Saturday, March 28, 2009

Fun!! I Should Go Out More Often

I am seriously tired and still smell like vodka. Actually, my whole room smells like vodka with a hint of lemon (the lemon part is quite curious). Nevertheless, last night was awesome.

Networking Event
I went to the event at Supperclub by myself and am glad I went. Got there kinda early and got a good seat (close to the door from the bar). Chatted with a girl (who was also by herself) sitting 5 feet away from me. Uh, interesting girl...she didn't go to any of the schools (it was a school specific networking event). The boys started coming in and that's when I got distracted...poor girl, not many guys approached her. Talked to a couple of geeks, glad they got the "shoo" hint.

Next, the doctors approached. There were 3 of them (to start off with, the rest of the crew showed up later). They all had lovely schools under their belts (Yale, Johns Hopkins, Harvard, etc). 2 really got my attention; 1 was MD/MBA and really cute, too cute...if he was on "Grey's Anatomy" his name would be McYummy. Girls were throwing themselves at him. The other was super nice and cute, but not as good looking as the 1st one. Pretty sure he was about to get my contact info since he reached in his pocket for his phone, but the non socially skilled guys jumped in the conversation. Argh. So, now, doctor #2 wants to add me to facebook and meet up sometime (uh, he thinks he can remember my name on his own)?

One of the doctors asked me if I was just going to sit in my spot all night and wait for people to approach me...uh, yeah? It's working isn't it? PS, he wasn't even the first dude to say something like that. All the doctors were very nice. I offered to be wing girl for a couple of them because they really needed help (think super smart, shy, awkward). One of the guys who I offered wing girl services to got my contact info. Wouldn't be surprised if I see these guys again intentionally or because we are on the same party circuit.

Cute boy from my dance class (one of the newbies...seen him 2x?) came in. I grabbed his arm and he gave me a big hug. Chatted briefly and all the doctors disbursed, but came back after dance cutie went to catch up with his boys. Learned dance cutie has a PhD in biotech or something like that...brains = hotter. He wanted to buy me a drink, but I didn't feel like drinking (damn Asian burn). I was always in his line of sight even though I was trying not to be. Caught him looking at me (or maybe the 6 dudes surrounding me at any given moment...I am not sure if he thought I knew these guys before last night). He asked me what I was doing after the event, I said probably meet up with my roommate and that was it...hmm. He's one of the guys I mentioned from previous posts...pretty sure he is interested (or maybe just likes to look at me), let's see if he asks me out now. He totally should... However, I do find it curious that he did not seek me out to say goodnight when he was on his way out...hmm.

Met some cool people. Ran into Christie (which was totally random, love her, she is fun) and her husband when they were on their way out.

It's quite interesting being a girl in SF. I sat down by myself and boys kept coming over. It was like I was holding court or something. Of course not all of them were princes and there were a couple of frogs. SF is too easy. I was wearing sneakers in a club and it didn't even matter. I actually think I do much better when I go places alone. It's better to go somewhere by yourself vs. with a/some nasty girl(s).

So, how does this work...let's use the doctors as an example. 6 doctors, but I would only be interested in going out with 2 of them. How do they figure out who's got dibs? How do I figure out who is interested and up for grabs? This is good info to have for next time a situation like this occurs.

Part 2 of the Evening
Met up with my roomie after the networking event. I am THE ultimate wing girl :) It was a ton of fun, but nothing of interest to report. See below...dudes of the Marina (at Circa)
  • Roommate's friend (calm down kids, not Odie)
  • Really tall Morrocan guy who thinks I am pretty (he was so tall that I didn't see him, ran into him, and got tripped up by his giant shoes)
  • Dorky guy I felt bad for so I gave him my number (he was working sooooo hard)
  • Ex Citi guy who wants to meet up for coffee (did not give him my number, he thinks he will remember my name and add me to facebook...good luck with that drunk guy)
  • Touchy guy (eww, don't touch, but thanks for the drink)
Let's count potential boys (as of right now) that I would like to know more about
  1. The Lawyer Guy I am supposed to meet up with for lunch this coming week
  2. 2 of the doctors
  3. Dance cutie (Dance guy)
Aquaguppy wants to meet up this weekend. He is sooo nice, but really not my type. So many other fish in the sea and the bar just got raised WAY up.

There is no point in counting the boys who have no future potential...don't hate the player, hate the game...

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