Wednesday, January 30, 2013

And Whatever

That guy I think might have a girlfriend, well, I went out with him again because 1) he asked and 2) I like two give guys two chances.  He was somewhat inebriated because he had went out with friends before dinner.  That's fine, he didn't try anything.  We had dinner and he dropped me off (via cab).  He's a nice guy, but whatever.  I spend less than 1% of my time thinking about him.  That says a lot.

Monday, January 28, 2013


Wow!  Smart Guy is off OkC!  Did he find a girl?  As my bestie said, "She must be desperate."  LOL.  I'm actually relieved to see he is off.  I was kinda scared he would click on my profile (what he used to do).  Seeing his narcissistic dbag profile annoyed the sh*t out of me because it served as a reminder as to how stupid I can be.

Saturday, January 26, 2013

Is There A Pattern?

I've heard a lot about people coupling around this time of year.  I wonder if there is a pattern.  Is this part of New Year's resolutions (get boyfriend or girlfriend)?  Did these people know each other before the holidays or did they just get together in the last couple of weeks?  This would be a wonderful social experiment.

I am still on my break from guys.  I don't want to be dating anyone around Valentine's Day.  Too much pressure for a newish guy.  Also, I've decided to be pickier this year.

Thursday, January 24, 2013

I Don't Know

I went out with a guy from OkC last week.  I just don't know.  He's smart, able to hold a nice conversation, optimistic, and well educated.  We had a lot to talk about, but it felt very workish.  Oh yeah, think he has a girlfriend (based on my facebook research).  And, don't think he is ready to settle down (a necessity at this point).  Don't think he's all that attractive either. 

He called me and wants to go out again, I don't know what to do.  On the plus side, he knows how to make outgoing calls on his phone and leave a voicemail.

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

No, Guy

A guy emailed me on OkC, "Do you instant message?"  Not with you!  This was the second email he sent me, I actually replied to the first one (it had much more substance).

Seems like he is bored.  Don't think he's that interested in meeting people if he wants to sit in front of a computer instant messaging ladies instead of seeing them face to face.  Also, reread his profile and he's eh.  Next!

Sunday, January 20, 2013

I Am Human

Although it may not seem this way, I am human.  At times, I still get a little annoyed with the whole Smart Guy thing.  Why would I let a guy I don't even want annoy me?  Gave this some thought and now I can definitely put this nonsense to rest.

It really bothered me that Smart Guy didn't realize I am a catch (or at least he certainly didn't treat me like he thought I was a catch).  I might not be a catch for Brad Pitt, Hugh Jackman, Justin Timberlake, etc, but I was definitely a catch for Smart Guy.

Instead of giving him 10+ tries to wow me, I should have just cut my losses and moved on to someone that actually appreciates me.  Lesson learned.

Friday, January 18, 2013

Why Should I?

Was talking to one of my besties and she had been advocating that I give The Brain some time to plead his case.  (BTW, she actually knows The Brain in real life.)  Not to sound like a total brat, but why should I?  Yes, I did ask her this question.  Why does deserve yet another chance?  He's already had one (that's way more than most guys).  Okay, he's really rich, but so what, there are plenty of rich guys, so, there goes that argument.

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Just Know

Everyone has fears.  I was reading a book that was talking about fears and how they unconsciously hold us back.  I know many ladies who are scared of being 50 and single with 12 cats.  This won't happen!!!  Just know this!  Or at least, don't turn it into a self fulfilling prophecy.

If you do the math, there should be thousands of guys that are right for you.  Don't believe in perfection, but I do believe in "right."  Let's break down the US population (this is just a demonstration, numbers are only estimates).
  • There are about 315 million people in the US (January 2013)
  • Say 42% of them are men = 132.3 million
  • Say 40% of them are single = 52.92 million
  • Say 10% of those guys are guys you would actually go out with due to personality, age, occupation, education, looks, whatever = 5.29 million
  • Then you factor in location and whatever else you can think of = tens if not hundreds of thousands of guys that could be right for you
Remember, this is just me playing with math to illustrate there are many available men.  Scrap the idea that there is only "The One" and go for the idea that there are so many guys that could be "right" for you.

Monday, January 14, 2013

OkC Is Like The Gym

OkCupid is like the gym.  Lots of people have New Year's resolutions like: get a new job, get in shape, get a boyfriend/girlfriend, etc.  There's usually a flurry of activity at gyms around this time of year.  It looks like it's the same with OkC.  I've gotten over 30 emails in two days.  I usually get a fair amount, but this is insane!

Although I am on a dating break, I did reply to a couple of guys.  Why not, it's just email.

Saturday, January 12, 2013

January Funk

Everyone, time to cheer up.  Yeah, the weather is sh*tty, it's January, you've seen tons of people get engaged on FB, you ate yourself into a coma over the holidays and your pants are snug, etc.  I've heard too many stories about depressed single girls over the last two weeks (friends, and friends of friends all over the US).

Let's think about this logically, is disappearing into a big black hole of depression productive?  Does it make you feel better?  Will that help you find THE guy?  No.

Read somewhere that anger helps people think clearer.  For me, it helps me think clearer and take action.  It's like, "I am not going to take this f*cking sh*t; I always get what I want."  I won't tolerate a guy just because he likes me.  I need to like him too!

Thursday, January 10, 2013

She Had It Coming

The girl The Brain made out with New Year's Eve has it coming.  After chatting with some friends, a couple of things occurred to me:
  1. She was trying to make me feel bad (lol, good luck with that one, I'm very confident) - it was her idea to make out so close to where I was sitting.  She doesn't realize I gave him to her
  2. She has no idea what kind of guy he really is (he has a habit of trying to mess around or actually messing around with me when he has a girlfriend)
All I can say is, if they do end up dating and I happen to be around, she had it coming.

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

He's Just Not That Into You

Well, I think this is a fairly accurate article talking about "He's just not that into you."  This would also apply in "She's just not that into you."

Attention deficit disorder is probably the most annoying for me.  Why bother asking me out if you are just going to fiddle with your phone throughout the entire date?  And, why rinse and repeat?  Next!

Sunday, January 6, 2013

Hah, You Again

With all that nonsense the other night forgot about this guy!  If I haven't answered his last five or so texts, then?

He said "Happy New Year, may 2013 be a great year."  Um thanks for the thoughts...still not replying.

Friday, January 4, 2013

That's Interesting

Wow, this is funny.  Apparently, The Brain checked out my OkC profile a couple of days before New Year's.  Hah!  Just took a look at my Visitors.  After what happened that night, this is really funny!

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

My Head Has Stopped Hurting, But I Am Still Amazed

Went to bed extremely early last night and my head has stopped hurting, yes!

Happy New Year, readers!!

My friend Sabrina guessed correctly, The Brain had a NYE party.  He rushed to my side for a kiss at midnight.  Not a complete party pooper, I went with it.  Then he wanted to talk...about how much he misses me, how much he loves me, and how badly we need to talk about us.  Us?  We are "just friends" (which I still think is totally impossible).  If anything, this proves just how impossible it is.

Part two of the evening. 
To put it lightly, The Brain was drunk (he was so drunk he kept falling over).  He would randomly find me, try to talk, whisper some incoherent things in my ear, put his arm around me, go in for a hug, give me a peck on the cheek, and wander away.  Remember that girl from a couple of weeks ago?  That girl that is "just friends" with The Brain?  Well, she was also at the party and started to put some serious "moves" on him after she saw the midnight kiss.  She was hanging off his arm (literally), grabbing at his face, putting her face up against his (where he kept turning away), jumping on his back, etc. By this point she knows:
  1. We used to date and
  2. He ran to me for a midnight kiss
No really, girl, like I said last time, have some self respect!  He kept asking me to "help him."  I tried to pry her off a couple of times, but let her have my sloppy seconds without a fight.  He's a big boy and should know how to handle these situations.  Any guy that wants me to fend off a girl is no guy of mine.

And then...
They ended up making out (three feet away from me) at last call and probably went home together.  Says a lot when a girl has to get a guy trashed to hook up with him, especially since she knows when he is thinking clearly, he's just not that into her.  Does she think this will miraculously turn into a relationship and they will get married?  Still don't see her as competition.  Why? 
  1. She can have him, I don't compete for guys
  2. She doesn't have anything on me (his friends were avoiding her because she is really chatty, she has a not so good education, she doesn't have that great of a job, she's not the best looking girl (not ugly either), etc). 
If I wanted to stop her/them that night, I could have.  I can do better than this sh*t.  I could have taken advantage of one of his good friends to "get even," but I didn't...think I've grown up (this is something I totally would have done a couple of years ago).

I was pretty annoyed yesterday, thought it was such a major party foul to be making out with her after making out with me especially since he professed his undying love for me earlier in the evening.  If he wasn't trying to have a talk with me or looking for me at midnight I wouldn't have been annoyed with their antics.  I saw their actions as making a fool out of me (although, she did take my sloppy seconds, so...).

And this is why he is an ex!  Kinda felt bad for the guy because 1) he was really drunk (totally uninterested in her when he was sober) and 2) the door on that second chance he wanted with me wasn't even fully opened before it got slammed shut, right in his face (he can thank himself for this).  It would take A LOT for me to consider giving him a second chance now...a lot!

New guys for me when I come out of my break from guys!!