Monday, March 9, 2015


I've alluded to this in previous posts, but I really do think it deserves it's own post.  Facebook, Instagram, Foursquare, and anywhere else you can check in and make your life seem off the charts fantastic invites posers.  I know people who are very unhappy, but always post themselves smiling with balloons and rainbows, and whatever else to make it seem like their lives are the best and they are ecstatic.  I hope they aren't trying to make others feel bad and their "friends" see through these attempts at projecting greatness.

Live your life.  Stop caring about what others are doing.  Stop counting how many likes you get.  Stop looking at your phone ALL the time.


  1. I totally agree with this post! Social media has become a platform for soap operas - people who complain about their lives, or 'posers' who want to brag about how amazing their life is!!!

    I used to have a female friend who would 'tag' herself in all these wonderful clubs, bars, restaurants and on holiday, but would be just lounging at home in her pyjamas. She would also spend hours 'photo-shopping' selfies and pictures of food to pretend she was out and about! It was all just an elaborate lie to make her life seem more glamorous and to make her seem like a social-butterfly, who had an endless harem of men falling for her!!!

    People have too much time on their hands!!!

    1. LOL, she spent a lot of time doing this and it worked!