Saturday, August 15, 2009

Bait and Switch

Just as I thought, I've been had by this guy. I experienced what is commonly referred to as the "Bait and Switch." I went out with this guy friend (who I am naming Arthur). I was supposed to be helping him hit on girls, but it felt like a date. I was picked up, paid for (no not like that), and dropped off.

Me: Anyone you want me to help you talk to?
Him: No
Me: See anything you like?
Him: I haven't been looking around

Uh. He wants to see me again. On the bright side, he is intelligent and has impeccable manners. Should I give him a chance? Maybe I should get to know him a little better before deciding...

Oh yeah, funny note, I met Arthur at an event where I was hanging out with Felix. I guess Felix wasn't successful enough at cckblocking. Hah!

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