Thursday, July 9, 2009

The Art of Conversation is Dead

Boys don't seem to have very good conversation skills or pickup lines. I went grocery shopping in North Beach today.

Safeway Guy:
"You should totally get the chocolate pudding."

I ignored him. He kept talking to me as he was walking away.

Trader Joe's Guy:
"Do you think it's weird that I didn't flirt with that girl who just walked by because I am in the middle of a great song?"

I gave him a 3 second blank stare and turned away. He didn't stop there.

His next question, "So what are you listening to?"

I didn't bother looking in his direction or responding to his question.

Seriously. Do I have a sign on me that says, "Go ahead, try to talk to me. I am friendly?"

If anything the opposite is true. I was wearing a baseball cap and had headphones on. So, you would think, "This girl wants to be left alone" wouldn't you?

Okay, I'll admit this, if either of these guys were cute, of course I would talk to them...too bad for them, they were not cute.

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