Monday, June 29, 2009

Work It

Work it boys! It is hilarious when I see guys throwing game at girls. I saw it all Saturday night. It comes down to making themselves seem wonderful. A couple of classic ones:
  • I went to X (some supposedly impressive institution)
  • I am a really nice guy
  • I have traveled the world
  • I work in finance
  • I live alone
I am starting to see more easy girls out here in SF! These women are not helping those like myself. Guys are getting lazier and don't think they have to work all that hard because of these stupid girls. So, when they come across someone like me, they will not be inclined to work as hard. That's fine, I don't want the lazy ones anyway, I guess it could help my weeding process.

PS, Guys...learn to read body language. Hint: if a girl is leaning away, she is not interested.

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