Friday, May 29, 2009

Not Impressed

I went to a networking event at Le Club last night. I was not impressed at all. There were some nice guys out, but as I have already learned, nice isn't going to cut it. I made two friends, let's call them Tom and Jerry. Even though I spelled out in plain English that we are new friends, I don't think Jerry got it.

I tried to behave myself, but simply couldn't. This short, sweaty, nasty dude kept trying to talk to me. I was cordial for the most part. However, after the 8th time of him asking me if I am looking for a job, I told him off. LOL

Went out in Nob Hill with Tom and Jerry after the event. We ended up at a bar I have never been to. It was really a strange new world with an even mix of guys and girls (the girls were actually pretty cute too). The bar has potential to be great, but only if they get a lot more people older than 22-25.

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