Saturday, March 14, 2009

Oops I Did It Again

Okay, so I have this problem. My guy friends don't want to be kept as guy friends. Oops I did it again. I went over to my friend Greg's apartment for dinner and movies. Unfortunately, I get the feeling he is into me at times. For example when he wanted to sit closer and and the many minutes he spent watching me watch TV (I pretended I didn't notice). Greg is a sweet guy, but I just don't see him like that and I thought he knew??

We discussed Aquaman; Greg was with me when I met Aquaman a couple of weeks back. His thoughts on Aquaman?
  • "You can do so much better" (Hmm, I was impressed by his stats)
  • "I think he was just trying to get laid" (Let me reiterate, he did not try or suggest anything)
  • "He was way to the point of desperation" (Hmm, aggressive = not lazy in my book)
Guys aren't catty? Correct, they are much worse. Always slamming the competition, even if they don't have a realistic shot. Because Aquaman was trashed, I actually think more of him.

I guess I won't be bailing Saturday night...too early to tell, but I am more motivated to go now vs. before I saw Greg.

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