Sunday, March 1, 2009

Interesting Character

I met an interesting character last night at Bigfoot Lodge. I was in the bar for about 1.5 minutes before he pulled me over to join his group. Early 30s, MBA from a school better than mine according to the rankings, cute, nice, and ex military (the special division?). Hmm. Pretty sure of it, but not positive; he didn't spell it out, but I can put 2 and 2 together...I think. Also a bit fuzzy on how tall he was... He was surprisingly coherent for someone who had been drinking excessively.

Some History
I have actually dated (went out a couple of times with) a cop and a diplomatic security service agent. What's with me and this type? Better yet, what's with them liking feisty girls?

I go through phases. I thought I was in the GQ / Euro / ambiguously gay phase (I'll go into that another day).

Aquaman (renamed)
Aquaman was very good at asking questions which would lead to incorrect answers regardless of what I put to good work, I guess it comes in handy when he chats with girls at the bar. I was even better at not answering these questions. He hung out all night with me and my crew (yeah, the one that kept ditching me and going to bars down the street) for 5 hours. I gave him plenty of opportunities to leave. Surprised he stuck around and didn't have a headache. If I had to hear me dodge questions and talk in circles, I would...

He walked me home and made sure I didn't get run over by a car or jumped by a madman; I like protective guys. He didn't try anything. Maybe this is because I told him 3 minutes into meeting him that if he was looking for a girl to go home with / bring home, he should go talk to someone else.

He wants to go out sometime. If he calls, he calls, if not, no biggie...

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