Sunday, April 10, 2011

I Have This Friend

Okay, now this is a fairly transparent question/statement.

Guy (I have rebuffed him several times in the past three years): Are you dating anyone right now?  (He catches the "ew, are we doing this again" look on my face).  I have this friend I want you to meet.  I think you guys would hit it off.
Me:  Sounds great!  I am not dating anyone exclusively right now (or at all, but he doesn't need to know this).
Guy: Okay, I will put you in touch with each other.

I can think of at least five guys in San Francisco wanting to set me up with one of their friends, NONE of them have done it.  Hmm.  If you are trying to ask a girl out and offer to set her up with your friends, there is a disconnect.  Don't offer to set a girl up if you are the one interested in her!

1 comment:

  1. Lol. That's so weak! I wouldn't date a guy who used that line, merely on principle. Like, can he really not just ask you out? Man up, Mister.