Monday, June 29, 2009

Work It

Work it boys! It is hilarious when I see guys throwing game at girls. I saw it all Saturday night. It comes down to making themselves seem wonderful. A couple of classic ones:
  • I went to X (some supposedly impressive institution)
  • I am a really nice guy
  • I have traveled the world
  • I work in finance
  • I live alone
I am starting to see more easy girls out here in SF! These women are not helping those like myself. Guys are getting lazier and don't think they have to work all that hard because of these stupid girls. So, when they come across someone like me, they will not be inclined to work as hard. That's fine, I don't want the lazy ones anyway, I guess it could help my weeding process.

PS, Guys...learn to read body language. Hint: if a girl is leaning away, she is not interested.

Sunday, June 28, 2009

So Soon

Odie was back today to pick up some stuff he forgot here. Huh. Not sure what I said or did, but he ran out of here pretty fast.

Either he will be around a lot or disappear for a couple of months...I am going to guess disappear.

Last Night

Was at a party last night. I can't help it, I find myself turning into an "SF Bitch." I am rude to guys I am not interested in; I roll my eyes, I walk away, I hide, I dodge, etc. Guys from last night who were not warned and approached me:
  • Guy who was a true douchebag. Said hello and started giving me backhanded compliments and "negs." I told him off
  • Guy who was fresh off the boat from an Asian country, not sure which one. Couldn't understand much of what he was saying, but from the little that I did comprehend, he gets his pickup lines from crappy movies. I walked away
  • Guy with a really thick European accent who tried too hard to make conversation. It felt more like an interrogation. I walked away
  • Roomie's friend (the one who I talked about a week or so ago). Did my message not get passed on? Not interested!! I dodged him
Other guys worth mentioning
  • The dude I mentioned before, neighbor's friend is getting a name, Oblivious Guy. He is nice, just not my type, young, and the list goes on. He contacts me a lot. Too much needs to stop. I am polite to him because I see him around the apt a lot, but still
  • Roomie's super cute friend I have never seen before. Maybe that will change
  • Roomie's friend, Felix. I have seen him around via the roomie. He's really nice, smart, etc. He has a crush on me. I just don't know yet...
  • Odie. Odie wants to help me get rid of Oblivious Guy by pretending to be my man. This was his idea. Interesting idea eh?

Oh Oh Oh

Oh oh, get this. Odie has made a reappearance with a vengeance. Yesterday and today. I didn't talk to him much either of these days, but he was nosying around. Asking me about guys who were talking to me. Hmm...

Thursday, June 25, 2009


Have you heard of 100-10-3? Most people use it to talk about real estate. Before you buy a house, you are supposed to see 100 houses, seriously consider 10, and make an offer on 3, before you get the one.

Sh*t, I think this applies to guys too. I have met over 100 guys, haven't even come close to seriously considering 10 or 3 for that matter. So, to get to this one? Hmm....

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Fleet Week?

Is it Fleet Week out here in SF? I saw a bunch of sailor running around the city. Too bad I am not into sailors. Every time I see them, I think about that episode of "Sex and the City."

Monday, June 22, 2009

This Is A Me Thing

Yup, figured out a me thing. I don't know when guys are into are into me unless they say it.

For example, another one of the roomie's friends is interested in me. I had no idea. The roomie had to tell me. I asked for this message to be passed on "Not a chance buddy."

This could be a huge problem if I don't fix it. Hmm, this might already be a big problem. This could explain why Odie is avoiding me like the plague and why Rocketman is MIA.

Sunday, June 21, 2009


Odie is avoiding me. I really don't think I did anything to him. It is odd how he hangs out a bunch, disappears for months, and reappears to restart the cycle.

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Sighting Arranged

Kids, we are going to have an Odie sighting soon. I believe it will be in my apt...

Birthday Season

I thought birthday season was over? I went to a couple of birthday parties last night. It's really difficult trying to be in three different places at once.

Party 1
I think every single Asian guy in the SF bay area was present at this party. There were maybe 10 non Asian guys there, but I am willing to bet they had serious Asian fetishes. I ran into a gross dude from dance class. He is nice, but delusional if he thinks he has a shot with me (which he does believe). I met one guy who I found to be kinda interesting...we'll see if he gets a name.

Party 2
Eh, party 1 was better. No one interesting. I did tell a guy who wanted my number that he is "geographically undesirable" LOL. Yeah, if he was cute, smart, or whatever, I would be okay with it, but since he wasn't any of these...

This is exactly why I don't have many friends who are girls. I invited Vicki out to party weeks ago. She sent me about 12 texts in 5 minutes asking me about the party when she knew I didn't even go yet. Example questions:
  • What are people wearing
  • Is there a line
  • Is it okay to not be on the guestlist
  • Are you sure the bar is open til 2
  • What is the guy/girl ratio
Come on! How the f*ck would I know the answer to these questions if I didn't get to the party yet?!?!

Vicki is nice, but as I said before, I think she is getting cut. I can't deal with people who stress out easily.

Friday, June 19, 2009

What Happened?

I woke up pissed today. Did I have a crazy dream I don't remember, but seriously pissed me off? Hmm...

It's really weird. I am furious right now, but I have idea why. I have run though the list of things that could bother me. Nope, none of these...

Thursday, June 18, 2009


Sigh, I replied to Dance Guy's text. I don't actually expect a response, but we'll see.

Been really busy. Out of town visitors tend to do that...

Tuesday, June 16, 2009


I got a text from Dance Guy earlier and it looks like one of those texts I am supposed to respond to. I don't know if I feel like responding...yeah, I am fickle.

If they are trying to play a game, they f/8cked up...I'm bored. I was trying to be nice by reaching out to them last week. Nice doesn't suit me well and it will not be repeated.

If they are genuinely disinterested, why even bother reaching out to me?

If they are trying to keep me on the back burner, good luck...they'll need it.

Monday, June 15, 2009

Busy Weekend

Such a busy weekend. Bullets work best...

Saturday Night. Went to a birthday party. Met some interesting characters which included:
  • Member of the Indian royal family
  • One of the top 3 people in a major Indian conglomerate...think billionaire
  • 2 other millionaires
  • Guy who knows Aquaguppy (but not well...good)
  • Guy who tried to impress me with his MBA from a sub par school
  • Old guy who tried to impress me with his sailing stories...right
  • Went to the North Beach Street Festival. Did not stay long at all
  • Went to a school event. Didn't feel like talking to incoming students
  • Went to a BBQ
On the boy front...
  • Met a lot of people this weekend, but no one interesting. Yeah, you would think millionaires would be, but they just weren't my type. All you guys who think I am a golddigger, I have passed on at least 4 millionaires in the past year so hah!
  • Dance Guy and Rockeman did not reach out to me. Don't care about the reason (disinterest, playing games, cutting noses to spite faces, etc). They are done!
Too busy to care...

Friday, June 12, 2009


I will say this forever....SF is small.

Spotted Rocketman and Dance Guy's good buddy downtown by Harringtons. This prompted a text from me. No more texting outta me...seriously.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Too Hard?

Okay, so maybe my brother has a valid point...I didn't show enough interest in Really Cute Guy. I played too hard to get. But wait! I wasn't playing hard to get! I really don't care what he did that night. I just met him! He doesn't owe me any explanations. Apparently, I might have failed a test because Really Cute Guy could have been trying to gauge my interest. Eh whatever. Bro also said, "Never underestimate the desperation of men."

Really Cute Guy totally has woodworks potential written all over him. We'll see...


Went to Greg's for a small dinner gathering. He is still trashing all boys I talk about. Okay, it's pretty easy to trash Really Cute Guy since he is a manwhore. But Rocketman? Yeah yeah, Rocketman might be a bit shy because I have beat down his ego, but besides that, I don't think there is that much wrong with him. Greg needs to stop this nonsense.

Pickup Artist Season 2

Just finished up "Pickup Artist Season 2" on What else has been used on me?
  • Engagement by using a high 5
  • Guys have introduced themselves to the boys I am with
  • Over the shoulder
  • "I am just here to have a conversation"
  • Keno escalation
  • Claiming space
Yes, this was all done by Aquaguppy. I still stand by the fact that this stuff doesn't work because if there is no attraction, he's done.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009


I saw Dance Guy in class. I feel like there was a little bit of hostility/animosity. WTF? I didn't do anything! Hmm, maybe that's the issue. I might meet up with him and his crew this weekend.

Okay, I unintentionally wounded Rocketman's ego. He might even hate me right now. They are not being fair. It's not like they reached out to me this past month...

Monday, June 8, 2009

Union Street Festival SF Day 2

I went back for Day 2 (Sunday). What was I thinking? I really just wanted to go for a walk because it was a nice day, but ended up barhopping with Ann.

Ran into dude who lives in the apartment (Saturday night apartment party host...aka guy who was picking on Really Cute Guy). I told him the end of the story for Saturday night. He was very surprised at that outcome. But really, if Really Cute Guy passed up a sure thing (Slutty Girl) for a not so sure, but interesting thing (me), his friends would call him a pssy for the rest of his life. The apartment party host's girlfriend thought me and Really Cute Guy were dating and in some sort of dispute. Hilarious. Also funny? I learned from the same dude that Slutty Girl was found crying his bedroom at the party because the guy she wanted wasn't interested in her even though she is really hot (this part is not true, she is average...not ugly, but not hot). LOL.

A little note for Slutty Girl...he was never and still isn't interested. She offered ass, he took it. He did nothing to earn it and wasn't actively pursing it since he was talking to me 90% of the time he was at the party. I bet she will be crying a lot more in the next couple of weeks. I expect he will hook up with her 2-3 more times and drop it like it's hot.

Bars were full of odd characters tonight. Not the typical Marina crowd. No one really worth mentioning except for the guy who was trying to talk to me and I totally ignored him and pretended I thought he was talking to someone else. LOL.

I am beat. 4 hours of sleep is just not enough.

Union Street Festival SF Day 1

Union Street Festival
I got motivated and checked out the Union Street Festival SF Day 1 (Saturday) in the Marina. It was an interesting scene which reminded me of campus before and after a football game. Lots of drunk people everywhere starting at 10am. No of course I didn't show up at 10am, but that's what I hear. I rolled in around 2pm? It was classic, most of the guys brought or borrowed dogs to attract girls and most of the dressed like hookers to attract guys. Mostly people watched and ran into people I knew (who all seemed to be embarrassed that they were sighted at this event).

Apartment Party
During / after the festival we (my friend Ann and I) ended up at various parties. Union Street festival = Marina block party. One of these parties stood out. Two dudes asked me out...yeah right. Even if I was drunk I hope my beer goggles wouldn't have let me given them my number. I was bored to tears and thinking up excuses to leave when I saw Really Cute Guy in the kitchen. We totally checked each other out. Some lame dude was talking to me. Eh, whatever. After I got rid of lame guy, I made it closer to the front door. Then I noticed a very quiet semi deserted living room and decided to go in. I didn't even notice who I sat down next to on the couch...Really Cute Guy. Wow, funny. I chatted with him and his boys. I learned Really Cute Guy is pretty smart, mid 30s, nice, funny, etc. We sat their talking for over 2 hours.

Now here's where it's starts to get really interesting. His main purpose for showing up at the party was because he learned through a friend that a girl he met earlier in the day wanted to "f*ck him bad." No, Really Cute Guy did not tell me that, the friend did. I told Really Cute Guy (about 5x) that he should really go find her instead of talk to me if that was the mission; he didn't move. One of the dudes who lives in the apt (who I maybe talked to for 2 minutes) kept walking into the living room and yelling at Really Cute Guy. "Dude, do you realize that girl next to you is great? Look at her! You obviously like her since you have been taking my abuse and haven't gotten up in 2 hours. Man up and ask her out!" Then he asked me what I thought of Really Cute Guy...I said the truth...I like what I know so far, but I really don't know him very well. There was definitely chemistry. If he sat any closer he would have been in my lap. At all times there was some kind of physical contact, like his arm would be resting on part of my arm, blah blah.

Eventually Really Cute Guy and his boys want to grab food. He gets my number and told me he would call me to meet up later. They go their way and I start barhopping.

Barhopping in the Marina
I met up with Ann at the 1st bar. It was essentially a frat basement fully equipped with beer pong tables. No interesting guys. I thought about punching one out for rubbing up against me. The death glare did wonders. Went with Ann to the 2nd bar. Remember how I am always saying San Francisco is small? Well, it freaking is! I ran into Really Cute Guy and his boys on the way. I told them to come with us if they wanted to and they came with.

I talked to the boys and Really Cute Guy. After about 30 minutes, Slutty Girl appeared! Yeah yeah, it's not nice to call people names, but dude, any girl who says, "I want to f*ck him bad" after meeting a guy, wears very little clothing, and grinds up against everyone is a slut. Apparently, someone called her to come to the bar. Really Cute Guy kept going to talk to her and coming to talk to me. I am not sure what the purpose of that exercise was. I had no reason to behave jealously or compete, so I didn't. I have self respect thank you very much. Not sure what time, but Really Cute Guy disappeared with Slutty Girl. I did not throw a fit and was not upset; after all, I have no reason to be, I just met the dude! I continued the night by hanging out with Ann and Really Cute Guy's boys. The boys were telling me, a guy can't pass up an offer like that, blah blah and that girl is not dating material. I said I know and that I don't care. Both statements are true. They were appalled by my lack of emotion.

Ann disappeared, so it was just me and Really Cute Guy's friends. Now, wouldn't you say that's an odd scenario? I didn't want to go home and deal with the neighbor's friend who was waiting up for me. Why didn't Really Cute Guy's boys try to ditch me? Why were they giving him updates on me? Why did they always look when a random dude tried to talk to me?

Questions / Thoughts / Etc
Do we think Really Cute Guy has the guts or desire to try to take me out sometime? Especially since he knows I know what he did that night. That would be hilarious. This boy is obviously a player (yeah, like I have never met one of those). I am sure the boys told Really Cute Guy that I am nice, fun, blah blah. I think one of the boys also told him I am pretty hard to get (we were talking about stuff and that was his conclusion).

I know this is going to sound totally bizarre, but if he reached out to me, I would actually go out with him. No, I am not insane. My reasoning? It's only a date. I really don't care what a potential guy is up to. He isn't mine and it's none of my business. I don't judge. Most people would care. Especially guys. If this was the reverse scenario and I went home with some random dude, I would be judged without a doubt.

I think he fits into the "I don't know category." He might be a keeper, fun for a couple of months, or totally nothing at all.

Friday, June 5, 2009

Nice, I Am Lazy

I think my neighbor's friend has a crush on me. He's really nice, but pretty young. It's interesting how I don't even need to leave the apt to meet guys these days. Now if only someone with all the characteristics I am looking for would just show up...

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Not What I Had In Mind

So I was asked out to dinner again tonight. However, not exactly what I had in mind since the guy is 60+.

Maybe I should just find a sugar daddy. Not 60+, but something around 40 could be okay if the guy looks more like 35?

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Patience? No

I have no patience. Never have, looks like never will.

Saw Dance Guy briefly tonight, but didn't bother talking to him. If boys want to talk to me, they can...only by showing significant effort.

Pickup Artist Season 1

I started watching clips of the VH-1 show "The Pickup Artist" (on to see what guys have tried on me. I only got through the first season (and I think the show sucks...maybe because I am a girl), but things that totally stand out:
  • Being told I am a "pivot"
  • Being told "That's all you get" from Aquaguppy when he kept tapping me on the arm when we first met
  • Thrown the "I can already tell, we are not going to get along" line also from Aquaguppy
Pathetic. Red flags much? Loser warning? I wish I had seen this show earlier; I better hurry up and watch season 2.

I am sure a lot of this pickup artist crap works on stupid unattractive or moderately attractive ladies out there. However, let's take a look at Aquaguppy's fate. I still subscribe to this thought, if you are not an attractive guy and do not have ALL of the following: Michael Bloomberg's money, Brad Pitt's fame, and Albert Einstein's intelligence, stop trying to hook up with an 8-10 or anyone else clearly out of your league! It gets irritating for the poor girl.

Monday, June 1, 2009

I'm Back

Now that I have gotten over my temporary lapse in sound judgment, I can safely proclaim, I'm back. Vacations always mess with my head...doesn't stop me from taking them though.

I exchanged a couple of texts with Dance Guy. We discussed discussing getting together, but that's not good enough as far as I am concerned. I will not do anymore reaching out, but I will accept invitations if issued in a timely fashion and schedule permitting.

So all in all, I am over it. I've expended too much energy. The natural order of things must be restored!