Monday, June 8, 2009

Union Street Festival SF Day 1

Union Street Festival
I got motivated and checked out the Union Street Festival SF Day 1 (Saturday) in the Marina. It was an interesting scene which reminded me of campus before and after a football game. Lots of drunk people everywhere starting at 10am. No of course I didn't show up at 10am, but that's what I hear. I rolled in around 2pm? It was classic, most of the guys brought or borrowed dogs to attract girls and most of the dressed like hookers to attract guys. Mostly people watched and ran into people I knew (who all seemed to be embarrassed that they were sighted at this event).

Apartment Party
During / after the festival we (my friend Ann and I) ended up at various parties. Union Street festival = Marina block party. One of these parties stood out. Two dudes asked me out...yeah right. Even if I was drunk I hope my beer goggles wouldn't have let me given them my number. I was bored to tears and thinking up excuses to leave when I saw Really Cute Guy in the kitchen. We totally checked each other out. Some lame dude was talking to me. Eh, whatever. After I got rid of lame guy, I made it closer to the front door. Then I noticed a very quiet semi deserted living room and decided to go in. I didn't even notice who I sat down next to on the couch...Really Cute Guy. Wow, funny. I chatted with him and his boys. I learned Really Cute Guy is pretty smart, mid 30s, nice, funny, etc. We sat their talking for over 2 hours.

Now here's where it's starts to get really interesting. His main purpose for showing up at the party was because he learned through a friend that a girl he met earlier in the day wanted to "f*ck him bad." No, Really Cute Guy did not tell me that, the friend did. I told Really Cute Guy (about 5x) that he should really go find her instead of talk to me if that was the mission; he didn't move. One of the dudes who lives in the apt (who I maybe talked to for 2 minutes) kept walking into the living room and yelling at Really Cute Guy. "Dude, do you realize that girl next to you is great? Look at her! You obviously like her since you have been taking my abuse and haven't gotten up in 2 hours. Man up and ask her out!" Then he asked me what I thought of Really Cute Guy...I said the truth...I like what I know so far, but I really don't know him very well. There was definitely chemistry. If he sat any closer he would have been in my lap. At all times there was some kind of physical contact, like his arm would be resting on part of my arm, blah blah.

Eventually Really Cute Guy and his boys want to grab food. He gets my number and told me he would call me to meet up later. They go their way and I start barhopping.

Barhopping in the Marina
I met up with Ann at the 1st bar. It was essentially a frat basement fully equipped with beer pong tables. No interesting guys. I thought about punching one out for rubbing up against me. The death glare did wonders. Went with Ann to the 2nd bar. Remember how I am always saying San Francisco is small? Well, it freaking is! I ran into Really Cute Guy and his boys on the way. I told them to come with us if they wanted to and they came with.

I talked to the boys and Really Cute Guy. After about 30 minutes, Slutty Girl appeared! Yeah yeah, it's not nice to call people names, but dude, any girl who says, "I want to f*ck him bad" after meeting a guy, wears very little clothing, and grinds up against everyone is a slut. Apparently, someone called her to come to the bar. Really Cute Guy kept going to talk to her and coming to talk to me. I am not sure what the purpose of that exercise was. I had no reason to behave jealously or compete, so I didn't. I have self respect thank you very much. Not sure what time, but Really Cute Guy disappeared with Slutty Girl. I did not throw a fit and was not upset; after all, I have no reason to be, I just met the dude! I continued the night by hanging out with Ann and Really Cute Guy's boys. The boys were telling me, a guy can't pass up an offer like that, blah blah and that girl is not dating material. I said I know and that I don't care. Both statements are true. They were appalled by my lack of emotion.

Ann disappeared, so it was just me and Really Cute Guy's friends. Now, wouldn't you say that's an odd scenario? I didn't want to go home and deal with the neighbor's friend who was waiting up for me. Why didn't Really Cute Guy's boys try to ditch me? Why were they giving him updates on me? Why did they always look when a random dude tried to talk to me?

Questions / Thoughts / Etc
Do we think Really Cute Guy has the guts or desire to try to take me out sometime? Especially since he knows I know what he did that night. That would be hilarious. This boy is obviously a player (yeah, like I have never met one of those). I am sure the boys told Really Cute Guy that I am nice, fun, blah blah. I think one of the boys also told him I am pretty hard to get (we were talking about stuff and that was his conclusion).

I know this is going to sound totally bizarre, but if he reached out to me, I would actually go out with him. No, I am not insane. My reasoning? It's only a date. I really don't care what a potential guy is up to. He isn't mine and it's none of my business. I don't judge. Most people would care. Especially guys. If this was the reverse scenario and I went home with some random dude, I would be judged without a doubt.

I think he fits into the "I don't know category." He might be a keeper, fun for a couple of months, or totally nothing at all.

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