Sunday, March 29, 2015

His Last Chance

This guy who was keeping me on the hook is back again.  I thought I was so bored with him that I wouldn't even want to see him .  I was wrong, meaning my momentum theory is wrong or I like this guy way more than I thought I did.  Or, when he's out of site, he's out of my mind and the reverse, which doesn't depend on my level of interest?

I'd normally tell women to run from a guy who doesn't seem interested.  The whole time he was MIA, he did invite me to startup related group activities every week when he was up in the city.  He lives in South Bay and works in the startup world in South Bay,  He explained that he wanted to see me, couldn't one on one, and thought group activities would be better than not seeing me at all.

I know he could be full of sh*t and I'm fairly certain he's not dating other women.  I feel like something has shifted and my disinterest, being busy with my own life, and boredom has caused him to freak out (some of my guy friends purposely seem really busy just to see how much the girl likes him, if she reacts, blows up his phone, throws temper tantrums, make demands, issue ultimatums, et al). 

Let's see what he does this time around.  It's his last chance!

1 comment:

  1. Seems like a nice illustration that every rule has an exception (I'm about the Dating Momentum) :P

    Good luck, hope you'll report lots of fun soon :)