Monday, May 18, 2009


I meet a lot of guys who over value themselves. Yeah yeah, it's common everywhere in the US, but it's most deadly in the SF Bay area.

Top 5 reasons why guys should not over value themselves in the SF Bay area:
  1. There are exponentially more guys than girls in SF (take a look at every bar I have ever walked into) = the demand for girls is much too high and the market is over saturated with guys
  2. In general, girls in SF are not attractive (number one complaint from the guys, especially from those who have visited/resided in LA and/or New York) = with the already low supply, we just lowered it a lot more if a guy is looking for a cute girl
  3. Not many girls in SF are capable of holding a conversation (this is the number two complaint I have heard from the guys) = already scarce supply of attractive ladies just got lower with the addition of intelligence/being interesting
  4. There is always a better looking, smarter, richer, nicer, more athletic, et al guy around the corner = competition amongst the guys is very high and it is difficult to differentiate oneself and demonstrate value
  5. Getting a girl's phone number is nothing (that girl probably gave it out to at least 3 other guys that hour) = too many substitutes/competitors, lack of a captive audience and low switching cost for the ladies
Key TakeawaysThe sooner a guy learns these things, the better off he will be. I know a lot of guys who move to SF and think it's all soooo easy. Well, it is definitely easy to bag an unattractive unintelligent inebriated girl, but who the f*ck wants that? SF is awesome. I freaking rule out here!!

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