Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Oh Sh*t

Oh sh*t, this is no good.  I went out with the semi-aggressive player guy from the party a couple of weeks back.  I will be naming him The Player.  Well, of course I am not sold on him...actually I don't like him that way at all.  He is nice and funny, but there is no spark.  Also, we come from two very different socioeconomic classes and our definitions of success do not line up.  He is trying to pull himself up by the bootstraps while lighting mine on fire. 

Unfortunately, I think he likes me a lot (or wants to get into my pants a lot).  He contacted me very soon after our first get together (I do not want to label it a date because there was no eating or drinking involved).  In less than 12 hours from when the get together was over, I have received 3 phone calls and 3 texts.  I don't think he is close to giving up yet.  Sh*t sh*t sh*t.

Even though I haven't seen Felix in a while, he is still winning.  What does this say?  Either Felix truly is really good or everyone else is really bad.

Monday, November 23, 2009

3 Day Rule?

I don't think the 3 day rule exists in SF.  I met 2 guys at a party a couple of weeks ago and they both contacted me this week.  1 guy sent me a reminder that he exists.  The other guy actually invited me to do something.  I am going to take up the guy who invited me to do something.  He is the player type and semi-aggressive.  Good!

I wonder how much time they spent trying to figure out 1) when to contact me and 2) what to say.   It's possible that they have been thinking about it since I met them.  Haha.

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Male Psyche on Dating

I have learned a little bit more about the male psyche as it pertains to dating.
  1. Guys are passive because they don't want to be rejected/low self confidence/shy/etc (yes, we have gone over this 1,000 times)
  2. Guys might enjoy not knowing and holding on to the hope more than knowing what is really happening (explanation: "Well, I am not going to ask her out or suggest we do something because I can keep believing she has a crush on me until she tells me otherwise"
  3. Guys don't like to get too excited about a girl because putting themselves together would be much more difficult if she does not return the interest

Thursday, November 19, 2009

I See

It has been brought to my attention that guys take a very passive way of asking girls out because they fear rejection.  I see.  I knew this, thanks.  You know what?  No guts, no glory.

I got a message from a guy I met at a party a couple of weeks ago.  From my perspective, the email had no message.  It was a reminder that he exists.  Okay, what am I supposed to do with this?  I know what he wants me to do (write back and tell him I want to hang out with him or ask him to ask me out).  Am I going to do that?  No.
  1. I have no interest in dating him
  2. If he demonstrated some kind of value, I might consider dating him (this is very slim), but at least he would have more of a chance than he does now
It's obvious that he is interested.  Just like how it is obvious that all the other passive guys I meet are interested.  Does this passive route work for any of these guys?  It must if they keep using it right?  I am sure passive does work on some girls...the girls guys are generally not interested in until they've had a 6 pack of beer.  It doesn't work here...move along please.

Monday, November 16, 2009

More Fish?

Arthur is relentless.  The guy contacted me again over the weekend.  He must be insane.  There is no other way to describe his behavior.

Went to a party over the weekend and met new guys (not to be thrown into the potential category).  There were too many short guys out.  I am amazed by the fact that 95% of girls know how to dance and dress like strippers.  My goodness, it was an interesting crowd.

Forget high school, I am in fourth grade.  One guy told me he needed liquid courage to speak to me.  He was odd.  He kept lurking behind me, going away, and continuing the pattern.  After the 5th or 6th time, he decided to speak.  Then he wanted to dance with me and I told him no.  He continued to lurk.  Strange.

Then I got hit on by the typical player...spectacular body, great teeth, slightly aggressive.  He's the kind of guy that always gets girls.  He can't even walk without tripping over a girl who is throwing herself in his lap.  Well, I am not that girl and this confused him.  He wants to meet up sometime even though I rejected him the entire night.  I don't actually think there is anything wrong with him, I am just not a slut and not interested in being groped by a stranger in a bar.  I also enjoyed the fact that he was aggressive.

Then there was the guy who feigned concern for my well being.  "Oh, hey, are you okay?  Oh are those your friends?  Come hang out with us."  I expected him to say he had balloons and candy in his van.  I am sure he is actually a nice guy, but he was short and more than a decade older than me.

Then there were the dance floor guys.  All the guys who get on the dance floor, stand behind a girl, and hope she starts rubbing her ass on their d*ck.  No.

Felix realizes guys hit on me when I go out.  He has seen this with his own eyes.  Doesn't this concern him?  It should.

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Not Nice

Anyone who actually knows me, knows I am not nice (obviously).  I tried being nice and it wasn't a good fit.  As a matter of fact, I am still being bitten in the ass for the times I've been nice (last couple of months).

Arthur is still lurking around because I was nice when I first met him.  I stopped being nice a few weeks or months back, but I am still being annoyed.  He truly does not understand that I would never date him, even if he was the last guy alive.  He used to be funny and fun to be around, but his desperation and pessimism are growing.  Not the kind of person I even want to be friends with.  Plus, I think he is secretly (or not so secretly) wishing that guys who have a chance go away...not the kind of energy I need.  I saw him at a party and it was pretty annoying.  He has been and is definitely staying on the "do not want to see again" list.  I really do believe I hate him.  Yeah, hating someone takes a lot of energy, so I only hate him when I get stuck seeing him.  This shouldn't happen much anymore.

I tried nice with Felix.  That didn't work.  He issued a half ass invitation for something in the next couple of weeks.  I have not decided if he is getting a response.  And yes, "something" is the proper term because the message was vague.  I would call it a feeler message, as in "let's see if she will respond or if I royally f*cked up."  If he was some guy I met at a bar last weekend, he would definitely not get a response.  However, since I have known him for a while...  Is this passiveness an issue because of nerves or is it ingrained into his personality?  Should I excuse it?  That would be the nice thing to do, but nice is what got me into this mess...

That's it!  I am going back to my true self...bitch.  Nice wasn't something I could keep up and has gotten me in more trouble than being a bitch ever has.

Saturday, November 7, 2009


Seriously??  Because I am not responding to emails or phone calls from a certain someone, I have been tricked.  I blame Google Voice.  Well, at least I know he doesn't have more than one Google Voice number (or at least he shouldn't).

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

This Is New

I went for a run today.  Saw the pervert from a couple of weeks ago. He must have forgotten who I was because he was staring at me again.  I was nice enough to remind him.  As I ran by, I said, "F*ck, it's you?  Do you remember me?  Stop f*cking looking at me."  He left.

Also got checked out by a girl.  This might be new or perhaps something that I just noticed today.  After all, I am in San Francisco.