Sunday, June 28, 2009

Last Night

Was at a party last night. I can't help it, I find myself turning into an "SF Bitch." I am rude to guys I am not interested in; I roll my eyes, I walk away, I hide, I dodge, etc. Guys from last night who were not warned and approached me:
  • Guy who was a true douchebag. Said hello and started giving me backhanded compliments and "negs." I told him off
  • Guy who was fresh off the boat from an Asian country, not sure which one. Couldn't understand much of what he was saying, but from the little that I did comprehend, he gets his pickup lines from crappy movies. I walked away
  • Guy with a really thick European accent who tried too hard to make conversation. It felt more like an interrogation. I walked away
  • Roomie's friend (the one who I talked about a week or so ago). Did my message not get passed on? Not interested!! I dodged him
Other guys worth mentioning
  • The dude I mentioned before, neighbor's friend is getting a name, Oblivious Guy. He is nice, just not my type, young, and the list goes on. He contacts me a lot. Too much needs to stop. I am polite to him because I see him around the apt a lot, but still
  • Roomie's super cute friend I have never seen before. Maybe that will change
  • Roomie's friend, Felix. I have seen him around via the roomie. He's really nice, smart, etc. He has a crush on me. I just don't know yet...
  • Odie. Odie wants to help me get rid of Oblivious Guy by pretending to be my man. This was his idea. Interesting idea eh?

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