Sunday, August 2, 2009


Apparently I am memorable, but is this really a good thing?

A dorky guy approached me at a bar.
Guy: I think you were at ---- a couple of Fridays ago. You know, at that event.
Me: Yeah, I was there. Sorry, I don't remember you. Did we meet?
Guy: Oh, we didn't meet, but I recognized you. I saw you walk by.
Me: Oh okay. I gotta go find my friends. (Awkward? Haha).

Rocketman remembered meeting me, but didn't remember Vicki or Jenna even though he spent much more time talking to them at the event back in March. Rocketman was able to spot me in class without my bar / streetwalker makeup on.

Aquaguppy remembered me after drinking for 14 hours.

Skater Guy remembered me after six months had gone by.

Patent Attorney remembered me every freaking time I ran into him.

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