Wednesday, December 9, 2009

I Really Feel The Guys

I can now say I really feel the guys. I was at a party and chose to converse with girls rather than the incredibly socially awkward guys.  Well, I am not sure which option was worse.  One girl latched onto me and wanted to make me her BFF.

Issues with the girl which also represents 95% of the girls at the party:
  1. Unattractive
  2. Terrible personality and poor conversationalist; I would be too generous if I said average.  I had to sit through all of it; the topics included: hair, hair salons, make-up, high heels, dresses, perfume, and more.  I was bored as a girl, I can only imagine what goes through a guy's head
  3. Unintelligent
With even one of these oh so lovely traits, you would think these women would be pleasant; no, not the case.  They were arrogant!!!  The uglies thought and acted like they were hot.  The boring and catty thought they were just too cool for everyone else in the room.  The stupid were too ignorant and slow to figure out people were being condescending while conversing with them...yes, I am really good at this, apparently better than I had thought.

I must stop being nice to and feeling bad for the socially awkward guys.  I am sure they don't want or need my sympathy unless it helps them score; not likely.

The Brain asked me out, but I had a conflict.

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