Monday, June 15, 2009

Busy Weekend

Such a busy weekend. Bullets work best...

Saturday Night. Went to a birthday party. Met some interesting characters which included:
  • Member of the Indian royal family
  • One of the top 3 people in a major Indian conglomerate...think billionaire
  • 2 other millionaires
  • Guy who knows Aquaguppy (but not well...good)
  • Guy who tried to impress me with his MBA from a sub par school
  • Old guy who tried to impress me with his sailing stories...right
  • Went to the North Beach Street Festival. Did not stay long at all
  • Went to a school event. Didn't feel like talking to incoming students
  • Went to a BBQ
On the boy front...
  • Met a lot of people this weekend, but no one interesting. Yeah, you would think millionaires would be, but they just weren't my type. All you guys who think I am a golddigger, I have passed on at least 4 millionaires in the past year so hah!
  • Dance Guy and Rockeman did not reach out to me. Don't care about the reason (disinterest, playing games, cutting noses to spite faces, etc). They are done!
Too busy to care...

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