Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Giving In

Okay, I might be giving in soon. As of right now, Dewey will get a chance. He has been asking me to do things and trying to plan get togethers. He's cute, smart, nice, and fairly aggressive. He is younger though. I wonder if he has an Asian fetish.

Let's see what happens...

Arthur wants to meet up soon. Um, next week is the earliest I have available. He is a cool guy, but I really don't think I can see myself actually dating him.


  1. Funny blog!

    And I think EVERY guy has an Asian fetish, whether they admit it outloud or not!

  2. p.s. If you ever find a spot in SF where the good looking, polite (read: non-douchey), smart and ambitious men hang out, please let me know! I have some single girlfriends who are unable to find any in SF as well (and it's not for lack of trying!).

  3. Don't give it up yet..just enjoy his company