Monday, August 31, 2009

Checked Out

I am checked out.  Who cares about Dewey, Felix, Odie, or anyone else who has potential, but I might not have met yet?  I am really sick of the passive guys in SF.  I have been here for years and nothing has changed.  I haven't met anyone who has really blown me away. 

I am still thinking I should move.  Where should I go?

It seems like everyone I know is moving.  Either to new apartments, or new cities, or even states.  Maybe it is time...

Check out this article about San Francisco singles (and how tough dating is here).

Sunday, August 30, 2009


Oh, the irony.  I have turned into a matchmaker.  I don't have many prospects for myself, but my friends are interested in each other via Facebook.  Okay, I'll set something up.  Hopefully, karma will reward me.  It's funny, the girl who is kinda interested in Dewey is even more interested in someone else I know.

I like the fact that I was contacted first.  I had to revoke access to my friends from a certain individual because he was sending creepy messages to a few of my girlfriends.  Not acceptable!

It takes hours to troll through people's Facebook friends.  I am surprised that many people out there are doing it.

Yes, it's cool to check out your friend's friends, but do not contact them unless you tell your friend first!

Saturday, August 29, 2009

No Adventures Tonight

As I predicted, because I want to stay in and do nothing, people want to go out to drink, dance, eat, etc. Whatever, I am tired and sticking to my plan. Plus, nothing sounded that interesting to me.

I did a lot Friday night. Made it to a happy hour party, late dinner, and birthday party. It was a very hot night in San Francisco so everyone was out enjoying. People were hanging out in the parks at night because most do not have air conditioning in their apartments. Didn't see any cute guys out, but I did meet a couple of cute dogs. I bet the Marina was crawling with scantily clad ex sorority girls.

Surprisingly, I did not see Dewey last night. No biggie to me, but the younger girl who has a major crush on him was pretty bummed.

I think I did enough last night to make up for staying in tonight.

Friday, August 28, 2009

Too Much To Do

I have way too much to do again. I guess it could be partly my fault for partying til the wee hours of the morning yesterday/today. Went to a bunch of bars last night. There were a lot of people out because it's been really hot.

I am already behind schedule for today. Oh well, that's to be is San Francisco right? Have a happy hour party and a birthday party to go to tonight. There is a good chance I will run into Dewey although we did not discuss meeting up. However, I might sit it out and give someone younger than him who is really into him a chance. I'll leave it up to him.

I am still pretty out of it right now. Really, how long will I last tonight? I would like to be in bed by 12am and wake up Saturday night around 9pm. LOL. Unfortunately for me, every time I want to pass out for an extended period of time I am not able to because people won't let me.

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Q&A: What Do You Think About Dating Someone With An Asian Fetish

Question: What do you think about dating someone with an Asian fetish?

Answer: It depends on how bad the fetish is. He needs to be able to distinguish ugly Asians from cute Asians. If his fetish is terrible, he probably won't have this ability; therefore, I would not date him. We all know there are guys out there who like all things Asian and have a permanent case of beer goggles. Ugly Asian girls benefit from this, not cute ones.

Sidenote: I heard San Francisco is the mecca for white guys with Asian fetishes. I really don't think SF is much different from any other place (New York, Los Angeles, Las Vegas, etc) in this regard.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Giving In

Okay, I might be giving in soon. As of right now, Dewey will get a chance. He has been asking me to do things and trying to plan get togethers. He's cute, smart, nice, and fairly aggressive. He is younger though. I wonder if he has an Asian fetish.

Let's see what happens...

Arthur wants to meet up soon. Um, next week is the earliest I have available. He is a cool guy, but I really don't think I can see myself actually dating him.

Monday, August 24, 2009

Nice Chart

I came across this on a fellow blogger's site. I found it quite amusing...


I have to stop making statements that start with "I would never..." It's almost like I am saying, "I definitely would..." For example, I would never consider:
  • Dating a younger guy
  • Dating an engineer
  • Dating an Asian guy
  • Dating a much older guy
  • Moving back East
  • Moving to LA
  • Moving to the South
  • Moving to Texas
  • Moving to the Midwest
The wheels are spinning pretty fast. Yes, I am actually considering these things right now.

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Drunken Night Out

What a drunken evening. I might puke.

Went to a house party filled with finance professionals (private equity guys, bankers, hedge fund guys, etc). There were actually a lot of women present. Also a lot of Then went to a club.

I am just learning about a group of Asian women who live in San Francisco. They are bright, attractive, and ruthless. They shack up with powerful, intelligent, rich men. One girl was living with another guy, met her current guy in the same apt complex, and moved in with him. Wow.

There are some slutty girls out there. You know, the ones who call guys when the bars close and go over their houses. Ugh. Saw/heard a couple of those at work.

My roommate and I discussed Felix. I told him I would be interested in learning more about Felix. He called Felix and left a very drunk message. Felix called back today, but I have no idea what they discussed. Drama?

Arthur called. Uh, maybe he doesn't get it? Haven't returned his call.

Saturday, August 22, 2009


Friday Night
Had a typical night in SF; went to an event and didn't meet any guys I would consider dating. I might have met some guys who could help me in the job department. If you are a totally unfortunate looking guy, one would guess you already know it. So, why would you be surprised that I am talking to you because I want something other than you? And do you really think I am going to stick around when you have nothing I am interested in?

I met someone who was seriously trying to impress me.
Him: That girl totally wants me
Me: So go
Him: No, not interested
Me thinking: Dude, she wouldn't be considered "cute" even with beer goggles

I think he lied about his profession. People should watch what they say since Google will not lie for them.

I met another millionaire who sold his company to a LARGE computer company a couple of years a matter of fact, another guy also sold his company to the same large computer company.

Ran into some guys I did not want to see. Met them at previous events. Took me way too much time to get rid of them then and way too much time to get rid of them now. I really don't like defensive know-it-alls. I am pretty sure one guy in particular always has a stick up his ass when conversing with me because he is pissed that I have rebuffed him several times. So being a douche will help his cause?

Saw Arthur, I think he gets it now. Good!!

I am pretty sure there were prostitutes present. That's the only way I can explain the much younger women leaving with the much older men. Well, that and the questionable articles of clothing (skintight dress, thigh high boots, "fur" wrap).

My roommate brought home a guy for me, of his friends who has tried 300 times. I am not interested!! And really, if this guy is so smart, why hasn't he figured it out yet?

Kinda surprised I didn't run into Felix. I know he has a big work thing coming up, but still...WTF?

The boy scene out here truly is terrible. Maybe I will look into moving.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Old and New

I think an older guy really likes me. Actually, I don't think so; I know because he told me so. 

I properly named Oblivious Guy. He is truly, without a doubt, Oblivious. He is still calling me every couple of days. For real.

I met a guy in dance class a couple of weeks ago. He is actually aggressive for San Francisco which is quite good. He shows initiative, engages me in conversation, and asks me to do things. He is a couple of years younger than me though, but a good height (over 6'). He will be referred to as Dewey.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009


I am getting really forgetful. I don't think it is due to old age. Just too much going on. Trying to figure out if I want to attend an event on Friday.

I told Arthur I can't do anything. Arthur is typical aggressive (New York style). I have too much to do and am not sold on him...not sure that I ever will be.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Popularity Contest Continues

Arthur asked me to do something during daytime hours that smells and looks like a date. I am supposed to be helping him meet girls, I am not supposed to be the girl.

A guy I met at this event a month or so ago keeps pushing dinner. How many times should I say no before he stops asking? He is under the impression that I agreed to go out to dinner with him. I think I would remember that. I wonder if that is part of his game. Would girls be confused enough to just agree and show up?

Monday, August 17, 2009

Popularity Contest

Did I unintentionally enter a popularity contest? I've been insanely busy.

Thursday Night
  • Went to a bar, no desirable men out. Lots of hipster/ grungy/ skateboarder/ stoner types. That's what I get for going to The Mission
Friday Night
  • Went to a bar and an afterparty in the Russian Hill/Polk Street part of town, no desirable men out. It was good to catch up with friends though. I might have met a guy who knows a bunch of guys. That would be nice, we'll see if he turns out to be a good lead
  • Was supposed to meet up with an out of town guest, didn't make it
Saturday Night
  • Went to a BBQ at an apartment, no desirable men
  • Went to 5 bars all over SF, no desirable men. One bar was quite funny. As usual, the guy / girl ratio was upheld (about 70% guys). As soon as I walked in heads turned. It made me a bit uncomfortable. I left within 3 minutes
  • Went to a house party full of hospital personnel from UCSF, no desirable men. The arrogant douchebag male population was represented quite well.
Arrogant San Francisco
douchebags Guys (trying to be nicer)
What is with the arrogant San Francisco guys who have nothing to be arrogant about? Their credentials only make them on par with their peers. In the SF Bay Area, who doesn't own their place, drive a BMW, work downtown, go to Cal (University of California - Berkeley), etc? Doesn't it sounds like they are arrogant about being average? That's what it sounds like to me. I enjoy destroying arrogant guys and their overinflated egos.

Typical Interaction With An Arrogant Guy Who Is Trying To Wow Me With His Education
Guy: I went to Cal for college and it was awesome. Go Bears! (1. Yes Cal is a great school, but a lot of people in the Bay Area went there. Therefore, not a good way to differentiate oneself. 2. Cal's bears don't seem very intimidating, I believe their official name is "Golden Bears." Golden? Hmm)
Me: That's nice, I went to [University] (Also a top 25 institution)
Guy: Cool, what did you study? (There is no enthusiasm in "cool," he might as well have said "crap;" both are 4 letter words starting with a "C" for average. Snicker snicker)
Me: For undergrad or grad?
Guy: Oh you went to grad school? (With that reaction, he clearly didn't go to grad school)
Me: Yes
Guy: Where did you go? (He is hoping I say something like "Marin Community College" where I studied Fashion Merchandising. I don't)
Me: [University] for my MBA. (This is also top 25 institution. People are often surprised when they learn I have an MBA from this school. I wonder why that is. Not really, hehe.)
GAME OVER. Thanks for playing. Ego gone. D*ck shrunk.

Analysis/Lessons Learned
Maybe these guys aren't trying to be arrogant, but instead, are trying to prove that they are worthy. Eh, if that is the case, the really need to work on their approach and delivery. There is a fine line in between self confidence and arrogance; many SF guys leap over this line.

I heard girls in SF also have an over inflated sense of self worth. Maybe they do, but I don't. I know I am the sh*t ;-)

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Sounds Like SF

I was just saw this article about texting on

This sounds like San Francisco guys:
"...In the middle of the week, you get one asking what you're up to this weekend. Assuming he wants to do something together, you let him know that it's looking pretty relaxed so far. Does he then proceed to make a plan with you? No. He responds, "Oh OK, cool." You stand there with a perplexed look on your face."

LOL. Welcome to my world. is based in Sunnyvale, so I wouldn't be surprised if the writer of this article lives in SF.

I Can't Even Make This Stuff Up

I can't even make this stuff up. I met a very sad character over the weekend. I feel bad for this guy because I think he has serious mental issues.

Check this out...
  • He traveled to SF from the east coast because he wants to "run into" an internet show actress
  • He has been obsessing over her for more than a year
  • He was successful in running into her at a bar a couple of months ago
  • He things she will remember him, fall head over heels for him, and they will live happily ever after
This poor guy is not living in the real world or anywhere close to it. His friends tried to lower his expectations a bit, but it didn't work. If he was loaded, hot, blah blah, he might have a shot, but he's not.

Saturday, August 15, 2009


Oh f*ck. Ran into Oblivious Guy yesterday, I bolted. He then walked by where he knew I would be.

Literally pushed him out of my apartment today. Dude, come on, really. He said something about how I am never around, blah blah. Um, most people would get the hint, right?

Greg was at the apt today. Yup, I don't like him. He is definitely a dck. I don't like his sense of entitlement. He started off a nice guy, but as it turns out San Francisco is a dck generating city.

Bait and Switch

Just as I thought, I've been had by this guy. I experienced what is commonly referred to as the "Bait and Switch." I went out with this guy friend (who I am naming Arthur). I was supposed to be helping him hit on girls, but it felt like a date. I was picked up, paid for (no not like that), and dropped off.

Me: Anyone you want me to help you talk to?
Him: No
Me: See anything you like?
Him: I haven't been looking around

Uh. He wants to see me again. On the bright side, he is intelligent and has impeccable manners. Should I give him a chance? Maybe I should get to know him a little better before deciding...

Oh yeah, funny note, I met Arthur at an event where I was hanging out with Felix. I guess Felix wasn't successful enough at cckblocking. Hah!

Friday, August 14, 2009

Hang Out

Sigh. What is with this "hang out" nonsense? A couple of guys who are clearly interested want to "hang out." I think that means go out with me alone or in a group without actually having to ask me out on a date. F*cking p*ssies. Is this because:
  1. They are p*ssies OR
  2. They believe I have no interest in dating them and might get a big fat "NO"
Screw it, 1 and 2 are not mutually exclusive.

Anyone else think it's ridiculous when a 30 something year old man utters, "Hey, so you want to hang out sometime?" Um, I didn't realize you are 16. I suggest these guys grow a set, use it.

Maybe I should move out of San Francisco? I really do miss the uber aggressive New York guys.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

This Friend Thing Again

A guy friend wants to go out this weekend and have me help him talk to girls. I am totally all about it. However, as we get closer to the weekend it has morphed into what would look like a date. Uh, did I miss something here?

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Q&A: How Can You Tell If A Girl Is Desperate?

Oooooohhh, a question. Fun! This is from a guy in his early 30s.

How can you tell a girl if a girl is desperate?

Um, can I just say it seems like he wants to use this for his benefit, not to screen out desperate girls, but to date them? I will share this because he wants to use this knowledge for good (as in snap up and marry a desperate girl) vs. banging desperate girls left and right because they are easy prey.

10 Ways to tell if a girl is desperate or getting desperate:
  1. She is near or over 30
  2. All her girlfriends (and maybe even guy friends) are married
  3. She isn't dating anyone great
  4. She hasn't dated anyone great in decades
  5. Her younger sibling(s), cousins, friend's younger siblings, etc are married
  6. Her last ex(es) married the girl(s) right after her
  7. She is not as selective in the quality of her suitors as she used to be
  8. She is looking better these days (starts working out, dresses better, wears more makeup, etc) even to places like the gym
  9. She is partaking in speed and online dating, especially eHarmony
  10. She starts watching sports even though she has no interest

Monday, August 10, 2009

I Lost Count

I lost count on Oblivious Guy, but I know I have gotten at least 2 more calls and a "I am in the neighborhood" drive by. Of course I pretended I wasn't home.

This is getting ridiculous.

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Weekend Wrapup

A lot of firsts this past weekend:
  • First time I went barhopping in the Financial District on a weekend
  • First time I visited a very popular tourist location
  • First time I went to Potrero
  • First time I went to a good strip club in San Francisco
  • First time I hung out with a large group of Asian folks
Barhopping in the Financial District
Cougars leave the Marina? They in full force in the Financial District. What are the old guys called who drive Ferrari's and stand around by their cars outside of bars? There were a bunch of those out too.

A guy approached me at a bar. We chatted for a couple of minutes and he wanted to add me on Facebook. I told him my info and expected him to forget...I was kind of banking on it. Nope, he didn't forget, he send the friend request earlier today. Sigh, I really can't remember what he looks like.

Asian Posse
As many of you know, I am Asian. I don't have many Asian friends though. I hung out with more Asians this weekend than I ever had before. If there is such a thing as an Asian Mafia in San Francisco, I think I just met them.

The crew was mixed, both guys and girls were present. I am going to go ahead and assume every single one of these guys was wealthy because all the girls were pretty cute and scantily clad. Rich guys + cute scantily clad girls = expected.

So guys, if you don't know this already, become rich and you will get hot girls. This is true anywhere you go in the world.

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Seriously, Argh

Okay, the count from Oblivious Guy is now 3 phone calls, 2 vmails, and 4 texts. This is all in the span of less than 24 hours. I am seriously aggravated right now.

Friday, August 7, 2009


3 calls, 2 vmails, and 2 texts today. Annoying!!!

Truly Oblivious

Oblivious Guy is truly oblivious. Ever since he met Young Guy he has been up my ass; calling all the time, trying to get me to go out with him, blah blah. Give up, get out of there, and leave me alone. This is especially funny since I told him I was busy all weekend. Was he not paying attention? Or did he hear everything and just not care? Sigh...

Thursday, August 6, 2009


It's going to be a busy weekend. More to come...

I will stop salsa classes soon. That clears up some time, but I am sure I will fill it with something.

Texted with Felix this week. Nothing set up yet. What's with his feet dragging? Really, seems like all SF boys are the same. Passive.

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

High Maintenance

I have been told I am high no, not in the traditional sense. I don't take 4 hours to get ready and wear shoes I can't walk in. However, I hear I am into severe mind f*cking...could these folks be right?

Tuesday, August 4, 2009


Oblivious Guy has been calling me a lot. I don't think I have picked up 1x in 3 days; he called about 13x.

Oblivious Guy met Young Guy today at the apt. LOL. I was just chilling with Young Guy and Oblivious Guy appeared. He would not stop talking even though we were not involving him in the conversation. He also asked intrusive questions like, "Where have you been?" Come on, make it more obvious you are into me why don't you?

Neither of these guys have a chance. Maybe their running into each other has solidified this in their minds? I hope so...

No Pots and Pans

All guys I meet think they are great cooks. So, I am supposed to drop my pants from hearing this? Right. The ability to cook ranks pretty low on my list of desirable characteristics. I don't think it even makes the list. Let's say a guy is on the brink of being dismissed. Cooking me a tasty meal is not going to persuade me to keep him.

Boys, put away your pots and pans.

If I hear a guy has a personal chef, well, this is much more interesting. LOL

Sunday, August 2, 2009


Apparently I am memorable, but is this really a good thing?

A dorky guy approached me at a bar.
Guy: I think you were at ---- a couple of Fridays ago. You know, at that event.
Me: Yeah, I was there. Sorry, I don't remember you. Did we meet?
Guy: Oh, we didn't meet, but I recognized you. I saw you walk by.
Me: Oh okay. I gotta go find my friends. (Awkward? Haha).

Rocketman remembered meeting me, but didn't remember Vicki or Jenna even though he spent much more time talking to them at the event back in March. Rocketman was able to spot me in class without my bar / streetwalker makeup on.

Aquaguppy remembered me after drinking for 14 hours.

Skater Guy remembered me after six months had gone by.

Patent Attorney remembered me every freaking time I ran into him.

Saturday, August 1, 2009


That's it. A dude from class must go. When I first met him, I was totally convinced he was gay. He would probably do better in life if he was. 5'3", skinny fat, 50+ years old, unemployed, bad breath, can't dress, loser, etc. Essentially, nothing going for him. He always asks the ladies how their weekend was, what they have planned, how they are doing, and more... He acts like a nice guy, but in reality, not so much. As I got to know him better, his questions became more intrusive and attitude more negative.

I feel like he is one of those people who wishes bad things happen to people he knows because he wants them to be as miserable as he is. I don't need a jinx! I should feel sorry for him, but I can't. He thinks he has a chance with me and the other young ladies in class. Delusional! I'd rather die.

CUT!! I don't acknowledge him when he speaks to me. I don't think he gets it.