Wednesday, March 11, 2009

And I Thought I Was Busy

Weekend Plans?
Aquaman called tonight to discuss getting together in the near future. Tomorrow doesn't work for me (he totally wanted to know what I have planned). He seemed to have forgotten how packed his weekend would be. Anyway, instead of issuing a raincheck, he invited me to dinner with him and a small group of his pals Friday and an apartment party on Saturday. I was very eh about all of the above, but he insisted he wanted me at one and/or both of these events. Passed on dinner, said maybe to the party.

I don't know about you all, but I would NEVER invite some guy I just met to meet my friends (you guys) and don't recommend it. Why? Because if stuff ends ugly, you would still have to hear "Hey, whatever happened to Guy X?" That would be seriously irritating and the last thing you would want to hear. Also, this means he can't really hit on other girls that are there unless he wants to be dismissed. He could be vetting me, but isn't it a bit early to go this route?

Memory Loss?
He admitted he does not remember everything we talked about when we met a couple of weeks back...blame the booze. He claims he remembers what I look like; can't really say the same for him...LOL

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