Sunday, March 8, 2009

I Know What My Problem Is

I know exactly what my problem is; I have a tendency to like the idea of things more than the real thing. I am aware of this, but sometimes it's a bit difficult to separate the two.

For example, guys. I'm sure a lot of you remember hearing about Odie. I really liked the idea of him; he's great on paper. Nice job, education, apartment, clothes, car, cute, etc. Unfortunately, he lacked personality and common sense (although we did have some really fun times). For months, he appeared at bars where he knew we would be and talked to me while ignoring everyone else. He never asked me out even though at times I thought he wanted to.

Some thought he was into guys. Some thought he had never hooked up with any girls in his 20 some odd years of existence. Others just thought he was a p*ssy/an idiot. I got over the idea of him when I spent more time with him and came to the conclusion that his lack of assertiveness left more to be desired.

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