Friday, July 24, 2009

Oh That's Becoming

Can you hear the sarcasm?

I went to an event tonight. Saw some people from last week's event. Didn't meet anyone dateable, but did meet some potential job leads. Also met some guys who would be great friends (funny, personable, and totally not my type...think looks).

The standout undesirables:
  • A chump who was clearly nervous and defensive at the same time? Yeah, I cut him off pretty fast.
  • A 45+ year old guy who is unemployed and wants to take me out. Yes, it would be more okay if he had a job, but I still wouldn't go. He was totally heinous and rotund. Shutdown, next!
  • A young guy who is naive and eager to talk to everyone. Too bad his enthusiasm came off as desperation. The poor guy actually thinks he will meet a nice hot girl at these events. Good luck. Nice, maybe. Hot, no way.
I actually feel bad for some of these guys. I chatted with a couple of guys and learned they met through these events FIVE years ago. Yeah, five years and nothing. Still super single.

I cannot turn into that!!!

Oh to be a single girl in SF. Yes, this is the dating scene...

Felix did not accompany me this evening which is why I met over 15 guys.

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