Monday, August 17, 2009

Popularity Contest

Did I unintentionally enter a popularity contest? I've been insanely busy.

Thursday Night
  • Went to a bar, no desirable men out. Lots of hipster/ grungy/ skateboarder/ stoner types. That's what I get for going to The Mission
Friday Night
  • Went to a bar and an afterparty in the Russian Hill/Polk Street part of town, no desirable men out. It was good to catch up with friends though. I might have met a guy who knows a bunch of guys. That would be nice, we'll see if he turns out to be a good lead
  • Was supposed to meet up with an out of town guest, didn't make it
Saturday Night
  • Went to a BBQ at an apartment, no desirable men
  • Went to 5 bars all over SF, no desirable men. One bar was quite funny. As usual, the guy / girl ratio was upheld (about 70% guys). As soon as I walked in heads turned. It made me a bit uncomfortable. I left within 3 minutes
  • Went to a house party full of hospital personnel from UCSF, no desirable men. The arrogant douchebag male population was represented quite well.
Arrogant San Francisco
douchebags Guys (trying to be nicer)
What is with the arrogant San Francisco guys who have nothing to be arrogant about? Their credentials only make them on par with their peers. In the SF Bay Area, who doesn't own their place, drive a BMW, work downtown, go to Cal (University of California - Berkeley), etc? Doesn't it sounds like they are arrogant about being average? That's what it sounds like to me. I enjoy destroying arrogant guys and their overinflated egos.

Typical Interaction With An Arrogant Guy Who Is Trying To Wow Me With His Education
Guy: I went to Cal for college and it was awesome. Go Bears! (1. Yes Cal is a great school, but a lot of people in the Bay Area went there. Therefore, not a good way to differentiate oneself. 2. Cal's bears don't seem very intimidating, I believe their official name is "Golden Bears." Golden? Hmm)
Me: That's nice, I went to [University] (Also a top 25 institution)
Guy: Cool, what did you study? (There is no enthusiasm in "cool," he might as well have said "crap;" both are 4 letter words starting with a "C" for average. Snicker snicker)
Me: For undergrad or grad?
Guy: Oh you went to grad school? (With that reaction, he clearly didn't go to grad school)
Me: Yes
Guy: Where did you go? (He is hoping I say something like "Marin Community College" where I studied Fashion Merchandising. I don't)
Me: [University] for my MBA. (This is also top 25 institution. People are often surprised when they learn I have an MBA from this school. I wonder why that is. Not really, hehe.)
GAME OVER. Thanks for playing. Ego gone. D*ck shrunk.

Analysis/Lessons Learned
Maybe these guys aren't trying to be arrogant, but instead, are trying to prove that they are worthy. Eh, if that is the case, the really need to work on their approach and delivery. There is a fine line in between self confidence and arrogance; many SF guys leap over this line.

I heard girls in SF also have an over inflated sense of self worth. Maybe they do, but I don't. I know I am the sh*t ;-)

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