want to grab food. He gets my number and told me he would call me to meet up later. They go their way and I start barhopping.

Barhopping in the Marina
I met up with Ann at the 1st bar. It was essentially a frat basement fully equipped with beer pong tables. No interesting guys. I thought about punching one out for rubbing up against me. The death glare did wonders. Went with Ann to the 2nd bar. Remember how I am always saying San Francisco is small? Well, it freaking is! I ran into Really Cute Guy and his boys on the way. I told them to come with us if they wanted to and they came with.

I talked to the boys and Really Cute Guy. After about 30 minutes, Slutty Girl appeared! Yeah yeah, it's not nice to call people names, but dude, any girl who says, "I want to f*ck him bad" after meeting a guy, wears very little clothing, and grinds up against everyone is a slut. Apparently, someone called her to come to the bar. Really Cute Guy kept going to talk to her and coming to talk to me. I am not sure what the purpose of that exercise was. I had no reason to behave jealously or compete, so I didn't. I have self respect thank you very much. Not sure what time, but Really Cute Guy disappeared with Slutty Girl. I did not throw a fit and was not upset; after all, I have no reason to be, I just met the dude! I continued the night by hanging out with Ann and Really Cute Guy's boys. The boys were telling me, a guy can't pass up an offer like that, blah blah and that girl is not dating material. I said I know and that I don't care. Both statements are true. They were appalled by my lack of emotion.

Ann disappeared, so it was just me and Really Cute Guy's friends. Now, wouldn't you say that's an odd scenario? I didn't want to go home and deal with the neighbor's friend who was waiting up for me. Why didn't Really Cute Guy's boys try to ditch me? Why were they giving him updates on me? Why did they always look when a random dude tried to talk to me?

Questions / Thoughts / Etc
Do we think Really Cute Guy has the guts or desire to try to take me out sometime? Especially since he knows I know what he did that night. That would be hilarious. This boy is obviously a player (yeah, like I have never met one of those). I am sure the boys told Really Cute Guy that I am nice, fun, blah blah. I think one of the boys also told him I am pretty hard to get (we were talking about stuff and that was his conclusion).

I know this is going to sound totally bizarre, but if he reached out to me, I would actually go out with him. No, I am not insane. My reasoning? It's only a date. I really don't care what a potential guy is up to. He isn't mine and it's none of my business. I don't judge. Most people would care. Especially guys. If this was the reverse scenario and I went home with some random dude, I would be judged without a doubt.

I think he fits into the "I don't know category." He might be a keeper, fun for a couple of months, or totally nothing at all.

Friday, June 5, 2009

Nice, I Am Lazy

I think my neighbor's friend has a crush on me. He's really nice, but pretty young. It's interesting how I don't even need to leave the apt to meet guys these days. Now if only someone with all the characteristics I am looking for would just show up...

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Not What I Had In Mind

So I was asked out to dinner again tonight. However, not exactly what I had in mind since the guy is 60+.

Maybe I should just find a sugar daddy. Not 60+, but something around 40 could be okay if the guy looks more like 35?

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Patience? No

I have no patience. Never have, looks like never will.

Saw Dance Guy briefly tonight, but didn't bother talking to him. If boys want to talk to me, they can...only by showing significant effort.

Pickup Artist Season 1

I started watching clips of the VH-1 show "The Pickup Artist" (on to see what guys have tried on me. I only got through the first season (and I think the show sucks...maybe because I am a girl), but things that totally stand out:
  • Being told I am a "pivot"
  • Being told "That's all you get" from Aquaguppy when he kept tapping me on the arm when we first met
  • Thrown the "I can already tell, we are not going to get along" line also from Aquaguppy
Pathetic. Red flags much? Loser warning? I wish I had seen this show earlier; I better hurry up and watch season 2.

I am sure a lot of this pickup artist crap works on stupid unattractive or moderately attractive ladies out there. However, let's take a look at Aquaguppy's fate. I still subscribe to this thought, if you are not an attractive guy and do not have ALL of the following: Michael Bloomberg's money, Brad Pitt's fame, and Albert Einstein's intelligence, stop trying to hook up with an 8-10 or anyone else clearly out of your league! It gets irritating for the poor girl.

Monday, June 1, 2009

I'm Back

Now that I have gotten over my temporary lapse in sound judgment, I can safely proclaim, I'm back. Vacations always mess with my head...doesn't stop me from taking them though.

I exchanged a couple of texts with Dance Guy. We discussed discussing getting together, but that's not good enough as far as I am concerned. I will not do anymore reaching out, but I will accept invitations if issued in a timely fashion and schedule permitting.

So all in all, I am over it. I've expended too much energy. The natural order of things must be restored!

Sunday, May 31, 2009

New Moon Trailer

I am sitting through the MTV Movie Awards 2009. Why? To see the New Moon trailer!! And you know what? It looks freaking awesome!! Can't wait!!


Right, of course. Greg has appeared in my apartment. Sigh, give up!

Saturday, May 30, 2009

Damage Control

Been doing some damage control this weekend. I guess I wouldn't have to do it if I wasn't so great at making messes. Reached out to Dance Guy and exchanged some texts. We'll see what happens with him and Rocketman...

Friday, May 29, 2009

Not Impressed

I went to a networking event at Le Club last night. I was not impressed at all. There were some nice guys out, but as I have already learned, nice isn't going to cut it. I made two friends, let's call them Tom and Jerry. Even though I spelled out in plain English that we are new friends, I don't think Jerry got it.

I tried to behave myself, but simply couldn't. This short, sweaty, nasty dude kept trying to talk to me. I was cordial for the most part. However, after the 8th time of him asking me if I am looking for a job, I told him off. LOL

Went out in Nob Hill with Tom and Jerry after the event. We ended up at a bar I have never been to. It was really a strange new world with an even mix of guys and girls (the girls were actually pretty cute too). The bar has potential to be great, but only if they get a lot more people older than 22-25.

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Oh Dirty

Oh oh oh dirty. I texted Tall Guy (from the woodworks) back yesterday. He replied with a dirty text equipped with clothing requests. Ew.

There was a guy in class yesterday who could have sugar daddy potential. Is that a path I want to take?

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Must Add More

I haven't seen Rocketman and Dance Guy in 3 weeks or so? Interesting... I really think I'll see them again in the near future...

A new guy was in class tonight, unfortunately, he is eh.

Must add more guys into the lineup. I'll be going out tomorrow night, so that will be a nice start.

Monday, May 25, 2009


It's that time of year...birds are chirping, flowers are blooming, sun is shining, girls are wearing less clothing, and boys are coming out of the woodworks.

My friend L and I have a theory...boys come out of the woodworks in the spring. Who are these boys? The ones that have been dismissed/ignored/passed up for a variety of reasons. Some might have been from weeks ago, others from years ago.

Tall Guy from February/March texted me today. LOL.


I have spent the past week swimming around in my own thoughts. With the help of some pals we have discovered I am not lazy, instead, I am apathetic which might be worse.

I really do dispose those ("friends" and guys) who outlive their entertainment value. I don't hate them since that would require precious brain cells and effort...I simply just don't care. Maybe I am a sociopath or maybe most people out there are a bunch of sissys or maybe I haven't met the right person yet.

Sunday, May 24, 2009

What Do I Really Want?

It's time to ask myself, what do I really want? Am I more into being chased? Possibly; when I am not being chased, I lose interest pretty quickly. I already know I like the idea of things more than the real thing (a lot), so this comes into play too.

I spent quite a bit of time with married couples and couples in general in the last week. I used to think I was ready to find someone great and settle down. However, now I think I need to reevaluate my readiness level. Yeah yeah, I guess if I meet "the one" I would see the light blah blah. But, I don't know if I have met him yet...

Friday, May 22, 2009

Throwing In The Towel

I had dinner with a friend last night. We discussed guys, girls, etc...the norm. I always knew 90% of guys do not throw in the towel very easily, but wow...some of the things guys do!
  • Drive, fly, ride incredible distances to see a girl they are interested in
  • Watch the favorite movie/favorite TV show (even if they really have no interest in the movie/show) in order to be with the girl
  • Read the favorite book to have something to discuss with the girl
  • Constantly be in the neighborhood ready for coincidental run ins
  • Always read to "help" with car troubles, household chores, homework, etc

Wednesday, May 20, 2009


As we all know, the DMV is never a pleasant place. I was stuck there for over an hour today. On the plus side, I met 3 professional athletes while standing in line. Even getting into trouble at the DMV...LOL.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Normal People?

If the people I saw on BART today are considered to be "normal" by society, then I never want to see a "normal" person again. One guy had greasy thinning hair, was obese, had red spots all over his face, and was picking his nose (and I mean digging for gold). Eww.

Disappearing Act

F*ck it, it's my turn to pull a disappearing act. I haven't done one of these since I moved out here to SF (well, if you don't count the weeks I spent in SoCal and the Tropics late last year / earlier this year). I am way overdue.

I am disappearing from salsa for a week or so. I need a break before I punch someone out. This means, I will not see Dance Guy or Rocketman (that is if they show...I'll actually be notified by a classmate if there is a sighting). If he/they show, I am sure he/they will notice my absence. Now the question is, would my absence compel someone to reach out to me? I'll see what happens and letcha know...

Monday, May 18, 2009

Class...Bah Humbug

No one interesting showed up in class tonight. I'm getting pretty sick of class. Well, not so much class, but the annoying turds that I am forced to see all the time because they also have nothing better to do. Most of these people do not fall into the "wanna see them everyday or ever in this lifetime" category.

I Heart Chuck Bass

I just watched the season finale of Gossip Girl. I heart Chuck Bass!! If you haven't watched tonight's episode, stop reading. If you don't care or have already seen it, how psyched are you about Chuck and Blair? I have been rooting for them all freaking season. I should be embarrassed, but I am screw you :)


I meet a lot of guys who over value themselves. Yeah yeah, it's common everywhere in the US, but it's most deadly in the SF Bay area.

Top 5 reasons why guys should not over value themselves in the SF Bay area:
  1. There are exponentially more guys than girls in SF (take a look at every bar I have ever walked into) = the demand for girls is much too high and the market is over saturated with guys
  2. In general, girls in SF are not attractive (number one complaint from the guys, especially from those who have visited/resided in LA and/or New York) = with the already low supply, we just lowered it a lot more if a guy is looking for a cute girl
  3. Not many girls in SF are capable of holding a conversation (this is the number two complaint I have heard from the guys) = already scarce supply of attractive ladies just got lower with the addition of intelligence/being interesting
  4. There is always a better looking, smarter, richer, nicer, more athletic, et al guy around the corner = competition amongst the guys is very high and it is difficult to differentiate oneself and demonstrate value
  5. Getting a girl's phone number is nothing (that girl probably gave it out to at least 3 other guys that hour) = too many substitutes/competitors, lack of a captive audience and low switching cost for the ladies
Key TakeawaysThe sooner a guy learns these things, the better off he will be. I know a lot of guys who move to SF and think it's all soooo easy. Well, it is definitely easy to bag an unattractive unintelligent inebriated girl, but who the f*ck wants that? SF is awesome. I freaking rule out here!!

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Chill Weekend

Had a pretty chill weekend. Vicki bailed last night which was quite nice. I really didn't want to go out.

Met up with Greg today. Unfortunately, he still doesn't get it. He made some very obvious moves. I totally ignored them. He can't seriously think I am so dumb that I don't realize what he is up to. He kept wanting to tell me something, but of course I changed the subject and did not press on. As a big hint for him to graciously back down, I brought up Rocketman. Greg was not pleased. He also isn't a big fan of Rocketman even though they haven't surprise here.

It's simply spectacular that the guys I have to put up with all have gigantic egos. I have heard a variety of "issues" I suffer from because I won't hook up with a boy who is trying...
  • Racist
  • Ageist
  • Repressed
  • Prude
  • Lesbian
Greg was trying to talk me into hooking up with him. Are you f*cking serious? What part of "I am just not into you" is difficult to comprehend? Or how about "Dude, how many times have you already tried? And, how well did it go for you?"

Neighbor girl is at it again as I blog...I could have sworn I heard spanking. What does her dude or dudes look like?

Saturday, May 16, 2009


It was around 80 degrees today (aka way too hot for SF) which means tonight should be a great going out night. I am not all that excited because I am supposed to have girls night with Vicki. I bet I can prove my theory that I fare much better in solo operations than with a wing girl in tow. Already trying to figure out how to turn Vicki into a lunch/shopping friend vs. go out to the bar friend.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

What's Next

Okay, what's next in this Rocketman/Dance Guy adventure?  I haven't seen either of them since Saturday and I don't think I will see either one of them until after Memorial Day (I'm pretty busy next week).
Do we think Rocketman gave up?  Or do we think he is calling in reinforcements and regrouping?

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Ugh, What Is My Problem?

Seriously, what is my problem?  I find myself being very curious about Rocketman.  If he is playing a game, I suppose he is doing an excellent job.  If he is just Odie part 2, that's not great, but it's still working.

Sunday, May 10, 2009

I Am Not Doing This On Purpose

It's really not my intention to undermine Rocketman's confidence. Sadly, I cannot prove this with evidence from the last month...I mean, just look at everything I accidentally did.  If we ever end up dating, this could be a really funny story.

I think he is interested, but don't know how much.  Come on, what guy would agree to me showing up knowing full well he is the only single guy there. I don't think he orchestrated it, that would be Dance Guy, but he must have signed off on it.

Let's think about this from Rocketman's perspective.  Imagine he thought I knew I was the 6th person.  Well, the sheer fact that I brought Vicki would say "not interested" because I added a 3rd wheel. Oops. Totally thought Dance Guy knew I would be bringing her, but he was definitely surprised.


I am speechless.  Last night was interesting to say the least...  I did not go out with the roomie.  Dance Guy called me to meet up with him and his crew.  I brought Vicki.  I didn't realize it was going to be a setup, but that became clear when I saw the couples and a lone Rocketman.

At the first bar, I spent most of the time talking to Dance Guy and Vicki while Rocketman stared at me.  At the second bar, Dance Guy suggested me and Rocketman go on an outing sometime, Rocketman dropped the ball.  The boys got hungry and wanted to eat.  Dance Guy was sweet and grabbed me and Vicki some food even though we weren't hungry.  Rocketman bailed early with the others, so Dance Guy, Vicki, and I continued our evening at the third bar.

Even though Dance Guy is taken on the DL (and yes, I am not supposed to know about this), it seems like he is curious about me. He wants to have a chat with Rocketman (sounds like my roomie and Odie).  Apparently, Rocketman is also known for having 0 initiative. What is with the guys in SF??  I told Dance Guy it was fun and we should do it again (notice how I was intentionally vague...didn't specify who "we" encompasses, I'll leave that up to his interpretation); he agreed.

I do not want Rocketman to ask me out just yet...I don't think I know him well enough right now.  I would like to see them all collectively at least one more time to monitor his behavior towards me and gauge his interest level.  Rocketman is my type physically.  Dance Guy is really funny and knows how to behave around girls...maybe some of this will rub off on Rocketman?

Dance Guy is a schemer...we'll see what he comes up with next.  Just going to sit back and watch it all unfold; it's nice being able to take a break from scheming.  I am sure this is not the last of our adventures...

Saturday, May 9, 2009

Saturday Night

Saturday night...what to do?  Supposed to hang out with Rocketman and Dance Guy.  Roomie wants to go out and get trashed.  Why not do both?  I don't think I want to see Odie though...

Friday, May 8, 2009


I wouldn't call myself excited, but I am very intrigued about Saturday night.
  1. Will this meeting actually go down?
  2. Will Rocketman show?
  3. After having a real conversation with Rocketman, will I want to go out with him?
I still think it's weird that Dance Guy watches me in class...a lot.  Eh, maybe he monitors for his pal?  I am pretty sure Dance Guy was also trying to figure out if I was into girls the other night...