Saturday, November 14, 2009

Not Nice

Anyone who actually knows me, knows I am not nice (obviously).  I tried being nice and it wasn't a good fit.  As a matter of fact, I am still being bitten in the ass for the times I've been nice (last couple of months).

Arthur is still lurking around because I was nice when I first met him.  I stopped being nice a few weeks or months back, but I am still being annoyed.  He truly does not understand that I would never date him, even if he was the last guy alive.  He used to be funny and fun to be around, but his desperation and pessimism are growing.  Not the kind of person I even want to be friends with.  Plus, I think he is secretly (or not so secretly) wishing that guys who have a chance go away...not the kind of energy I need.  I saw him at a party and it was pretty annoying.  He has been and is definitely staying on the "do not want to see again" list.  I really do believe I hate him.  Yeah, hating someone takes a lot of energy, so I only hate him when I get stuck seeing him.  This shouldn't happen much anymore.

I tried nice with Felix.  That didn't work.  He issued a half ass invitation for something in the next couple of weeks.  I have not decided if he is getting a response.  And yes, "something" is the proper term because the message was vague.  I would call it a feeler message, as in "let's see if she will respond or if I royally f*cked up."  If he was some guy I met at a bar last weekend, he would definitely not get a response.  However, since I have known him for a while...  Is this passiveness an issue because of nerves or is it ingrained into his personality?  Should I excuse it?  That would be the nice thing to do, but nice is what got me into this mess...

That's it!  I am going back to my true self...bitch.  Nice wasn't something I could keep up and has gotten me in more trouble than being a bitch ever has.

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