Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Google Voice Update

Okay, I finally used my Google Voice invite. It took me about 3 hours to pick a phone number. It would have been easier if they just picked one for me, but they didn't offer that option.

The 415 area code must be the largest in the US. Google Voice kept giving me options for towns I have never even heard of (Novato, Stinson Beach, Bolinas, etc) and towns I have heard of like Sausalito (which is not "in the city").

It took 5 minutes of hitting "Next" to finally find one exchange for San Francisco, 935; the other is 742. So, if you want a San Francisco 415 number, search for 415-935 or 415-742. I just saved some people a lot of time out there.

I heard Google Voice was originally meant for homeless people. I wonder if this is true.

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