Sunday, September 13, 2009


It was a busy week/weekend.  I went to four parties.  At one party I had to talk to an assh*le I absolutely hate.  It sucks when I have to be nice to someone because we share many mutual friends.  This is often the case since San Francisco is so small and everyone seems to be connected in some way.  One guy I met a party months ago who I thought was a douche was much better this time around.  Maybe he really was nervous when I met him because he was overcompensating to the fullest.

Met up with Arthur, I think he is clear on the friend relationship we have going on.  It's great to have an intelligent guy friend to offer suggestions/thoughts/advice.  He is pretty funny, so hearing about his dating escapades is quite nice too.

Exchanged texts, saw Felix, and hung out with his friends.  Felix is always very happy to see me and hang out, but when it comes to initiating encounters, he is not very good.  Why is that?  I already went out with him once.  So, one would assume I would go out with him a second time right?  Hmm.  Weird.  It's actually getting on my nerves.  Either you are interested and want to go out or you don't.  Sounds simple enough to me.

Young Guy still wants to meet up.  It's amazing how persistent some guys can be.  It's always the guys I wouldn't date...ever.

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