Monday, June 8, 2009

Union Street Festival SF Day 2

I went back for Day 2 (Sunday). What was I thinking? I really just wanted to go for a walk because it was a nice day, but ended up barhopping with Ann.

Ran into dude who lives in the apartment (Saturday night apartment party host...aka guy who was picking on Really Cute Guy). I told him the end of the story for Saturday night. He was very surprised at that outcome. But really, if Really Cute Guy passed up a sure thing (Slutty Girl) for a not so sure, but interesting thing (me), his friends would call him a pssy for the rest of his life. The apartment party host's girlfriend thought me and Really Cute Guy were dating and in some sort of dispute. Hilarious. Also funny? I learned from the same dude that Slutty Girl was found crying his bedroom at the party because the guy she wanted wasn't interested in her even though she is really hot (this part is not true, she is average...not ugly, but not hot). LOL.

A little note for Slutty Girl...he was never and still isn't interested. She offered ass, he took it. He did nothing to earn it and wasn't actively pursing it since he was talking to me 90% of the time he was at the party. I bet she will be crying a lot more in the next couple of weeks. I expect he will hook up with her 2-3 more times and drop it like it's hot.

Bars were full of odd characters tonight. Not the typical Marina crowd. No one really worth mentioning except for the guy who was trying to talk to me and I totally ignored him and pretended I thought he was talking to someone else. LOL.

I am beat. 4 hours of sleep is just not enough.

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