Wednesday, September 16, 2009

SF Bull

SF is bullsh*t.  I don't think I have a better way to describe this place.  My patience is simply running out.  Where should I go?  New York?  Why didn't anyone warn me before I made the decision to move out here?  Don't get me wrong, I don't regret the time I have spent here.  However, I wouldn't have moved this much stuff if I knew this is how it was going to be.

SF is a beautiful place to live.  It's simply gorgeous with great weather.  Yes, the laid back atmosphere is great for work and life, but not dating.  Is this lack of assertive / desirable men issue enough to cause me to move?  Maybe.  A couple of years back, I thought to myself, I will not move out of San Francisco...ever.  Now, I am singing a different tune.

I spent quite a bit of time chatting with my good friend GoodFella today.  He is the typical aggressive NY man.  He sees something he likes, he goes after it.  He has no issue with women thinking he is crazy, a stalker, etc.  I like that.  Not only are the guys in San Francisco passive (because it is in the engineering culture, they are socially awkward, they fear rejection, or whatever the reason may be), but they also care too much about appearances.
  • They want to "play it cool"
  • They don't want you know know just how much they like you
  • They don't want to seem weak
  • They don't want you to know they are inexperienced in the dating department
  • They don't want you to know you can destroy them
  • And the list goes on
Well you know what?  If you aren't willing to make a fool of yourself, then you aren't deserving of a girl...any girl.  So guys, if you see something you like, go after it (you never know how long it will be around).  None of this lurking in shadows, pretending to be a friend, and running into someone unexpectedly nonsense.  You never know, maybe you'll make a fool of yourself or maybe you will end up with the girl of you dreams.  Stop being a bunch of f*cking p*ssies (I mean this as a motivational statement).


  1. Just come back to NYC. It's where it's at. You should open a dating service and cater to the SF Pussies to train them on how to be more like us NYC guys.

  2. Well no offense but do something about it. Either move, or take the friggin initiative yourself and ask an interesting guy out. Ever thought of that?

  3. Thanks for the shout out. Move back to NY!

    - GoodFella

  4. You haven't stated what type of guy you are looking for, therefore anybody (guy or girl) that comes across this blog can't offer any constructive criticism that might steer you in the right direction. All you're doing is taking a giant shit on the people you come across and San Francisco for that matter. You seem to have a distaste for douche bags, but ironically from the guys that you seem to be going after that's all they are. Lastly, you make it seem as though it's only the people you are dating that you find fault with never citing any shortfalls that may come from yourself. The last trait is probably the most dangerous one because you'll probably reject whatever seemingly precious feedback people can offer. The difference between wtanginsf and this blog is that blog is written in jest, with a hint of cynicism that is meant to be taken with humor. This blog contains nothing short of whining, if nothing more than a cry for help or mercy.

    I don't know what region of the States you come from but you'll probably have better luck scouring myspace for a date if even the most pretentious hot spots in SF can't even come up with a Prince Charming for you.

    So here's how this blog is gonna play out from now until the end of eternity or you either A) get really really lucky, B) move away, C) have some life altering epiphany hit you. Personally, I wouldn't count on A and probably not B if you are really like what you write irl.

    You meet guy, guy doesn't measure up, you move on to the next guy, repeat. That's it, this is pretty much your destiny. There's more adventure walking down the lower Polk at night than what this blog offers.

  5. Let's see,

    (a) you're an Asian woman with a white man fetish who's afraid of dating white guys with an Asian fetish. (double standard??)

    (b) you don't seem particularly athletic and you're living in an area where a lot of interesting people do athletic things (biking, climbing, sailing). Perhaps you should try enjoying the outdoors and you'll meet folks that way (but you seem to take pride in bar-hopping--another double standard??)

    (c) you have a skewed sense of looks. If 5/6 is average, then most people are 5 and 6s. I don't see that many 3s (men or women) ever. I highly doubt that many engineering types ever consider themselves a 10 (think you're reading too much into the perceived "arrogance" of engineers (i.e., stopping mixing up your stereotypes).

    So you have a long laundry list of "requirements", do you really think that a guy that fulfills those requirements is going to want to date someone that unemployed (again just running with the double standard them)?

    PS I personally think the women are more attractive out here than in NYC. The women in NYC have a better fashion sense and are better dressed but the women in the Bay Area are more outdoorsy (and tons of women with graduate degrees (which is hot)).

    -Yale Asian Dude

  6. a) I have changed my criteria a few months back. I am not just dating white guys. Speaking from personal experience, Asian guys are even more passive than the standard SF passive guy.
    b) I should check out other venues.
    c) You really don't see any 3's? You are generous.

    If you must know, I have a graduate degree from a prestigious institution. I haven't met ANY guys who have a problem dating me even though I am unemployed. I haven't met many Yalies, so I can only speak to the large population of Harvard and Wharton guys.