Sunday, May 17, 2009

Chill Weekend

Had a pretty chill weekend. Vicki bailed last night which was quite nice. I really didn't want to go out.

Met up with Greg today. Unfortunately, he still doesn't get it. He made some very obvious moves. I totally ignored them. He can't seriously think I am so dumb that I don't realize what he is up to. He kept wanting to tell me something, but of course I changed the subject and did not press on. As a big hint for him to graciously back down, I brought up Rocketman. Greg was not pleased. He also isn't a big fan of Rocketman even though they haven't surprise here.

It's simply spectacular that the guys I have to put up with all have gigantic egos. I have heard a variety of "issues" I suffer from because I won't hook up with a boy who is trying...
  • Racist
  • Ageist
  • Repressed
  • Prude
  • Lesbian
Greg was trying to talk me into hooking up with him. Are you f*cking serious? What part of "I am just not into you" is difficult to comprehend? Or how about "Dude, how many times have you already tried? And, how well did it go for you?"

Neighbor girl is at it again as I blog...I could have sworn I heard spanking. What does her dude or dudes look like?

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  1. Maybe she is the start of the Girlfriend Experience movie?