Monday, March 9, 2009

A New Spin On Socioeconomic Class

It Matters
As much as I'd like to think a person's childhood socioeconomic class does not matter, it does. At first I thought I wanted a guy who grew up with a silver spoon in his mouth. However, after spending this past weekend with my college friends Annette and Sarah, I have a new theory.

The guy who grew up poor (or just anything not rich) is most likely a better guy because he knows how to work and appreciates more things in life. It is also likely that he will work his ass to avoid being poor again. The guy who grew up rich isn't used to working and is more likely to be less ambitious and incapable of being self sufficient. He might not even know how to tie his shoes.

I like this more trust fund brats.


  1. Did it really take you this many years to figure this out???

  2. Good theory - I think this is not gender specific tho. I know I'd rather be with someone who's life goal isn't just to find a rich guy to leech off of so that she can spend the day partying. What kind of woman would that be to help raise a fam. Would rather be into a lady who's got that same exotic beauty, touch of class and drive. Not saying a bimbo on your arm isn't bad, but not the kind you keep around.

  3. Sounds like the gold diggers are still after you...