Friday, August 28, 2009

Too Much To Do

I have way too much to do again. I guess it could be partly my fault for partying til the wee hours of the morning yesterday/today. Went to a bunch of bars last night. There were a lot of people out because it's been really hot.

I am already behind schedule for today. Oh well, that's to be is San Francisco right? Have a happy hour party and a birthday party to go to tonight. There is a good chance I will run into Dewey although we did not discuss meeting up. However, I might sit it out and give someone younger than him who is really into him a chance. I'll leave it up to him.

I am still pretty out of it right now. Really, how long will I last tonight? I would like to be in bed by 12am and wake up Saturday night around 9pm. LOL. Unfortunately for me, every time I want to pass out for an extended period of time I am not able to because people won't let me.

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