Saturday, May 31, 2014

Not Obnoxious

I went to a party tonight and expected it to be really obnoxious, but it wasn't.  More later.  Goodnight

Friday, May 30, 2014

Fundraiser At The Fairmont Hotel

I went to a superhero themed Leukemia Lymphoma fundraiser at The Fairmont Hotel last night.  Apparently, the gala/fashion show was thrown together in eight weeks.  They were a bit behind schedule, some parts were spotty (AV issues), but the turnout was great.  Lots of people.  So many people that they ran out of chairs for the fashion show portion of the evening.  Even a couple members of the Ferrari family were present.

Since, I do talk about dating in this blog, I'll just put it out there; I did not meet a guy I'd want to date.  Three men approached me.  Two guys were much older and might have kids who are older than me.  One guy was probably around my age, but creeped me out.  He was talking too close, blatantly trying to look down my dress, and did this really unnecessary arm brush (down to the hip where his hand then grazed my butt, and it was not the back of the hand).  He wanted to buy me a drink, but I ran off after the butt palming.  He approached me another two times in the evening.  The first time, I pretended I didn't hear him and picked up the pace.  The second time, I was trapped in a corner and he was trying to impress me with talks of how his company has raised a lot of venture capital money.  He might be a good business connection, but I don't know if I could endure his handsyness (made up word, yes).  If I do decide to try to be friends with this guy, I might tell him I'm a lesbian.

A lady was chit chatting with me, then tried to sell me insurance or maybe investments; I don't know, I walked away.  She wanted to add me on facebook too, uh, never!

Met a nice couple.  Much younger guy, much older gal.  I asked the how they met.  Online, either a French food connoisseurs board or French food connoisseurs niche dating site.  They seemed really into each other.

I met a nice lady who wants me to meet her niece.  The niece just moved back here from New York.  She was a really nice lady and hopefully her niece is also really sweet.  So yes, I will meet up with the niece and try to meet more people.  Many of my friends have moved away.  I also stopped talking to some friends because we've changed and have different interests now

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

More On The NY Women

More on the NY women who flew here to meet SF men.  They landed Thursday and left yesterday (I think).  I spoke with a few of them and asked them two questions:
  1. What do you think of the men you have met?
  2. Would you move here because people claim there are more men here?
None of them would move here.  And, they were "eh" on the guys they've met here.

Monday, May 26, 2014

He's Become More Interesting

That guy I gave my number to over the weekend called (not texted, called) me fewer than 24 hours after I gave it to him.  He called at a decent hour (before 9:00 pm, yes I do think getting calls from guys you don't know very well past 9:00 pm is late).  He was funny and didn't try to prolong the conversation with chitchat.  Nice!  He's become more interesting to me.  In case you don't notice the bold font, I will list the four reasons why he's become more interesting:
  1. He called (not texted)
  2. He called at a decent hour (before 9:00 pm)
  3. He was funny
  4. He didn't try to prolong the conversation with chitchat
He asked me out, but due to conflicting schedules (already agreed upon engagements, work travel, vacation travel, etc), I'll hear from him in a few weeks.

Sunday, May 25, 2014

Yeah, I Went And...

Yeah, I went to the kickstarter/Dating Ring/fly out NY women to meet SF men  party and may have just confirmed that I really do need to move out of San Francisco if I ever want to get married.

There were a lot of guys.  A couple of guys confused me because I thought it was a party for heterosexuals, but maybe it wasn't?  Saw two guys having an awesome time on the dance floor, lifting their shirts up, and rubbing their stomachs up against each other.  I have no problem with gay guys, I love gay guys.  However, I have a sneaking suspicion that they weren't gay, and rubbing stomachs was just something they wanted to do because they thought it was funny.  It might have been funny for them, but probably made some of the ladies rule them out.

I started conversations with men and women because I was bored and it was crowded.  Kinda awkward not to talk to someone when their face is about 10 inches from yours.  Found it interesting that one guy talked about how great he is and how he's dated "so many women," but none of them have measured up.  Yes, this is the topic he brought up at a party.

Gave one guy my number because he seemed nice and wanted to go out sometime; if he calls, I will go.  He's not my standard type in terms of looks, but I'll give him a chance.   One guy invited me to a party which will be happening in a couple of weeks.  Got two cards for business networking purposes.

Saturday, May 24, 2014

Friday, May 23, 2014

Friday Afternoon Coffee Date

Had a Friday afternoon coffee date today.  There was no chemistry.  In fact, I was irritated by a bunch of things he said (like how he was so surprised that I haven't set foot in every continent; I never claimed I had, so why the disbelief and the need to dwell on it?)  He asked me a lot of questions about my online dating experience (big turnoff).  He was also trying to get me excited about his hobbies, like bowling.  He shouldn't have assumed that I like bowling, but he did...not sure why since my profile didn't say anything about bowling.  So, he spent about ten minutes trying to get me to be excited about bowling.

After the date, he sent me an email telling me that he didn't think we'd be a good fit and how he felt really bad about sending "these types of emails."  Ummm, oooookay, I wasn't planning to ever see him again, so, uh?  It was a bit presumptuous?  We both said, "It was nice to meet you."  No, "Let's do this again," "I had fun," "Let's have dinner," or any language alluding to another date from either of us.

If he sends "these types of emails" a lot, wow. I thought he was trying to be nice, so I responded with 100% agreement, but still, didn't think his email or my response were even necessary.  Most people wait until the other person reaches out if they want to say, "We are not a good fit, thanks."  The fog and going on dates like this are two major reasons why I want to leave this city; the city search and endless pro/con lists are back on.

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

The Marina Is Cute

I've been hanging out in The Marina a lot over the last couple of days.  My friend is visiting from NY and staying with her friends there.  The Marina is really cute and has a lot of good food.  I've never seen it during the day, lol.  I probably should have lived in the Marina for at least a year.  I wouldn't move there now because I have no idea what I am doing (staying, going, yadda yadda) and rents are probably insane.

Oh yeah, the NY visitor is another person I know who really wants to get out of NY.  My life out here in SF really isn't that bad.  I think I hate it here when the weather is sh*tty (dark, cold, windy, foggy).  When it's warm and sunny, love it.  I did read that SF weather will be warmer and drier with the whole climate change thing.

Monday, May 19, 2014

So Confused

I'm so so so so confused.  I thought I had it figured out, but this ultra nice weather has thrown me.  SF weather has been really nice, which has made me like it again.

All my friends who are trying to get out of NYC have also thrown me.  You see, I was pretty sure, like 90% sure I'd move back to the NYC area this summer.  However, it seems like 90% of my New York Metropolitan area friends really really really want to get the out of NYC and are telling me how awful it is, which is triggering awful memories (I did leave there for a reason).

I don't know what to do anymore.  I was never excited about the idea of moving back to NYC, but I was excited to move somewhere.  Never thought I had the whole "fear of missing out thing," but now I think I have it for cities.

Saturday, May 17, 2014


How did I just hear about this LinkedUp app?  I would definitely date someone I met through LinkedIn.  And, I've been known to look up someone I'm about to meet or recently met, so why not connect the two?

Anyone try it yet or know someone who's tried it?

Thursday, May 15, 2014

Weather And Mood

Really think weather plays a big role in mood, definitely for me, maybe for others?  It's been really warm in SF, like 80-90 degrees, which is pretty unheard of.  I've noticed people are friendlier and smile a lot more.  If it was 80 degrees everyday for at least three months here, I think I'd really like SF and would stay here despite my cons.  Apparently, I care about the weather...a lot...who knew?

I'm trying to think back to when I lived on the east coast, but I really can't remember.  Were people more pleasant during the summer?  Maybe?

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Wow, Hot!

Wow, hot!  Make up + hair = every girl is hot hot hot.  None of these girls were completely unfortunate to begin with, but makeup really makes a HUGE difference.  One of my friend's linked to this on FB today.

Sunday, May 11, 2014

Memorial Day Party?

Hey, remember that company that was going to throw that big Memorial Day party and fly in ladies from NY?  Does anyone know when/where that party is?  Totally forgot to throw in a $20 when the Kickstarter was alive.  Took a look at Eventbrite and didn't see it.

Friday, May 9, 2014

Fastest Growing Cities

Hmm, I might consider one of these fastest growing cities...

Never been to Charlotte, NC or Denver, CO, but hear they are absolutely beautiful.  Heard Memphis, TN is super relaxed.  Phoenix, AZ was much nice than I thought it'd be, but friends have told me I might melt when it's 120 degrees out.

Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Such Hatred

Some comments (usually from Anonymous people) are really defensive and exhibit such hatred.  If what I am spewing is pure bullsh*t experienced by only one person (myself), why so angry?  Why not just write me off as a fluke?  I suspect it's because these people:
  1. See some truth in what I'm talking about, but are vehemently trying to convince themselves they like SF and want to be here or
  2. Always have to be right, have the last word, yadda yadda (yes, a trait I've seen a lot in the Bay Area)
I've been here for over six years.  I've met a lot of people (guys and gals).  I hear the same sh*t over and over.  I meet the same type of people over and over.  Unbelievably, I run into guys I've gone out with at least once a month because this city is so small and cliquish.

This city reminds me of high school, yes, I'll elaborate in the next couple of days.  Goodnight

Monday, May 5, 2014

Cinco De Mayo

So, it's Cinco de Mayo, which I didn't even realize until I heard it on the radio.

Another holiday for Americans to get stupid...drunk...stupid drunk.  Bah humbug, no, I don't participate in nonsense "amateur night" holidays.

Friday, May 2, 2014