Monday, November 20, 2017


Thanksgiving is this Thursday and I'm sure we all have things we should be grateful for; we just need to realize what.

So, even if nothing comes of it, I'm grateful for the guy I run into coming into my life.  I thought I was very over Ex Guy, but he was still able to annoy me by contacting me.  Although my annoyance was at a very low level, it was still present.  I think that's a sure sign that I wasn't as over Ex Guy as I thought I was.

After a variety of things like a long vacation and meeting two guys I have chemistry with (including the guy I ran into), I can honestly say I'm 100% over the Ex Guy. Going on a few dates with this one showed me just how over the Ex Guy I am.  The Ex Guy could show up on my doorstep, and I'd just close the door without any positive or negative feeling.  He's been made completely irrelevant.  And, that took way too long.  Had I met some guys I found interesting sooner, I think I would have been 100% done with the Ex Guy sooner.

I've heard that people come into your life at a specific time, for a specific reason.  I believe it.