Sunday, December 1, 2013

It Was Surprisingly Okay

Went out with the older guy over the weekend and it was surprisingly okay.  He was very polite and didn't try anything naughty.  Maybe he's one of those lonely guys that just wants someone to talk to?  Hahaha, probably not.  I think he's got a history of dating younger girls.  He doesn't look as old as I think he is, maybe because he has a very healthy diet/lifestyle/drinking habits (he lives a healthier lifestyle than many of the 30 something year olds I know).  I think he was interesting?  Must stop drinking on dates to be entirely sure of this.

7 pros in dating an older guy (my sample size is tiny, but this is what I've noticed so far), he:
  1. Knows how to have a back and forth conversation (meaning it isn't a soliloquy where he blabs on and on about his job/startup, his education, his properties, etc)
  2. Takes things at face value (I didn't feel like I was getting the third degree)
  3. Doesn't seem to think he is soooooo great and that I'm lucky to be in his company (I've met a lot of guys who behave this way)
  4. Offered to pick me up, automatically reached for the bill, and didn't constantly check his phone
  5. Was okay with compromise, it's wasn't all about him (I've gone out with a lot of guys who pout when they don't get their movie choice, restaurant choice, etc)
  6. Is secure enough to not compete
  7. Doesn't seem to have the whole fear of missing out thing
He wants to go out again; I'm pretty busy and so is he, so it was left as him giving me a call in several weeks (yes, I told him not too soon because I am really busy).


  1. I bet he still had those qualities when he was in his 30's. Age definitely matures you, but there has to be a good foundation there first. It really sucks that you've met so many shitty guys. That list should be a given, not a bonus.

    But I'm glad you enjoyed yourself. Sounds like you were able to take away something positive form it.

    1. That's a great point, J! Those qualities should be a given!!

  2. So how old do you think he is? 40s or 50s?

    Bad behavior is such a turnoff. Those things that you mention should be a given unfortunately.

    1. Yeah, they really should be a given...I've seen so much bad behavior that I've forgotten...

      He looks like he is in his 40s, based on things he said, think he's in his late 50s

  3. I think he was interesting?  Must stop drinking on dates to be entirely sure of this.

    /\ Lol! This is why I avoid alcohol on first dates. :-P

    So do you think you will go on the second date when he gets around to calling? I agree with J, although, I don't think I could check off all the things you listed on any one of my dates I've ever had, unfortunately.

    As far as you being super busy, I am curious: lets say you really wanted to pursue a relationship with this guy. Would you make time for him (as in making a point to find a free hour or two to have another date), or would you respond the same way with letting him call in a few weeks? I guess it just seems awfully informal and that maybe you've already decided you're just not that into him. Which is totally okay- I'm just being nosy.

    So glad you had a good time! I had a good feeling about it! ;-)

    1. Aww, thanks Asha! Lol, I try not to drink too, totally failed this time. I'll probably go out with him again because of those 7 points. And, I would like to be totally sober at some point, hahaha.

      Hmm, even if I was really interested in a guy, I don't think I'd be able to make time right now...lots going on with events, parties, other guys, friends, work, etc. I could do a lunch date, but a lot of these guys can't because they work in Silicon Valley. A guy actually asked me out mid November and we scheduled him for a slot weekend of 12/13, lol