Sunday, May 10, 2009

I Am Not Doing This On Purpose

It's really not my intention to undermine Rocketman's confidence. Sadly, I cannot prove this with evidence from the last month...I mean, just look at everything I accidentally did.  If we ever end up dating, this could be a really funny story.

I think he is interested, but don't know how much.  Come on, what guy would agree to me showing up knowing full well he is the only single guy there. I don't think he orchestrated it, that would be Dance Guy, but he must have signed off on it.

Let's think about this from Rocketman's perspective.  Imagine he thought I knew I was the 6th person.  Well, the sheer fact that I brought Vicki would say "not interested" because I added a 3rd wheel. Oops. Totally thought Dance Guy knew I would be bringing her, but he was definitely surprised.

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