Saturday, August 1, 2009


That's it. A dude from class must go. When I first met him, I was totally convinced he was gay. He would probably do better in life if he was. 5'3", skinny fat, 50+ years old, unemployed, bad breath, can't dress, loser, etc. Essentially, nothing going for him. He always asks the ladies how their weekend was, what they have planned, how they are doing, and more... He acts like a nice guy, but in reality, not so much. As I got to know him better, his questions became more intrusive and attitude more negative.

I feel like he is one of those people who wishes bad things happen to people he knows because he wants them to be as miserable as he is. I don't need a jinx! I should feel sorry for him, but I can't. He thinks he has a chance with me and the other young ladies in class. Delusional! I'd rather die.

CUT!! I don't acknowledge him when he speaks to me. I don't think he gets it.

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