Sunday, December 13, 2009

Really Shy

Some guys really are shy.  I've heard of the whole "He's Just Not Into You" thing and I believe it applies more often not.  However, there are those cases...the cases that have to do with the "really shy."  I know The Brain is interested, but when I see him (because he invited me somewhere), he looks like he's about to turn around and make a run for it.  At least he is able to shake it off.

And then we have the kind of guy who cannot shake it off, for example, Felix.  He is incapable of making plans and sticking to them if they are set 48+ hours in advance.  Apparently, 48 hours is the most amount of time he can handle before freaking out, over analyzing, and ejecting himself.

Friday, December 11, 2009

Tis The Season

Tis the season for guys from the past to emerge out of the woodworks.

So far Oblivious Guy has emerged.

Some of you want a reminder on Oblivious Guy.  Simply put, he was oblivious.  He has been known to call/text/email over 20x/day without me answering or replying once.

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

I Really Feel The Guys

I can now say I really feel the guys. I was at a party and chose to converse with girls rather than the incredibly socially awkward guys.  Well, I am not sure which option was worse.  One girl latched onto me and wanted to make me her BFF.

Issues with the girl which also represents 95% of the girls at the party:
  1. Unattractive
  2. Terrible personality and poor conversationalist; I would be too generous if I said average.  I had to sit through all of it; the topics included: hair, hair salons, make-up, high heels, dresses, perfume, and more.  I was bored as a girl, I can only imagine what goes through a guy's head
  3. Unintelligent
With even one of these oh so lovely traits, you would think these women would be pleasant; no, not the case.  They were arrogant!!!  The uglies thought and acted like they were hot.  The boring and catty thought they were just too cool for everyone else in the room.  The stupid were too ignorant and slow to figure out people were being condescending while conversing with them...yes, I am really good at this, apparently better than I had thought.

I must stop being nice to and feeling bad for the socially awkward guys.  I am sure they don't want or need my sympathy unless it helps them score; not likely.

The Brain asked me out, but I had a conflict.

Sunday, December 6, 2009


Arthur, come on!!!  Get a clue.  You too Player.

I met up with another one of the guys I met a party a couple of weeks ago over the weekend.  Apparently, parties are where I go to meet single guys.  I have mentioned this guy in previous posts, but he his getting named The Brain.  Obviously, I think he is smart and he is going about pursing me in an intelligent manner.  It started out a bit rough, but he has changed his tactics and is doing much better.  I'm thinking about giving him a shot.

Oh Felix.  He's going to be facing some serious competition soon.

Thursday, December 3, 2009


All of my guy friends want me to hear Felix out.  All of my girls want me to lynch him.  Hmm.  Guys are right in saying that Felix is one of the only guys I might be interested in dating, and I have met at least a hundred guys.  Girls are right in saying it's rude to keep rescheduling.

This has gone on for so long.  I need to break out MS Project and create deliverables if Felix sticks around; there's just something not quite right with that.

Oh, I don't know what to do.

I have been polite to The Player.  Unfortunately, I think he is getting encouraged and my politeness is being misread.

Tuesday, December 1, 2009


Everyone has lost.

The Player is still contacting me.  I would like to have the friend talk.  It's tough to do since I don't pick up or  return his calls.  I just do not have time to field his spur of the moment invitations; I find them to be quite irksome.

Felix has lost.  Over the last few weeks, we have been discussing getting together.  However, after numerous conflicts, reschedules, etc., he is done.  He seems to want to pursue something, but doesn't have the balls.  It's annoying having to agree on a day, just to have to agree on another day, just to have that changed too.

Odie has lost, but I think I will see him sometime within the next three weeks or so.  Maybe he'll get another chance...