Friday, September 4, 2009

C*ckblock Strike

Is there such a thing as c*ckblock strike?  Meaning, c*ckblock before there is a need to?  For example, Felix has popped up again.  Is this because he knows and/or feels there are competitors out there trying to make a move?  Is that because there has been a lot going on in my Facebook profile?  Hmm...


  1. This is a preemptive strike - the involved parties are you, suitor 1 and suitor 2. Suitor 1 is threatened by #2 because he has a better car, makes more money, or has a full head of hair. Suitor #2 intercepts... its a game of inches baby!
    Like football.

    Now to counter this CB before actually needing to be CB'd you just do what you do AG... you take his balls. And kick both of their asses to the curb ...


  2. Always insightful Goodfella! To everyone's surprise (I'm sure), I will actually let Suitor 1 keep his balls for now and see if he uses them properly. If he does something truly despicable, I'll be sure to add his jewels to my already large, but growing collection :)