Monday, November 28, 2016

Sharp Uptick

Tis the season! I've noticed a sharp uptick in guys contacting me on the dating sites and apps. If memory serves, I've seen this every year between Thanksgiving and Christmas, then right after the new year.  I don't have much time for dating before the end of the year.  Still recuperating and already have a ton of things on the calendar.

Wednesday, November 23, 2016


Thanksgiving is tomorrow. All the new age and spiritual information talk about how gratitude increases happiness.  Well, what's there not to be grateful for?  I have food, clothing, and shelter. (I'm betting you do too if you're reading this).  Sure, everyone has areas of their lives where there's room for improvement, but unhappy? No. As general practice though, I should be more grateful year round. 

The really good thing about being sick? I'm feeling too sh*tty to care about much.  Black Friday? Who cares.  Guy who keeps blowing up my phone?  Who cares.  Traffic to Thanksgiving dinner?  Who cares, not going.

Monday, November 21, 2016

Under The Weather

I've been under the weather a lot this year.  I usually get sick once, maybe twice a year.  I've been sick four or five times already and the year isn't even over.  I'll take this as a sign that I need to stop cramming things into my schedule and take some me time.  A night of binge watching some show on Netflix and sleeping in is what I need, not another date.

I'm going to cancel a date this week (I haven't done it yet) and I cancelled that second date I was supposed to go on over the weekend.  He's been texting me since and I haven't replied.  Yes, I can send a text from bed, but I don't want to.  It's a better use of my energy to recuperate, not to answer a thousand questions and try to reschedule.  Even if I was into him, which I don't think I am, I still wouldn't reply right now.

I need to take some time to think about things.  I'm a big believer in "happy people don't get sick."  Well, based on how many times I've been sick this year, it looks like I need to increase my happiness level.  And, I'm quite sure this is something I need to do by myself, not by going on dates; that can wait.

Thursday, November 17, 2016

Anything There?

I have a second date coming up.  He seems like a nice guy and I don't think we had much to talk about on our first date.  He's been hounding me to go out again.  I'm going to see if there's anything there?

Clarification: This is not a second date with the guy who sent me endless texts and emails confirming our date.  The second date I'm talking about is with someone new.

Sunday, November 13, 2016

Playing Games

I was thinking about comments I got from a previous post.  I was trying to understand why some "men" block and don't respond if you can't meet up with them right then and there.  One of the comments talked about how some men are just bored or traveling; fine, that explains their need for instant gratification.

What bothers me is how some men might think a woman is "playing games" when she isn't available right that second.  When did these "men" turn into such insecure babies?  Instead of giving a woman (or anyone) the benefit of the doubt that she leads a full life with a full schedule, these "men" assume "she's playing games?"  Perhaps their egos also got a little bruised because they could also be thinking "she doesn't like me because if she really did, she'd drop everything to see me right now."

Well, perhaps there's nothing to like.  These "men" must have very dull and unimpressive lives if they can drop everything at any given moment to meet up someone. Or, they must be terribly insecure and paranoid if they automatically assume the woman is playing games.  I'm really tired of people expecting the worst out of human kind.

These "men," please block me because I don't ever want to meet you.  Essentially, "Thank you for letting me know that you are not worth the two minutes it takes for me to write an email or however many minutes I'd waste meeting you in person."

Thursday, November 10, 2016

What Happened To These "Men?"

Yesterday, I got the guy who blocked me because I didn't want to meet him for a drink the very night that he asked me to.  Today, I got the guy who blocked me because I took too long to respond to his email?  He sent me an email in the afternoon.  I had my app open in the background, but didn't have time to read it until just now.  Well, it turns out he's blocked me between the time he sent it and just now.  LOL. And, I was also supposed to have a dinner date tonight.  That is until I found out he wanted to have dinner at 10pm.

What's happened to these "men?" What babies!  I think this is a sign that I need a break. Or I need to move.

Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Such Immaturity

1) Wow, what a day with all the election talk

2) LOL, such immaturity in online dating. I was blocked by a guy because he didn't like my answer to "Let's grab drinks tonight."  All I said was, "Tonight isn't good, another night?"  This tells me he's not very interested to begin with and possibly crazy

Monday, November 7, 2016

Fine In Real Life

Even though he sent several texts confirming dinner and giving me his exact whereabouts on his way to dinner, he turned out to be fine in real life.  We had a nice dinner and talked.  I don't feel an immediate spark, it could grow?  I like his energy.  He's upbeat. But it feels more platonic

Friday, November 4, 2016

Very Insecure

I'm a big believer that if you like someone, everything they do or say is great. And if you don't like someone, everything they do or say is terrible.  I have a date with a new guy tonight.  We haven't even met yet and he's getting on my nerves.  He's sent too many texts.  And he confirmed dinner three times.  Right off the bat, that tells me he's very insecure.  Perhaps he's been stood up before.  Perhaps he needs constant reassurance.  I'll meet him and I suspect he won't make it to a second date.