Saturday, October 29, 2011

Still Don't Get It

It's been months and I still don't get it.  This Guy never reached out to me.  Really?
  1. That doesn't happen to me (I am just telling it like it is, not an ego thing, just 98% of the time thing)
  2. He loves Asian girls (so, this is like a fat girl turning down cake)
  3. He said he would reach out to me (he really didn't need to say this if he didn't mean it)
Yeah, it bugs me a little because I didn't hear from him.  It shouldn't because we actually don't have much in common, probably don't have any chemistry, etc.  Out of his four hobbies, I hated three of them.  And I didn't like his voice.  I can be stupid, so if I ever heard from him, I probably would go out with him just to make sure he is really not the one for me.

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Good Idea

I am not saying Patti from Millionaire Matchmaker is a genius, but I do think she has some very useful points.  For example, she tells everyone that they need to have a list of five things that are must haves.  Five is not very many. 

A new one to my list...ability to be comfortable with him.  Yes, this seems like common sense, but I find myself forgetting it a lot.  For example, going out with The Brain.  I was never comfortable with him and he turned out to have some serious insecurity/anger issues.  I was actually pretty comfortable around Valley Guy, maybe because I am also kind of a douchebag?  Just a little...

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Millionaire Matchmaker

I know some of this Millionaire Matchmaker show is scripted, but I think it's really interesting.  I think there are only a certain number of kinds of guys out there.  This show has showcased many of them.  For example, the perfectionist, the guy that chooses really dumb girls, etc.

I think guys and girls can learn something here.

Monday, October 3, 2011

Talk Much?

I think it's pretty funny that guys try to talk me into going out with them. Unfortunately for me, this works every now and then. What possesses me to agree with such nonsense?
  1. I think I am being a "good person" because I am giving them a chance. Who knows, maybe they will wow me with their conversational skills
  2. I don't mind a free meal
  3. I have nothing better to do
I think the answer might be choice #1.

Let's examine the other choices. #2, a free meal really isn't that hard to come by. Also, remember there is the opportunity cost of my time. Is a $40 meal worth 2 hours of my life that I can spend doing something else? Eh. #3, I do have better stuff to do. I could be sleeping, looking for jobs, watching tv, hanging out with friends, etc.

Have the guys who talked me into going out with them been successful? Not really. Yes, I went out with them and gave them a chance. I already wasn't into him all that much, so unless he really wowed me, he would only be digging himself a deeper grave.

Guys, yes you might be so charming that a girl will fall head over heels for you across the table at dinner if she didn't even want to go out with you in the first place. However, it might be more likely that nothing will come of it unless she is desperate or really bored.  You don't want that, right?