Sunday, August 9, 2009

Weekend Wrapup

A lot of firsts this past weekend:
  • First time I went barhopping in the Financial District on a weekend
  • First time I visited a very popular tourist location
  • First time I went to Potrero
  • First time I went to a good strip club in San Francisco
  • First time I hung out with a large group of Asian folks
Barhopping in the Financial District
Cougars leave the Marina? They in full force in the Financial District. What are the old guys called who drive Ferrari's and stand around by their cars outside of bars? There were a bunch of those out too.

A guy approached me at a bar. We chatted for a couple of minutes and he wanted to add me on Facebook. I told him my info and expected him to forget...I was kind of banking on it. Nope, he didn't forget, he send the friend request earlier today. Sigh, I really can't remember what he looks like.

Asian Posse
As many of you know, I am Asian. I don't have many Asian friends though. I hung out with more Asians this weekend than I ever had before. If there is such a thing as an Asian Mafia in San Francisco, I think I just met them.

The crew was mixed, both guys and girls were present. I am going to go ahead and assume every single one of these guys was wealthy because all the girls were pretty cute and scantily clad. Rich guys + cute scantily clad girls = expected.

So guys, if you don't know this already, become rich and you will get hot girls. This is true anywhere you go in the world.

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