Thursday, April 30, 2009


Is my neighbor an incall escort? She has been getting busy at strange hours of the day and night (9am, 2pm, 4pm, 9pm, etc).

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Really Confused

I am really confused (this seems to be the normal state for me). Dance Guy got my number and wants to hang out as a group this weekend. Now, is he interested in me or is he doing this for Rocketman?

I always get who / what I want...

Tuesday, April 28, 2009


Bummer! No one interesting was in class today. No Preppy Guy and no Rocketman. Where is everyone?

Went out with a friend from class (Young Guy), after class. I think he had hopes of being more, but I nipped that one in the bud. Must do it before they turn crazy! Although, this is probably my 10th invitation from him...

Monday, April 27, 2009

Hm, Restraining Order

I just looked into California restraining orders. They don't seem too difficult to get; I might need one soon.

Heard from Lawyer Guy again, this time via an angry text. It's getting a little frightening. I have not and will not respond to the email or text. Maybe he'll just stop? I was actually very direct and nice (which is soooo atypical me) when I told him I did not want to go out with him again. I was also very nice when I told him we would not be friends.

I've had more guys that don't go away than my fair share. About 95% of the guys I date resist my wish for them to begone. I learned the hard way...never let boys know where I live.

Are these guys like this before I meet them? OR Do I turn them into this?

What's The Point?

Just checked my junk account, Lawyer Guy sent me a message (a link to a sappy song, had to check the link to make sure there were no death threats...seriously). Um, really? We went out 2x and I said I didn't want to be his friend or anything else. So, what was the point of that email?

Some girls would be flattered, but I am irritated. What do guys think when they hear "I want nothing to do with you?"

Sunday, April 26, 2009


Oh my, I used to think you guys were picking on me, but I think I actually have wall eye vision? I either think cute guys are cute or average guys are really cute. LOL.

Many of you would give Odie a 4-6 on the 10pt looks scale. Rocketman is getting the same scoring. I know I am above a 4-6, so why do I think these guys are cute?

Screw it, as long as I think they are cute it's all good.

Is Odie Growing Up?

Wow, what's going on here? Odie and I have been exchanging some texts. He seems to be bolder. Is he actually growing up and thinking about stepping up?

Oh Just Stop Talking!

Oh just stop talking! I know this chump who loves to give unsolicited dating advice. Great, useless chatter from a guy who eats while he is sitting on the pot (seriously, who does this?)

Obviously, he would never have a chance with me or a girl of similar caliber, yet he feels the need to tell me what I am doing "wrong." Yes, I am sure I am doing tons "wrong" since I have to dodge guys like it's an Olympic event. I am really quite irritated that he thinks a girl like me would ever date a guy like him (socially awkward, fairly uneducated or just dumb, broke, needy, anxious, etc).

A couple of his thoughts on women...
  • All women want me to call when I give them my number...yeah, I am sure they all remember what you look like in their inebriated states
  • All women love really hairy guys...right on gorillaman

Saturday, April 25, 2009

I Wouldn't Call This A Hangover

I don't consider myself "hungover," I prefer "tired." Nothing hurts, but I could probably fall asleep standing.

The networking event at last night was horrendous. Lots of really old guys and uber dorks (think pocket protectors). Saw a couple of the doctors from a couple of months ago, but not the cute ones.

Went to Circa, Matrix Fillmore, and Mauna Loa in the Marina after the event with roomie and some of his friends. Some d*chebag tried to get me to talk to him by elbowing me. I kicked him and he thought he was getting somewhere. Classy. A bunch of other guys were staring at me, hoping I would look in their direction. Too bad for them, I am great at looking oblivious.

Yup, staying in tonight.

Friday, April 24, 2009

Hope For Odie?

I've been getting a huge sales pitch on Odie everyday this week (from the roomie).  Roomie is trying to convince me or plant the idea in my head that Odie is the guy for me. He is convinced that Odie is shy to the point of paralysis and not simply disinterested. He wants to have a sit down with Odie. Now why go through all this trouble? Seriously, what does he know?

I think Rocketman (or someone else I find interesting) will act before Odie. Odie = royally f*cked.

I Think I Have Picked One

There is no reason to pick Dance Guy or Rocketman right now. However, from the little that I know about these two guys, I think I am picking Rocketman.
  1. I look better with Rocketman. I am convinced that couples won't last unless they look good together
  2. Rocketman is my type (tall white guy with dark hair), Dance Guy is a tall white guy with lightish dark hair
  3. Rocketman actually asked for my info = he is the interested party
Dance Guy is still cute, nice, and smart, but I don't think we would look very good together and I think he is trying to set me up with Rocketman in a strange manner.

In retrospect, I probably should have been less dense and put the clues together sooner. Rocketman wanted to know about my "friends" (the random guys I was talking to) and tried to continue the night with me after the networking event (when we first met via Dance Guy) a month ago. He totally recognized me and was super nice the first time I saw him in class; too bad, I needed a bit of a push to remember who he was. Even though I don't know much, I do know Rocketman more (where he grew up, where he hangs out, etc).

Now all he has to do is ask me out or get me to meet up with him outside of class...

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Yo Man Is Gay...

I always think it's interesting when I meet a man who I would bet with 95% certainty is gay, but his girlfriend / fiance / wife has no idea. Now how does that happen? Don't her friends and family say anything to her? Poor girl.

Guys Just Like To Talk The Talk

I am convinced guys like to talk the talk, but not walk the walk. Every guy claims he wants to bed as many chicks as he can, but does he actually do it? If he does, how does he feel about it?

My friend Greg gets a lot of girls. He finds them at bars, takes them home, has his way with them, and feels really guilty in the morning. He is actually depressed more often than not. He has said he wants to find a girlfriend.

I wonder, how does one go about finding out if a guy is simply looking for a girlfriend or looking to settle down? Yes, age is a key factor, but it's not the only one...

Wednesday, April 22, 2009


Dance Guy was happy to see me tonight. He acted like he hadn't talked to Rocketman when he clearly had. I told him Rocketman and I discussed the possibility of all of us hanging out. He said that would be nice. No time / day set. At one point in the evening he was on the phone with Rocketman and told Rocketman I said hello.

Maybe Rocketman was trying to help out his buddy last night. Maybe Dance Guy was trying to help out his buddy tonight.

I am confused, which one is interested in me? Should I be paying one more attention than the other? I don't want to decide who I think I like more yet...

I bet they are trying to figure out which one of them I am into. Good luck guys, I don't know yet.

Too Much Respect?

Hilarious. Recently learned that guys will not try anything with girls due to too much respect. The way it was explained to me...if a guy really likes a girl, she is already his girlfriend in his head. He doesn't want to risk losing her by moving to fast.

Is there any truth to this?

For Those Who Are Curious

For those who are curious, I totally said NO to Skater Guy. This is an expected response from me for those that know me well...

The nerve!!

Porn Much?

Oh my...the neighbors are watching porn with the windows wide open. I can hear EVERYTHING. LOL.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

An In

Dance Guy was not in class today, but his friend was. As I mentioned before, his friend is also really cute and smart. I chatted with him tonight. He mentioned he spends a lot of time in SF even though he lives an hour away. We discussed places we both go and he said we should all go out some time. Okay!! Gave him my contact info :) I am in.

I should name Dance Guy's friend. I think he'll be called Rocketman.

I plan on hanging out with their crew and seeing if any of them are my dream guy.
PS, soooo hot today, had to wear of course, I looked like a stripper (again).

I Feel Like I Am Back In New York

It's hot out and I like to wear shorts when it's hot. I have had 8 people honk and shout at me from their cars in the 10 minutes I spent outside today. I feel like I am back in New York.

Not In The Partying Mood

My friend will be in town soon and really wants to party. I really don't want to party. Have I grown up that much?


Unbelievable!! Skater Guy wants to go on date #2. Uh, really? Especially taking into account the last 10 minutes of the date when the check came? Did he forget giving me a speech? Or how about the ensuing awkwardness? Wow, some people...

Monday, April 20, 2009

I Was Just Blogging About This!

Ugh, I was just blogging about this. I have gotten a couple of angry texts from Lawyer Guy. He is upset that I don't want to be friends. I was right about his neediness and possibly desperation! Why does everyone have to be so sensitive??? Glad it is my policy to not let people know where I live.

Guys and Girls

In most cases guys and girls cannot be friends (unless they are both married, engaged, seriously dating other people, roommates, childhood friends, neither one was interested in the other to begin with, gay/lesbian, and that's all I can think of right now).

An Example If You Will
The most glaring example of guys and girls not being able to be friends? When they have tried dating. For example, I go on a few dates with a guy. He likes me, but I do not like him which is why we are not an item. There is a strong possibility that I don't even like him as a person and / or would not want to be seen in public with him ever again.

To make my argument, I will say I become friends with the guy I don't want to date.
Top 5 potential issues?
  1. I probably don't want to be seen with him. I meet a lot of guys at the bar when I am drunk...goggles much?
  2. He was oh so charming when I was drunk, but in reality he is more sleep inducing than an accounting textbook
  3. He doesn't have enough value add (personality, looks, generosity, sense of humor, intelligence, etc.) for me to want to date him, why the f*ck would I want to be friends with such a character?
  4. If we were to ever go anywhere and a random guy started hitting on me I am sure he would be upset and maybe even c*ckblock
  5. Because we are "just friends" the fool would probably want me to pay for stuff because he doesn't have enough class to realize 1) girls like me don't pay and 2) he should be lucky to be seen with me (especially in SF)
So I don't like him enough to date him, but I am willing to spend time / money hanging out with him? This is clearly not in my best interest.

No Hypocrisy Here
Yes yes many of my friends are guys, but have you noticed these are almost all childhood friends and I obviously like them as people...

And Another

+1 to the body count (now it's Aquaguppy, Lawyer, and Skater Guy...that's just from the last 2 or so weeks).

Went out to dinner with Skater Guy. Couple of things, dinner was pretty late in my opinion and he at first wanted me to travel a ridiculous distance to a location more convenient for him. Yeah, there was no way we would ever go out if I had to travel.

Skater Guy is really not my type (hair color, height, etc). However, he is extremely intelligent and funny. I thought he was a nice fun guy, but no chemistry. I thanked him for dinner. I got a speech. He doesn't normally pay for girls that he dates a couple of times or is in a relationship with. Excuse me? The best way to never see me again? 1) be male and 2) suggest I pay for my meal. Wow. Even my totally platonic guy friends buy drinks / meals. I have never ever paid for a drink in the company of a guy (one that I know or a total stranger).

Officially let Lawyer Guy know that there would be no 3rd date today. I get a bit of a needy / desperate vibe from him. I think he wants to be friends, but 1) I don't think guys and girls who have tried dating can really be friends...I'll get into this another day and 2) I have enough guy friends...almost all my friends are guys!

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Silly Boys

Boys are silly. It's a really nice day in SF and I decided to sit outside at a cafe in Nob Hill while talking to GoodFella on the phone. At one point I said "My type of guys are white, tall, and have dark hair." This guy sitting nearby who had been scoping me out and clearly eavesdropping took off his hat...dark hair white dude. LOL

OMG, Guys Think Like This??

I know a guy who always says, "I think she is too good for me. I can't keep her" every time he starts dating a new girl. I thought he was an anomaly. Apparently I am WRONG and this is a pretty common phenomenon. I am floored. Who the f*ck knew?!?!

Guys, why didn't any of you tell me this? Or was this something I have been told and forgot?

I believe that way of thinking is deranged. I subscribe to the "What the f*ck am I doing with him? I am soooo much better than him" thought process. Hehe. Modest? No


My head hurts. Feels like I have a bit too much pressure in my eyeballs too.

I found myself crawling on the floor this LOL. I need to go back to bed.

As Usual, Trashed

Saturday night = the usual = trashed. It was a good night. Went to the Marina, specifically Eastside West, Matrix Fillmore, Circa, and Balboa Cafe (can we say PlumpJack). Every bouncer in SF loves me. A couple of them actually said, "Please please come back again." Hmm...

Texted with Odie, he actually had some work stuff going on. Discussed Odie with the roomie. Oh God, I think I admitted having a crush on Odie to the roomie (please, like he didn't know already). Roomie is very confused about Odie and wants to have a talk with him, I am not confused at all...move on I say!! Until he makes a move and proves he is a contender, I am doing it up / going out and not giving a flying f*ck. Roomie is on a mission to find me a man these days...good!

I will work it from all angles and concentrate on Dance Guy and Preppy Guy from dance class.

Player play on ;)

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Sunday Dinner

Going to North Beach for dinner with Skater Guy Sunday night. I suspect he will end up in the body count with Aquaguppy and Lawyer Guy.

Let's see what kind of trouble I can get myself into tonight...not really motivated, but it's still early.

SF Is Still Small

After dinner in North Beach with Lawyer Guy last night:
  • Went to a bar I have never stepped foot in and saw this guy ("patent attorney") and his pals. Of course I didn't acknowledge him
  • Also saw cheapskate from 2008
  • Almost ran into Aquaguppy's roommate (literally). I don't think he recognized me
  • Saw one of Odie's pals walk by in the street

This Doesn't Seem To Be Working

Everyone keeps telling me I should give boys a chance; well, this doesn't seem to be working.

Went to dinner with Lawyer Guy in North Beach. He is really nice, polite, smart, etc. He is also cute, but I don't think he is my type...there is no spark. I really tried to like like him, but it didn't work.

No really, this giving guys a chance thing is not working (latest casualties: Aquaguppy and Lawyer Guy). Before the body count gets too high I will revise what I said about going out with every well groomed / educated guy who asks me out. Instead, I will only go out with the guy if there is some initial chemistry (apparently chemistry doesn't grow through the number of exposures).

Friday, April 17, 2009

Unemployed Means Less Time

Now that I am unemployed, I find myself much busier than when I had a job. 2 dinner dates this weekend (Lawyer Guy and Skater Guy).

Not including dance, I am already booked mid-late next week. WTF?

There are a bunch of events next week. Trying to persuade myself to go to most of them...

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Not The Right Folks

Let's see who asked me out/showed more than the average amount of interest in dance this week:
  • Guy who would have had a chance weeks ago, but then I woke up and realized, eh. He was doing the standard get to know you questions while dancing. He suggested I go with him to a dance club sometime, nah, I am good thanks.
  • Guy who always dances with me and is such a good friend. Not sure he realizes it.
  • Guy who looks like a raccoon; seriously, he's got random scruff and tuffs of grey hair with dark eyes. There is something about him that I just don't like at all (looks?)...I am sure he is a nice guy, but no. He wanted me to go out to a club with him after class via bus. LOL, really??
  • Guy who I am going to call hunchback (figure it out). He is new to class and terrible. In dance you are supposed to lead with your chest, not your junk. He has been trying to chitchat with me. I am not having it
  • Guy who is much older. He is super nice, but I bet he would play grab ass when drunk. I have actually mentioned him in previous posts (he has a serious shoe/foot fetish). He invited me for a night of dinner and dancing. Um, wow, I am tired, thanks, but can't make it.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Oh Blah

Dance Guy wasn't in class...I hear he is still on vacation.

Called back Lawyer Guy, we are to go on date #2...maybe this weekend.

Haven't emailed Skater Guy back yet...he wants to do dinner some time this weekend.

I remember hearing Aquaguppy was going to be away last weekend, so there is a very tiny chance he has not given up on me completely.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

I Must Be Nicer

Okay, I need to be a bit nicer in this blog in case any of the guys I talk about actually find out. I'll begin this now and edit some things from previous posts...

I had to dance with the grossest guy ever (I'll start the nice thing after him). He's gotta be at least 60 years old, has a white dude fro, has horrendous breath, is a terrible dancer, and stares at all the girls while giggling. I just want to punch him.

Preppy Guy (who has not been in class for a while) is back. He's one of the guys that I would go out with if he asked. He didn't ask, but he did go out of his way to tell me goodnight and the reason why he was leaving class early.

O Part Deux?

Oh man, Dance Guy might really be Odie Part 2 (which is something Ivan joked about weeks ago). The evidence is starting to grow!!

Odie is always really well dressed, cute (in my opinion), seemingly confident, and appears to be sociable. In reality, Odie is a mess (shy, possibly insecure, a bit awkward, etc). Odie does much better when he is drinking which probably holds true for the Dance Guy too.

Maybe it's me? Maybe I make guys shy, awkward, and insecure. Maybe GoodFella is right about my jewel collecting tendencies. Oh sh*t...


Vicki secured some intel and I think Dance Guy might be schizophrenic. Jenna (his co-worker) sees him as a well dressed, confident, suave guy. However in dance, he is jeans/t-shirt, slightly disheveled, and a bit shy. WTF?

Looks like he is still on vacation and will probably miss class this week... When he gets back Jenna will organize a gathering.

I am so confused right now.

Kinda Obvious, No?

This is pretty obvious, but I just figured it out. You can tell how interested you are in a person (or how interested he/she is in you) by saying / hearing the answer to one question..."Where do you live?" Ever notice how you are much more specific when you are actually interested in the person asking you?

Kids, you are armed...use this wisely.

Monday, April 13, 2009


There was a Masquerade Ball last week. No thanks. I already have enough trouble remembering what people look like in broad daylight. The masks and a dark room? Forget it.

SF Is Small

SF is small. Forgot to mention that I saw the cheap (split appetizer and entree) dude from a couple of months ago when I was out with the lawyer on Friday. Nice.

AND, I just remembered I ran into Guy 2 from February (the tool who texted me stupid messages without his name) a couple of weekends ago.

It looks like aquaguppy is done trying to contact me

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Chivalry Is Not Dead

Went to a party with my friend Vicki (who I met through Dance Guy at the networking event a couple of weeks back). She has some really cool friends; none of them are really my type. It was mostly guys and I thought it was quite sweet and chivalrous that none of them would let me walk less than 1/2 a mile home.

Vicki's friend Jenna works with Dance Guy. Vicki is on a reconnaissance mission. She will find out more about Dance Guy and his boys through Jenna. I am 100% sure Dance Guy is single (good). She will also try to orchestrate a gathering of sorts (Vicki thinks one of Dance Guy's friends is cute). Fun!!

Saturday, April 11, 2009


I am unsure which probably does not mean good things for Lawyer Guy. He is nice and we had stuff to talk about, but I am just not sure. He wanted to know about other guys I am dating and what my type is. He talked about other girls he was dating (bad game much)? He offered to walk me home or get me home (which I thought was chivalrous), but as you all know, I don't like people knowing where I live. Everyone is saying I am too harsh on guys, so yes, I will go out with him again because he wants to see me again, but...

There are a couple of other guys I would be more interested in going out with...Dance Guy or even Odie for example.

Friday, April 10, 2009

Thursday, April 9, 2009

More Twilight

What rock do I live under? Apparently, there is a 5th Twilight book? Midnight Sun. Hmm...

Interesting Turn Of Events

Okay, found this to be interesting. Dance Guy was not at salsa class today, but his friend was. Chatted briefly with the friend...totally didn't know who he was until he reminded me; I think I insulted him. Weird how my memory doesn't always work...his friend is a pretty good looking guy. How did I not remember him? Apparently Dance Guy is on vacation for the week. It seemed like the friend was on a date.

Riddle me this, if the friend knew his boy was going to be on vacay, why didn't he just show up for class next week vs. this week?

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

You Look Expensive

Went shopping earlier and remembered this: went to a wine bar about 6 months ago and a girl said to my roommate "She looks expensive" while pointing at me. Hmm, is this a good thing?

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Ohh, It's The Weather!

Hot weather makes me irritable. Lucky for Dance Guy that the temps are back to normal. I am starting to show signs of improvement.

The guys in salsa who have no chance still have no chance, but I was much less repulsed and annoyed by them.

Monday, April 6, 2009

Maybe I Need A Vacation

Am I overdue for a vacation? Maybe that's what it is? I just need to run away from it all... Should look into going back East sooner rather than later...

Already Bored?

Am I already bored? A couple of guys in salsa who would have had a shot a couple of weeks ago, totally don't anymore. Familiarity breeds contempt (or something like that). I found all of them to be irritating this evening.

Uh oh, will Dance Guy have the same fate?

Sunday, April 5, 2009


After thinking about restaurants/bars that Lawyer Guy suggested for later this seems like we will be doing dinner.


Set a date with Lawyer Guy. I know what the time and day, just don't know what is on the menu (drinks, dinner, coffee, etc). Eh, I don't do drink dates. I'll clarify it later...

A sketchy guy (one of roommie's friends) is definitely interested in me. Uh, nice guy, but no thanks.

1st Sunday I haven't heard from Aquaguppy, perhaps he has thrown in the towel. Saves me a speech.

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Oh Predictability

Like I said, wouldn't be surprised if Aquaguppy reaches out to me. He texted me earlier and wants to do something tonight. I already have plans. How much longer is this going to last? I am seeing a trend, no?

Still haven't returned Lawyer Guy's call yet. I'll get to it tomorrow. Crazy busy...

Hold Up

Hold up, I must have been drunk last night...

The idea of Odie is nice and all, but I really don't think we have much in common or anything to talk about. He is super cute though. I am curious to see if he will ever ask me out, but perhaps it's not in the cards? Think Chuck and Blair in "Gossip Girl." Or maybe the idea is better than what the real thing could be?

Back Again?

Okay, I am trashed, so I will need to do edits in the am.

Odie has reappeared, in my kitchen. Odie and I have been exchanging emails the last couple of days. I mentioned Dance Guy from salsa and now Odie wants to go dancing with me. I mentioned Aquaguppy and Odie stopped replying, but showed up tonight. Roomie, Odie, and I went to grab a drink on Polk St.

Odie and I chatted, roomie disappeared. Roomie is clearly up to something? He's been trying to set us up for over 1 year now. Uh, were we really talking about Dance Guy or...
O: You should totally make a move. He is probably shy. Wouldn't you rather just know what's up than give up and say f*ck it?
Me: No, I am old fashioned and would prefer a guy that makes the move. I don't want someone who is not into me.
O: Well, what if he is the best guy for you? You will never know.
Me: If he can't even muster up the balls to ask me out, he is not the best guy for me.
O: So you are just going to sit around and wait? Give it time, he'll get there.
Me: Well, I have 4 dudes chasing me right now, if he doesn't want me as much as they do, then it's his loss. I have other options.

Someone needs to make a move...Dance Guy and/or Odie...

Friday, April 3, 2009

Yes I Am A Genius

Yup, definitely a genius over here. Did I call it or what with Lawyer Guy? He just called and left me a vmail asking about this weekend. Also apologized for not reaching out to me earlier and thought I might be p*ssed. Why should I be p*ssed? I am quite busy and he's not the only fish in the sea...

I'll call back eventually and say no go for this weekend, but sometime next week would be okay.

Boys are so predictable...

Going to say Dance Guy will ask me out...eventually. My friend El thinks within the next 2 weeks. I am not sure when, but it WILL happen.

I Really Like Persistence

Lawyer Guy hasn't called yet. He called earlier this week and I texted him in response to his vmail. Okay, I do have technical difficulties with my phone quite often. However, I am going to go ahead and assume he got my text. I am sure I will hear from him again expecting me to drop everything to meet up with him. Not going to happen like that...

I met a boy (Skater Guy) back in September 2008 who is incredibly persistent. He's not really my type (think skaterish and slightly younger), but he is really smart and has a masters in some kind of engineering from a (if not the) top engineering school. He asked me out 2x in September and I passed (too much going on, blah blah). We recently started chatting again via email. He would like to meet up. I think I am going...why not?

As you know by now, I like persistence.

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Funny, But Is It True?

Emperisse and I discussed Dance Guy today. She mentioned castration and I must share what GoodFella said to me a couple of months back.

"There is something about you that castrates all men. Men become eunuchs around you for some reason. You scare dudes...."

Okay, it's funny, but is it true? It's possibly true when this is my goal, but how about when it isn't?

What Are You?

Anyone else find it strange that 6 different Asians have asked me "What are you" in the past week?

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

The Story Of My Life

Jeez, I think Dance Guy is a bit too shy. Pretty sure he is interested (though not entirely), but will not ask me out. Argh. Saw him at salsa tonight, saw him look at me more often than not, danced with him, chatted with him, and nothing...sigh.

End Of March

So guys, March is over. I have a bet going on. If you know know what the bet is, I am not telling. March 31st was a milestone day. Maybe I did or maybe I didn't? Too early to tell...

Annette, I'm in it to win it! Hehe.

What Did I Expect?

Went to Web 2.0 at Moscone this afternoon. Lots of guys there, but definitely the shy dorky type. I actually like shy dorky guys, but they need to learn how to approach girls.

I was at the water cooler for about 5 minutes. 7 different guys had to get water during those 5 minutes. No one spoke to me, but they all lingered. 1 guy actually talked to himself...LOL. I looked at him, he looked at me, and continued to converse with himself while looking at me. Weird.


One of my roommates is retarded. He is playing very loud music right now while both the neighbors and our other roommate are sleeping. I am getting ready for bed. Idiot...