Thursday, June 23, 2011

This Could Make Me Rich!

I half *ss check my account (meaning I am rarely active on it).  Nevertheless, I have gotten 12 different offers for a date.  Most of these guys want to pay me $75 and up.  One guy wants to give me $5.  For f*cking real?  Suuuuuurrre.

Thursday, June 16, 2011

A Joke?

I am not a hooker, but I am still checking all the winks I get from that website.  Is it crazy that I am getting way more attention on that site than I am on other online dating sites (sites where guys don't have to pay me to go out to dinner with him)? 

Okay, it started as a joke and based on some of the people who want me to go out with them, it is a joke. There are guys I would have to charge $500 to go out with. And I mean go out for dinner, no funny business. I sure hope these guys realize this is not an escort site.

I highly doubt I will go out with another guy from this site, but it is interesting how many guys are willing to pay me for a date.  I could make a lot of money...

Monday, June 13, 2011

No, Not Again. Thanks.

I have been wracking my brain.  What is the best way to tell a guy "not in this lifetime, not interested, never going to be?"  I have heard:
  • Ignore.  Do not respond to texts or pick up calls.  Throw all emails into spam
  • Say "There is no chemistry"
  • Say "It's not you, it's me"
  • Say "I am not ready"
  • Be incredibly busy
He's nice and smart, I would have to be drugged for anything to happen between us.

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Okay, Time To Share

Okay, it is time to share my tale.  I tried out that site.  I went out with a guy.  Yes, I took all kinds of safety precautions (telling a couple of friends, giving them his phone number, telling them where, when, etc).  Went on a couple of dates.  First one for obvious reasons, I was paid around $100 + dinner.  The date was okay.  He is smart, makes about $1 million a year, perfect gentleman, etc.  Even though I found him totally unattractive, I went on a second date just to make sure there wasn't anything there.  There definitely wasn't anything there.  He was socially awkward, said bizarre things, asked too many very personal questions, answered his cell phone, blah blah.  I knew he would want to see me again.  I was trying to spare his feelings.  So, I was really boring and I mean REALLY boring.  I exhibited all signs of crazy too.  I thought this would work!

No, it didn't work.  He wants to see me again.  Yes, that explains my previous post.

Thursday, June 2, 2011

For A Fee

You gotta wonder about guys that are willing to pay a girl for a date.  Or maybe you don't have to wonder and know exactly what this means:
  1. Guy is ugly
  2. Guy is socially awkward
  3. Guy is desperate
Or, how about a combination of all three?  Ever since I tried turning that new leaf, I've been trying to give guys I would never be interested a chance.  Nope, not working.  Why bother trying?  I have proved it does NOT work.