Saturday, August 22, 2009


Friday Night
Had a typical night in SF; went to an event and didn't meet any guys I would consider dating. I might have met some guys who could help me in the job department. If you are a totally unfortunate looking guy, one would guess you already know it. So, why would you be surprised that I am talking to you because I want something other than you? And do you really think I am going to stick around when you have nothing I am interested in?

I met someone who was seriously trying to impress me.
Him: That girl totally wants me
Me: So go
Him: No, not interested
Me thinking: Dude, she wouldn't be considered "cute" even with beer goggles

I think he lied about his profession. People should watch what they say since Google will not lie for them.

I met another millionaire who sold his company to a LARGE computer company a couple of years a matter of fact, another guy also sold his company to the same large computer company.

Ran into some guys I did not want to see. Met them at previous events. Took me way too much time to get rid of them then and way too much time to get rid of them now. I really don't like defensive know-it-alls. I am pretty sure one guy in particular always has a stick up his ass when conversing with me because he is pissed that I have rebuffed him several times. So being a douche will help his cause?

Saw Arthur, I think he gets it now. Good!!

I am pretty sure there were prostitutes present. That's the only way I can explain the much younger women leaving with the much older men. Well, that and the questionable articles of clothing (skintight dress, thigh high boots, "fur" wrap).

My roommate brought home a guy for me, of his friends who has tried 300 times. I am not interested!! And really, if this guy is so smart, why hasn't he figured it out yet?

Kinda surprised I didn't run into Felix. I know he has a big work thing coming up, but still...WTF?

The boy scene out here truly is terrible. Maybe I will look into moving.

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