Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Advice and Q&A

Okay, I am going to star doling out advice. Yeah yeah, all you read about is how I meet strange men in San Francisco, but you know what? I know how it works, how guys think, how they behave / misbehave, etc.

I get approached by guys all the time! There are ones who I dismiss immediately, those who grow on me, and those who disappear and reappear.

I get tons of questions from my friends (guys and girls) daily. I am going to start posting the interesting ones.

Need advice or thoughts on guys, girls, dating, etc? Email me I will not disclose your identity.


  1. Adventuresaurus Girl,

    Why do you think that SF is such a major magnet for wussbags?


    Country Boy from Southern Illinois

  2. Hey Country Boy from Southern Illinois,

    Guesses as to why SF is full of sissy boys:
    1) They moved to SF because SF is laid back. They believe they are behaving in a laid back manner
    2) They have no social skills. There are a lot of tech companies out here. Tech guys are known to be socially awkward. No, I am not saying all of them are socially awkward, but if the stereotype exists, perhaps some of them are
    3) The handful of uber aggressive girls have hooked up with 99% of the straight male population. Therefore, guys are conditioned to and expect girls to jump them, throw phone numbers at them, buy them drinks, drop a pen in front of them, etc