Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Pickup Artist Season 1

I started watching clips of the VH-1 show "The Pickup Artist" (on www.vh1.com) to see what guys have tried on me. I only got through the first season (and I think the show sucks...maybe because I am a girl), but things that totally stand out:
  • Being told I am a "pivot"
  • Being told "That's all you get" from Aquaguppy when he kept tapping me on the arm when we first met
  • Thrown the "I can already tell, we are not going to get along" line also from Aquaguppy
Pathetic. Red flags much? Loser warning? I wish I had seen this show earlier; I better hurry up and watch season 2.

I am sure a lot of this pickup artist crap works on stupid unattractive or moderately attractive ladies out there. However, let's take a look at Aquaguppy's fate. I still subscribe to this thought, if you are not an attractive guy and do not have ALL of the following: Michael Bloomberg's money, Brad Pitt's fame, and Albert Einstein's intelligence, stop trying to hook up with an 8-10 or anyone else clearly out of your league! It gets irritating for the poor girl.


  1. Go read The Game and Rules of the Game by Neil Strauss. It works on all women by cause its psychobabble and proven tactics with "girl candy" thrown in. Good book, check it out.

  2. Ok - so I am sleepy. That should have said "because" not "by cause" LOL... now go read and see how many other "neg's" you have gotten when these PUA's have been out "sarging" you. ;)

  3. Maybe you could try lowering your expectations because you have very few people with the money of Bloomberg, or the looks of Pitt, or Einstein's smarts. Probably none in the land of no masculinity called SF if I want to make a bet.

    I'd venture you'd settle if you just found someone who was a man and was comfortable being themselves.

  4. For the 1st Anonymous...I guess you have a point that "The Game" stuff kinda works because I agreed to go out to lunch with Aquaguppy. However, I am not sure there is much more that he could have done. I just didn't find him attractive...at all.

    For the 3rd Anonymous...LOL, you are correct, SF is full of pssies. I wish I could settle, then I would be done with all of this already. Unfortunately, I have tried to overlook things and relaxed my standards a smidge...it didn't help. I am in a funk where I meet guys and don't find any of them attractive.