Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Guys, Open The Wallet

Paying For Dinner
Sigh. I know a guy who complains about taking girls out on dates and how he always has to pay for dinner. That's how it works!!! That's the price guys pay for wanting to get laid. Maybe if he wasn't such a dumbass, he could figure out a way to get laid without having to go on dates. For example, go to the bar around 1:30am (right before closing time) and find the drunkest girl.

Yeah yeah guys, it's not fair that you always have to pay on dates blah blah. However, 1) it's more cost effective than getting a good hooker and 2) it is part of the wooing process. So only ask a girl out if you really like her, not just to get into her pants.

As a girl, I expect a guy to pay. It's the least he can do since he is vying for my time. I have other invites with people would be more than happy to treat and might even be better company than some chump I randomly meet.

Funny Story From A Couple of Years Back
I met a guy in Borders and agreed to go out for coffee. The check came and I did the fake wallet grab. He said, "I got it this time, but you can get it next time." Hmm. I never saw him again even though he called me 3x/day for 1.5 months...

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